Vladimir Putin Warns Joe Biden Not To Cross His Red Line

What do you think of this?

I’m grateful that Lloyd Austin is our Secretary of Defense. He has already said this isn’t our problem. We’re going to let our “trans girls” step up and handle this one. Equity means that BIPOC people will now have to do their fair share of the fighting and dying to preserve the neoliberal world order.

New York Times:

“MOSCOW — He warned ominously of “red lines” in Russia’s security that, if crossed, would bring a powerful “asymmetric” response. He reminded Western leaders once again of the fearsomeness of his country’s modernized nuclear arsenal. And he boasted of Russia’s moral superiority over the West.

Yet even as President Vladimir V. Putin lashed out at foreign enemies real or perceived in a state-of-the-nation speech on Wednesday, tens of thousands of Russians defied a heavy police presence to pour into the streets to challenge his rule. In Moscow, some gathered across the street from the Kremlin to chant, “Go Away!” …”

We’re ruled by a bunch of novelty chasing degenerates who inherited a great country and who squandered it. As William Pierce once said, they have been too far removed from the real world for too long.

Foreign Policy:

“Russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops at its border with Ukraine and blocked a strategic choke point in the Black Sea to naval and state-owned vessels, heightening tensions with the United States and its NATO allies and fueling concerns of a new military offensive against Ukraine.

The Russian military buildup near Ukraine is expected to reach a combined force of 120,000 in a week and has already exceeded levels seen in 2014, when the conflict in Ukraine first broke out, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Tuesday. The buildup includes potential offensive capabilities, such as paratroopers, Iskander ballistic missiles, advanced fighter jets, and electronic warfare systems capable of jamming communications across Ukraine. …”

USA Today:

“Is the Kremlin testing the Biden administration in Ukraine? Or is Russia ready for war?

On Saturday, Russia and Ukraine mutually expelled diplomats, the latest move in a series of escalations between the two countries. Russia has massed tens of thousands of troops on Ukraine’s eastern border and in Crimea, part of what the Kremlin calls a “readiness” exercise.Ready for what is the question.

Moscow’s moves are reminiscent of events seven years ago as it readied to occupy and illegally annex Crimea. At issue now is the border Donetsk Region, which like Crimea has a high proportion of ethnic Russians. …”


“President Joe Biden faces a nightmare scenario of global consequence: stepped up Chinese-Russian strategic cooperation aimed at undermining U.S. influence and at upending Biden’s efforts to rally democratic allies.   

It is the most significant and underrecognized test of Biden’s leadership yet: It could be the defining challenge of his presidency.

This past week, Russia and China simultaneously escalated their separate military activities and threats to the sovereignty of Ukraine and Taiwan respectively — countries whose vibrant independence is an affront to Moscow and Beijing but lies at the heart of U.S. and allies’ interests in their regions. …”

If you want to go over there and fight with Russia and China for world domination over women’s rights, “democracy,” transgenderism and wokeness, be my guest.

Note: Most Trump voters still don’t even think that Joe Biden is a legitimate president.

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    • Completely out of options no fault of their own …I know victims of the H1B Visa Program who ran out of options and enlisted in the US MILITARY….I cry some nights thinking about family members in the US Military…They went in gung ho….After 100 days of enforced wokeism indoctrination…the enthusiasm is gone…

      Sean Hannity is a War Hawk Chickenhawk Coward…….

      • ” victims of the H1B Visa Program who ran out of options and enlisted in the US MILITARY”

        By design.
        It’s been planned , for those results.

  1. For the first time in my life I’m really hoping for the success of Russia, etc. Putin is no saint, but he at least has the health of his country and it’s culture, and people on his mind. Our country has become a gross joke.


    Go see your Navy Recruiter’s sphincter today….The USN….A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GLOBAL HOMO PEDERASTY!!!

  3. Crimea has been part of Russia in its various configurations for over two centuries….US NAVY HERO John Paul Jones…buried at Annapolis……helped the Russians kick the filthy Turks out of Crimea.

    The Biden Administration doesn’t care about Ukraine Independence…..The Biden Administration…infested with JUDEN…wants to defacto own Crimea followed by nuclear warheads in Crimea aimed at Christian Russia.

