Keith Woods: Is Christianity Leftwing?

I’ve noticed that this bizarre debate has been going on in post-Alt-Right circles lately.

Isn’t the big political and cultural divide in America between traditionalists and modernists or social conservatives and social liberals or Christians and atheists and agnostics? It seems to me that this is roughly the contours of the big divide. I’m on the same side as Christians, traditionalists, nationalists, social conservatives and other enemies of modernism. Isn’t the other side the Left?

If memory serves, atheism is more strongly associated with social liberalism and cultural degeneration than even Judaism, so it is weird seeing people saying that Christianity is leftwing. It is mostly White Christians who are propping up the Right in the United States. How do you reconcile voting for Joe Biden with the belief that it is Christians who are leftwing? Isn’t creating your own made up religious cult the ultimate example of expressive individualism? How is creating another religious cult an improvement over the Alt-Right? Wouldn’t that only significantly narrow its appeal and be politically self-marginalizing? What is wrong with the existing White Nationalist cults like Cosmotheism or Creativity?

There are Christians who are leftists, degenerates and antiracists. There are atheists who are rightwing traditionalists who oppose cultural degeneration. Generally though, Christianity is related to social conservatism and atheism is related to social liberalism. It just seems weird to me that we should be attacking people for being Christians who are also the people who are the most concerned about anti-whiteness. The typical American who values his racial identity is a White working class Christian from the South or Midwest. The typical American who is strongly antiracist is a college-educated atheist who lives in a coastal metropolitan area. Isn’t the former group friendlier and more persuadable than the latter?

The same people who believe White people are under attack believe that Christianity is under attack in America. The same people who are attacking White people are also trying to undermine Christianity. It makes no sense and is grossly counterproductive to try to pit White identity against Christianity.

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  1. Christianity is not “left wing,” but the entirety of the Western “left wing” is itself a heretical spin-off of Christianity. So that leaves room for criticism. And a lot of the anti-christian criticism is valid in respect to strains of western Christianity (both Roman catholicism and many branches of protestantism). But saying that it represents Christianity per se is as dishonest as saying that Arianism or gnosticism represent Christianity.

    • At one time Arianism a/k/a subordinationism was the orthodox Christian belief. A lot of Christians would be shocked to find this out. But, it’s a historical fact, that the Son was considered subordinate to the Father. Then there are Christ’s own words in the New Testament.

      • Christianity is the religion of (S)upremacy.

        Literally, Christianity asserts the reality of The Perfect Man. Sinless… Flawless… Never wrong… Never wronged another… Resistant to all evil… Christianity is a claim of objective (S)upremacy in the person of Christ.

        This belief is a straight forward falsification of “universal equality.”

        And so the issue for the anti-Christian is in the psychological chaos which ensues while holding opposite views of the same “thing.”

        So… White Christians are both “white (s)upremacists” AND “leftwing” depending on the mood and whim of the alt-rite anti-Christian and whether said alt-writer is attempting to use “racist” Christianity to badmouth social “inequities” or use the “what would Christ do” to prop up some necessary social “equality.”

      • Krafty, as a dog and a heretic, it’s pretty funny that you, who have no connection whatsoever with the Church (and are therefore outside of the Body, and damned) DARE to presume to lecture those of us who KNOW Christ, and know Correct Dogma (i.e., Orthodoxy)!?

        Arianism may have ALMOST taken over the world (i.e., the Roman Empire- the only ‘world’ of Christ’s day, and therefore, the only race of Men to whom the Gospel/Great Commission was EVER directed to – that is, WHITE EUROPEAN ADAMIC HUMANITY) but it did NOT do so… and therefore:

        1) You
        2) The JW’s, and
        3) All godless heretics are WRONG.

        4) Christ is fully God, and fully Man and the theanthropic union thereby, DIVINIZES WHITE ADAMITY, and none other….because Christ is the Last (ultimate, Omega Point) Adam.

        And in HIM we love and move and have our BEING. And none other may claim that lineage.

