TAC: Trump’s Hispanic Bump

What is going on with “Latinx” voters?

My theory is that PMCs are shifting toward the Democrats and working class voters are shifting toward the Republicans. There has been a big change in the composition of the two parties since 2008. Lots of people who were Democrats and Independents are now Republicans and people who were Republicans are now Democrats. This is undoubtedly the big picture trend that is going on. The electorate is realigning on the basis of education, values and ideology. The shift in the “Latinx” vote isn’t surprising given their values and priorities which are similar to White working class voters.


“There’s no political question as consistently in vogue among a certain class of conservative intellectuals as “Why aren’t Hispanics more conservative?” The perennial springs up every election cycle.

In 2012, after the painful defeat of Mitt Romney, the accepted wisdom was that Hispanics needed to be pursued through moderation on immigration. “If Hispanic Americans perceive that a GOP nominee or candidate does not want them in the United States, they will not pay attention to our next sentence,” stated the post-election “autopsy” produced by the Republican National Committee in 2013. …”

The Atlantic:

“The last election’s most unexpected twist is framing one of the most urgent questions confronting both parties today: What explains Donald Trump’s improved performance among Latino voters?

The president who began his first national campaign by calling Mexicans “rapists,” drug smugglers, and criminals; who labored to build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border; who separated undocumented children from their parents; who sought in court to end the “Dreamers” program; who maneuvered to reduce virtually every form of legal immigration; and who told Democratic women of color in the House of Representatives to “go back” to where they came from—that president won a higher share of Latino voters in 2020 than he did four years earlier, according to every major exit poll and precinct-level analysis of last year’s results.

Still, election observers and Latino-vote experts disagree about what, exactly, those results mean—in particular whether they represent a reversion to Latinos’ traditional level of support for Republicans, or whether they’re the beginning of a lasting GOP improvement that could reshape the electoral landscape in 2022 and 2024. “That’s the big question everybody is trying to answer right now, and I don’t know that we have a definitive answer,” the Democratic pollster Stephanie Valencia, the co-founder and president of EquisLabs, told me. …”

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    • Occasionally, the worthless Republicans get a small bump in support from some minority group, this times it’s Hispanics. The Republican establishment then goes crazy celebrating: “Now we can drop our hated White voters and win with naturally “conservative” Blacks/Hispanics/Asians/Homos etc.” they proclaim. Next election cycle the tiny percentage of minority voters who voted Republican go back to their old habits and vote Democrat again with the Republicans learning nothing.

      What the Hell would the Republicans be conserving anyway even if they were able to substitute colored voters for White voters? More globohomo shopping mall, multi-cult, colored America for the benefit of the oligarchs? If that is the goal then the thing to do is to vote Democrat (for those who bother to vote) because that is the Democrat agenda, explicitly, and they have been more than competent in implementing it. The Republican agenda, such as it is seems to be that with them in charge they will crash the country into a brick wall at only 149 MPH while the Democrats will do the same but at 150 MPH.

  1. Seriously…what is this point of all this Brad?…It just means that Hispanics and Sikhs can vote for Trump and still vote Whitey into a violently persecuted White racial minority in post-White septic tank America….

    • Shut the fuck up and go away, autist. Your shitty unreadable posts drag the intelligence level of the blog down.

      • Look for that 0.2 percent to grow, as it is certainly in the Indianapolis IN area. The relevancy, in my opinion, is that all immigrant minorities start out as a small percentage; barely noticeable until they achieve numerical strength. Isn’t part of the way the infamous immigration act Hart-Celler of 1965 was sold was by claiming that it would only result in a small percentage of non-White immigration??

  2. Hispanics have been turning to the GOP because their co-ethnic “talented tenth” (typically elites, constructively exiled from their own native countries, who have garnered leadership presence in the local US Catholic Churches and successful, high profile family owned local businesses–that employ lower class co-ethnics– in the US) have smoothly and politely infiltrated the GOP leadership at the grass roots county party executive committee levels all over the country. It’s happening in places that would surprise many, not just Texas. In many (but not all) places, they are also very Huwhite.

    There’s a reason they’re called Banana Republicans.

    • “Hispanic” has been bastardized. It means of the Iberian peninsula. Mexicans are primarily Amerind stock. People think they are all Mestizo, with lots of Spanish blood, but that’s not true. They haven’t been breeding with the Spaniards since 1492. Amerinds are some Asiatic offshoot that crossed Beringia around 10k years ago.
      “Latin” has everything to do with Southern Europe, and nothing to do with Mexicans.
      But our nation decided that you’re either “Hispanic or Non-hispanic” for ethnicity, another warped concept.

    • the vast majority of upper and middle class “hispanics” still live in Latin America and Spain ( USA classifies spaniards as minorities ) , they only travel to the USA for tourism or to get a graduate degree

  3. The only places where he really got a bump was in Florida and south Texas, which I’m 90% sure was due to the violent black insurrection.

  4. @Brad, Biden got 70% of the Hispanic vote by all sources including you, that’s not much of a bump for Trump.

    I always get a kick out of Puerto Ricans gesticulating wildly in Spanish, so White people don’t think they are Blacks. I’m sure other Zambos do this too.

  5. DNC pandering so hard to BLM drove Latinos towards Trump, at least that’s my theory. Latinos and Blacks aren’t on best terms in manycases. They drove them out of many places in Cali for instance.

  6. I suppose the niggers apin’ it up over the last year & the speeks’ natural machismo preference for “strong” Dump over senile old shitter Biden accounts for it. No deeper or longer-lasting significance than that.

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