    Sean Hannity believes a Trump POTUS 2021 would have Putin shaking in his boots in fear…..Is Hannity this stupid..or does he desire the thermonuclear annihilation of the US?

  4. Putin is superior to our leaders.

    He doesn’t stab his citizens in the back by bringing in foreign trash.

    • He’s not anti-white. The leaders who think “other cultures” are superior to ours are naively dangerous.

  5. > “Most Trump voters still don’t even think that Joe Biden is a legitimate president.”

    Gosh, the Republicans are really extreme far right compared to people like HW. They need to get White Nationalists to help moderate this new Republican party and bring them back from the fringe.

    Alt-Right White Nationalists are the moderate center now, neither far-left BLMers nor far-right Republicans like Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis, and Donald Trump Jr.

    • “Alt-Right White Nationalists are the moderate center now…”

      I love it. This is what we should be leading with.

  6. Thanks to American influence Taiwan is the only Asian country with gay marriage. ‘The West’ is now synonymous with homosexuality.

  7. Putin knows very well the ((( oligarchs in the Ukrainian are the root of the problem)))

    However; like Tucker Carlson, they are either to polite or cowards to point out the (((obvious)))

  8. “What do you think of this?”
    I think jewish power wants to use the USA and the rest of the Anglosphere for one last big ‘orrah” before they toss us into the dustbin of forgotten civilizations of history. All who oppose this absurd war, are the thoughtful and correct ones in this argument that shouldn’t have to take place.

  9. I vastly prefer Putin & Lavrov to that senile race traitor cunt Biden and this kike-created shithole that was once America. If it comes to war, I want Russia to crush the shiny new nigger/trannyfag “army” into a red paste. I want no straight American White men to have any part in it. And if they went the whole hog and nuked DC, jew Yawk, LA & Than Fagthithco, I’d do one of those Russkie squat-dances & become Russian Orthodox.

    • “I want no straight American White men to have any part in it. ”

      Oh, there’s plenty they can do, while in the military 😉

  10. ZOG is getting desperate because they know they only have about ten years of imperial dominance left. Their empire is only maintained through threats, blackmail, and bribes, so after they lose military and economic dominance their allies will all jump ship and the whole house of cards will fall apart very quickly.

    • When you run out of all other options wave the flag and start a war. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  11. Vladimir Putin versus the FART JOKE Joe Biden?


  12. Russia has two red lines in Ukraine. If the rebel regions are attacked, Russia will enlarge them. There are large areas still under Ukrainian control where the majority would rather be part of Russia. The other red line is NATO troops in Ukraine. If Russia thinks they are coming, Russia will drive to the Moldovan border and link up with Transnistria, a Russia backed rebel region on the east side of the Dniester River. Then they will annex the entire Southern half of Ukraine. Russia would do this even if they knew they would face Iran style sanctions because they see it as a civilizational imperative. Ukraine would then become a land locked rump state, but at least they cold join NATO and the EU at that point.

  13. I think that those who control The West are looking for ways to play at the edges of war with Russia, for political benefit – both internationally and, most especially domestically.

    Because of that, I do not expect this issue to go away…

  14. We, the USA are the bad guys. The whole world would have been better off if Hitler and the Axis powers would have won and blessed the world by blasting the most perverse yet wickedly powerful nation off the earth. If the USA wins anything, humanity and the Earth itself loses.

    Our children are being transformed into demons by the most perverse education system ever designed by the most wicked anti-God people ever to come to power. The whole education system from top to bottom must be totally destroyed. God has nothing to do with it. And it may be too late now to recover from the damage already done.

    Now let’s look at something that may affect everyone of us. God raises up assassins from time to time to destroy wicked rulers and nations.

    Look at the changes one of our cold-war enemies in the past has recently made. They are doing what we should have done all along, (Where are all the true ministers of God! Have you all gone AWOL?):

    Putin forbids same-sex marriage and has signed into law a constitutional amendment that formally bans it. Oh, if only a leader in the USA would stand up and demand this!

