Alabama Bans “Trans Women” In Women’s Sports

Heather Swanson won’t be winning any championships in women’s sports in Alabama.


“Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill Friday that will ban transgender athletes from competing in public school sports under the team matching their gender identities. Meanwhile, other states have begun meeting opposition from Democratic governors and legislators. …”

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  1. Interesting,a ban on trans athletes to compete in women sports,all to protect “muh womins raites”,but Nothing on trans children,puberty blockers and the whole rabbit hole,another win for women,and another draw for whites.Republicans are completely worthless.

    • You get it. This is a (((“feminist”))) measure, an empty pointless one at that.

      Conservatives are proud & dedicated losers. Even if they were in position to push an easy button to end all they claim to despise, they wouldn’t push the damn button.

      The last thing Aryans need is more (((“feminism”))). From a reality perceiving mode, why is it a bad thing for people to see, undeniably, in their faces, proof that all we see on (((Jewish television & all))) is bullshit? Whamin aren’t our equals. Its a tragedy Aryan males enslaved w/single mothers banging tyrone are being castrated & injected with even more estrogens, & yet, how did it come about?

      Without whaminz “rites,” how would ^ happen in the first place? How would Aryan whamin be banging tyrone’s?

      • It’s an easy win because suburban white soccer moms don’t want their daughters getting manhandled by biological males dressed in women’s uniforms.

        But, please, take this as an opportunity to complain that suburban white high school girls like to play field hockey because that’s feminism.

        > “Aryan males enslaved w/single mothers banging tyrone ”

        This isn’t the place for your racial cuckold fantasies.

  2. Now if she will only go further and ban all the degenerates from the state it might be worth moving to.

  3. Say what you want about Man´s ability to change and ´progress´, the reality is that spirits remain much the same, and, to that end, I draw your attention to the fact that Alabama led the formation of The Southern Confederacy 1.0, led the resistance against New England United States´Federal oppression in the 1960s, and, it is my suspicion that it will do it again.

    I’m up for the ride and thankful for Alabama and Alabamans.

  4. I akshully don’t care. In fact, I would love to see a white “transwomen” defeat black female athletes just out of spite.

  5. In other Alabama news

    Alabama has 23 dead after vaccine shots, 400 side effects cases

    globally – 7,766 dead after vaccine shots, 330,218 injured, paralysed etc

    plus unknown how many will be dead or injured a few months later as many negative effects are delayed

    but remember –
    dying of cancer when covid positive – covid caused it
    dying right after vaccine shot – always unrelated

    ‘don’t be a conspiritard’ etc … trust the vaccine ‘plan’ … Bill Gates and Dr Fauci care deeply about you

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