        In other words, while Hitler may have been wrong on many things, ‘Romanity’ is SUPPOSED TO RULE AND REIGN over the ‘lesser races without the law.’

        And NOT ‘convert them’ to the White Man’s religion. This is the GREAT ERROR of the ENTIRE WEST, and it all comes back to the filioque and the aberration of the First Europe’s Creed.

        ALL ATTEMPTS by Rome, her whoring protestant daughters, and Novus Ordo Pseudo-doxy are HERETICAL ANTICHRIST ATTEMPTS TO APE THE TRUE People, Church, Laos, and Body of Christ.

        • Hey, “Father” pea brain. That’s small “o” orthodox as in: conforming to established doctrine especially in religion.


  2. Seems like it’s a religion for stonemasons, carpenters, fishermen, tent makers, plumbers etc stuck in a world run by hypocritical bloodthirsty priests and weak yet brutal political leaders. It’s very corporeal. It’s very now.

    • The only “hypocritical bloodthirsty priests’ are those who took over the Roman Communion over the course of 50 years, by an ALREADY aberrational Communion. Read ‘Goodbye, Good Men’ and learn that Rome was ripe for infiltration and decimation by the Sodom faction, even before Vatican Eww.

      Read just a page or two of Ann Barnhardt’s columns, as a Trad RC, and you can see this is so.
      I left Rome forty years ago, because I thought a priest should be chaste, and not chasing me around the sacristy…..

      So, don’t take the already apostate Church of Today and think it the Real thing.
      Just like, don’t take the already fake and gay GOP, and think it is the real ‘conservative’ party out there….

  3. “Christians are leftwing?”

    1) which Christianity, there are 1000’s of sects, having vast differences .
    2) much of the theology has been hijacked, over the decades I.e. Russell moore.

  4. @ mainline protestant denominations, church of rome, that embraces liberation theology, their are some evangelicals swaying that way, like thee so called ” southern baptist”, thee true church, thee body of christ, is not left wing period, satanic infiltration, believe it or not, christianity is basically , fundamentlly , populist in many ways. so remember ” leftwing christianity is satanic infiltration “, avoid those people, wolves in sheeps clothing.

  5. Christianity is culturally traditional. That we are having a debate on this shows how much stupid is fact, All of the great religions are culturally traditional. Love God, love your neighbor, don’t lie, murder, cheat, be faithful in marriage, care for your family, and community. Loyalty, honor, good masculinity, proper feminine lives, etc,etc,etc, from judeism, çhristianity, islam, buddhism, daoism, hinduism, shinto, down to many old pagan beliefs. They really isn’t anything called”progressive christianity” just progressive liberalism with decoration. Nothing in progressiveness really equates to any traditional religion.

    • Christianity seems pretty clear to me on Adam and Eve and sexuality. There are only two genders in Christianity while atheists believe there are at least 20,000 new ones

      • Christ’s first public miracle, changing water into wine at the marriage feast at Cana. LOL. Handy guy to know.

      • You apparently don’t know any atheists, HW. You need to get out of the Bible Belt once in a while.

        • @Spahn…

          The wife and I lived in New England for a good long time, Spahn, and, though there were many things to like, one thing that astonished us is how absolutely uninvolved with God, on any level, most modern New Englanders are.

          It’s almost like God is dead in New England, and, if you have ever lived where He is not, you can really feel the difference.

      • “There are only two genders in Christianity while atheists believe there are at least 20,000 new ones.”

        Yeah, I remember Nietzsche talking about otherkin and spirit seeds. The guy who said you need to get out of the Bible Belt is right.

        You’re spot-on about a lot of politics, but you act like a drooling cultist the moment you start talking about religion.

  6. Christianity, as a culture, is neither left nor right – it has both a left and a right. If by “atheist” you mean “Reddit Atheist” well just read their own words, they hate their parents for various reasons and associate Christianity with their parents because their parents made them go to church.

    Most normal people who are literally “a-theists” – “without gods” – don’t really stress that much about it because why would they care what other people think? The so-called “Four Horsemen of Atheism” remember were just Jews there to a) hate on socially conservative white Evangelical Christians to help Jews and b) warmonger against Muslims to help Israel.

