George Floyd’s Death Spurred a Historic Wave of Attacks on Confederate Monuments

It seemed to me like any monument would do at the time.


“Outrage over the police killing of George Floyd 11 months ago has ushered in a historic pace for removals of Confederate symbols from public spaces.

The big picture: At least 167 Confederate symbols around the U.S. have been removed or renamed since Floyd’s death last May, Southern Poverty Law Center data shows …”

It wasn’t just Confederate monuments that were being targeted for destruction. The mobs of brats also toppled monuments of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, St. Junípero Serra, pioneers and abolitionists. They made it clear that their goal is to cleanse public spaces of all traces of American history just like the Jacobins or the Taliban.

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  1. The Hindu President of the University of Virginia Commonwealth had all symbols of the Confederacy cleansed from the Campus…..

    Alex Jones on board with LEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM INDIA…because it’s LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL!!!

  2. The knee on the neck symbolize the white man was in charge and negros were well behaved.Look it now,wilding in every inner city that caused white flight.

  3. They should be replaced with Union monuments. Despite what the neo-Confederate historical revisionists, who are a tiny minority among credible historians need I remind you, falsely state, Confederates were traitors to this country. The only reason for these monuments was Reconstruction ended and was succeeded by reconciliation and Jim Crow. Thankfully, very few Americans even care about the Confederacy anymore. Even during the turbulent civil rights battles of the 60s, Goldwater and then Wallace won just a handful of Deep Southern states, which are the poorest and least educated states in the country to this day. The rest of the South joined the rest of America and went with LBJ and then Nixon. Even on your home turf, you sour grapes have always been outnumbered. LOL

    Haley/DeSantis 2024
    Always support consumer choice and chains, not protectionism and local businesses which lead to higher prices and inferior domestic products.

  4. Any excuse will do when it comes to erasing the White man culture and way of life. Floyd was just another excuse. Before that it was Charlottesville.

  5. When did the South gestate as such? Was the South proudly southern in the times of the revolution? Did the South partake massively in the revolutionary effort? I get the states rights and the slavery part of the civil war era, but what really what made the South a part of the Union to begin with and what made it different? Does it really just come down to slavery, I don’t buy that.
    We all know how the south died, but how was it really born, is there more to the south than the civil war struggle?

    Thank you.

  6. “…the Monument Movement … was a national movement. Union and Confederate monuments are community memorials.

    So just who won the Monument race between the North (Union) and South (Confederacy) between 1860-1920?

    The North took off like a dragster even getting up monuments before the war was even over. The poor crippled South who was more concerned about food to eat than monuments as their land lay in ruins having suffered Union troops ravaging their property and lands during the war. The North was putting them up at a steady pace and leaving the South in their dust to the rate of:

    Average Erection Rates Per Year of Monuments in period 1867-1900

    The North’s lead looked insurmountable but then as the South’s economy started coming back a little and with the coming of the 40th and 50th anniversaries of the war the South shifted into another gear and look out North, the South was coming on. By 1914 the South pulled up even with the North and then waved them good-bye and won…

    Monument Race Totals in period 1860-1920

    From 1867-1900 the Union erected an average of 6 monuments a year with the highest in that period in 1897 and 1899 with 13 each year. In the same time frame, 2.1 monuments [Confederate] a year with the highest year in eight in 1897. The Southern monuments numbers rose in the early 20th century preparing for the 40th and 50th anniversary years. Also, consider the veterans were dying off by these anniversaries, and efforts to honor them before passing was certainly part of the equation.

    However, these same factors were occurring in the North, which memorialized earlier and more often. Thus, the spike of monuments is less significant in the anniversary years. It was not until 1914 did the Confederate monuments equal the Union monuments.

    What is clear about the Monument Movement is that it was a national movement. Union and Confederate monuments are community memorials. The communities came together in the time of war, contributing their men and boys (and a few documented women). Then they came together again to memorialize these soldiers and their contributions to the cause as they saw it. Citizens paid subscriptions to memorials, for monument associations, taxes were issued, the GAR, Allied Orders, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the United Confederate Veterans all lead fundraisers.
    — Ernest Blevins,”The Real Reason for ‘Civil War’ Monuments”


    • @Twerry…

      Good answer to Curious George, Sir – for, as you note, The Southern experience, and nation, as already 2 1/2 centuries old by the time of Fort Sumter.

  7. Southerners have always been very different from Northerners. The Southerners were Cavaliers, gentry: loyal to the king, lovers of a good time, but ready to fight over matters of personal honor. Yanks, OTOH, were fanatical Puritan religious kooks: humorless, holier-than-God, lovers of material gain, food-boilers, regicides. Even though they shitcanned Jesus for abolitionism & now (((Cultural Marxism))), too many of the descendants of the Puritan assholes retain the self-righteousess & the idea that they have the right to force their will onto everyone else; this attitude has also been adopted by many of the non-WASPs who settled with them in the Northeast in the 150 years since the Civil War.

  8. Civil War monuments are memorials to the struggles and sacrifices of the sons of patriotic families who fought on both sides of the war. The only reason to tear them down is curse the ancestors of white Americans for being the people they were.

  9. Look up the Asian American Temperament Study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Boston. Often the societies we create are just a reflection of our genes. Asians will create societies, myths and moral codes that reflect their core instincts and natural proclivities. Many times they create passive, unaggressive and generally uncompetitive societies because for the most part Asians tend to be passive, unaggressive and not given to causing upset and rocking the boat.

    Norman anglos, and celt anglos have differing temperaments. Norman anglos clustering more closely with Scandinavians and north Germans while celts of different flavors clustering more closely with alpine-type continentals.

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