    Vladimir Putin solidifies Russia’s same-sex marriage ban for generations to come
    7 April 2021, Lily Wakefield

    Vladimir Putin has signed into law a constitutional amendment that formally bans same-sex marriage in Russia.

    The ban on marriage equality, defining marriage as exclusive “between a man and a woman” is one of a group of constitutional reforms which were voted on by the Russian public on 1 July, 2020.

    The changes, backed by nearly 78 per cent of Russians in the vote, also included giving Putin the power to run for president two more times, meaning he could potentially remain Russia’s leader until 2036.

    They also give the president lifetime immunity from prosecution, placing Russian law above international norms, and specify “a belief in God” as a core value of the country, according to AP News.

    On Monday (5 April), Putin officially signed the constitutional amendments into law.

    Same-sex marriage is already illegal in Russia, so the new wording in the constitution simply makes it even harder for marriage equality to ever become a reality.

    This latest attack on the LGBT+ community is no surprise in Putin’s Russia, where the queer community faces frequent violence and discrimination, and a notorious “gay propaganda” ban, prohibiting the distribution of anything viewed as vaguely pro-LGBT+, has been in place since 2013.

    In the run-up to the nationwide vote on the constitutional amendments, which critics say was rigged, a pro-Kremlin propaganda group run by allies of the Russian president produced an advert featuring an orphan being adopted by two dads, who then put him in a dress and makeup.

    The ad told viewers: “Decide the future of the country. Vote for the amendments to the constitution.”

    At the time of the vote, Alphonso David, president of the Human Rights Campaign, described Putin as a “threat to the human rights of all”.

    He said: “Russia is tripling down on its attacks on the basic human rights and dignity of LGBT+ people by adding constitutional prohibitions against marriage equality.

    “Putin and his administration used propaganda brochures leading up to the election promising a return to ‘traditional family values’, using marriage between loving couples as a wedge to push through his nefarious agenda.

    “It is shameful, manipulative and malicious.”


    Wake up, USA! Remove your perversions and the people who promote them! Our destruction comes closer each day and good riddance when it does.


    • “We, the USA are the bad guys. The whole world would have been better off if Hitler and the Axis powers would have won and blessed the world by blasting the most perverse yet wickedly powerful nation off the earth. If the USA wins anything, humanity and the Earth itself loses.”

      I am not as sure as you that we were the bad guys in WWII, Dear Banned, or that if Hitler won things would have been rosey.

      No, I think that, amongst the major combatants of that conflict, each side had more than a few particles of right and more than a few particles of wrong.

      That said, I do agree with you that, somewhere between then and now, we have become the world bullies and bad guys.

      As someone who used to be damned proud and grateful to be an American, I am greatly saddened by the fact that the reality is as you say – when we win, nowadays, Humanity loses.

      • I respectfully disagree. I see the Yankees who can go from acting peaceful and in an instant become possessed with a spirit wanting to kill you and your entire community for your different beliefs. This Yankee Empire should have been destroyed 150 years ago. They don’t read the Bible for their beliefs but instead they go on their own feelings about slavery and anything else and the Antifa and BLM carry on this same killer attitude with the same moral smugness that makes them feel they are doing the world a favor by eliminating you.

        When Christ returns and allows regathered Israel to take slaves again and these false moral fanatics try to attack Christ maybe then all the Yankees’ past victims will be avenged. God speed that day!

        They are the modern day Pharisees that killed Christ!

    • @Banned For Life I agree with you. The USA has become so low brow, so corrupt, apathetic, and anti-white, that it no longer holds a place at the top. Soon, it will no longer be a first nation.
      Blind patriotism is just that and nothing more. It’s like the woman, sitting in her expensive home, who just raves about her husband, who despises her and cheats on her. It’s not even noble. The government is anti-white, and most whites here are anti-white. What’s to like?

      • Thank you for your comment, Pilot. If this were 100 or maybe 150 years ago these perverts would be “tarred and feathered” and run out of town “on rails” and plain common sense decency would quickly return, but not now…the perverts now run our society…

        Putin has said no and is supported by 80% of the Russians. What does that say about the spiritual condition of the USA? NOT GOOD!!!

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