Tucker Carlson: “Let The Kids Knife Fight”

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It is difficult to keep up with the corporate media.

We’ve gone from Daunte Wright to Lil’ Homicide to Ma’Khia Bryant in a week. The “journalists” are constantly shifting the spotlight from one police shooting to the next to feed the anti-White and anti-police narrative with fresh new bodies. We’ve assembled an all-star panel of Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon and Liberal Larry below to catch up on the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting in Ohio.

Ibram X. Kendi’s goal is to abolish the police. “Journalists” share this goal and have decided to use their platforms to put the police on trial. This means that every cop in America who gets drawn into a volatile situation including a knife fight between black women is at risk of being destroyed.

Tucker Carlson

Don Lemon

Liberal Larry

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  1. @ liberal larry, vegan wwe gamer, dont these bone smokers, have someplace to go , something to do, what do they want a hand out, a donation? Shouldnt they be standing by a freeway , with a sign ” will vegan for money”?.

  2. Agree with Tucker. If the police are going to get blamed when they do try to do the right thing, why bother then?
    Social workers…OMG. Just ANOTHER group of liberals, and they work more overpaid, pensioned, government jobs.

  3. >White people are killing us! Black lives matter!
    >Segregation is evil. We demand the right to live among White people!

    So which one is it civil rights Jews? We have two contradictory messages here.

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