    As far as the “neo-pagans” who are into “Odinism” because Christianity is inherently “Judaic” – they simply have all of the worst qualities of religious LARPers without the actually beneficial aspects of really existing Christianity.

    By getting into the “Odin” stuff they really, really – REALLY – miss the entire point, don’t they? Most Americans are basically “pagans” now – they always were just pagans with a Christian gloss. But the really existing paganism happens at an AC/DC concert, or a rave – or even a hiking trip.

    Oh wait I forgot kids don’t go outside anymore, or go to concerts, or dance, or go hiking, or socialize with friends, they sit inside on their phones watching Tik Tok and OnlyFans.

    Get off my lawn!

    • @Banned Hipster…

      “As far as the “neo-pagans” who are into “Odinism” because Christianity is inherently “Judaic” – they simply have all of the worst qualities of religious LARPers without the actually beneficial aspects of really existing Christianity.

      By getting into the “Odin” stuff they really, really – REALLY – miss the entire point, don’t they? Most Americans are basically “pagans” now – they always were just pagans with a Christian gloss. But the really existing paganism happens at an AC/DC concert, or a rave – or even a hiking trip.”

      Brilliant analysis on The Odinists, and, yes, looking back to the time when I was a little boy, there were a lot of Pagans in church, just applying and acquiring veneer in the eyes of others, and their own eyes, as well.

      That said, I will say that, in my personal experience, the influence of Christianity on this society is much weaker than it was in 1970.

      Just the overt sexual preoccupations of this society, alone, without going into the increased selfishness, indifference, and corruption, is daunting, in relation to what it was some decades back.

      Morality, or, at least, as traditionally defined by doing those things which would please God, seems to no longer be an overt concern for most.

  7. They are barking up the wrong tree. The question is not weather Christianity is leftist liberal but weather or not Christ and Christianity is supreme to the Jew messianic path we are being pushed toward. Nobody wants to compare Christ to the Moshiach. All they want to do is tell you how Christ is no good. Ultimately though we all going to have to make a choice, are you with Christ or with his enemy.

    Lets debate who will benefit from the coming Jew (false) messiah and who will suffer. That is one hot potato nobody is going to touch.

  8. From what I can see, most of what were the mainstream Protestant Churches have lost more than 1/2 of the flock, because of liberal-left “do-gooderism” and racial pandering to non-Whites.

    @Brad, What’s the difference between a Communist and a Democrat? The spelling.

    • There is now not a single Christian denomination that is pro-white or anti-fag, Olde Dutch. I would love to see all churches turned into museums, bookstores or private residences. St. Patrick’s cathedral in Midtown Manhattan should become a discotheque.

        • Millions of White Christians, and no place to go. Sooner or later someone is going to come along and fill that need for a White Protestant Church or more likely White Protestant Churches.

        • They aren’t pro-White because they are Christian, though. They are pro-White AND Christian because they are traditional people who value where, and who, they came from.

  9. Christianity was introduced to Europa, much in the same way low-dose poisons are introduced into the bloodstream, and the overall effect is the same, to kill off those who are infected by it. While it is true that there are some moral truths in the basis of religions, the larger effect has created the dysfunction, subservience, demoralization and cultural death of every people they are introduced to.

    The parasites who have introduced the poison have now determined it, and it’s adherents, have outlived their usefulness, and will be swept aside. What Christians can not understand, is that their very thoughts have been weaponized against them; have to hand it to whoever came up with that psyop.

    And, make no mistake, White people who are entrenched in Christianity care more about their alien religion than they do about the future of their own people; they would rather fight you to the death than side with their own people. Even now, “Christians” are working overtime to bring all manner of non-White people into your communities.

    But, I keep forgetting, Christianity is “conservative”…

  10. Christianity is filled with hierarchy and inheritance = illiberalism. It is neither socially nor economically left. Keith is just doing the contrarian thing again.

      • I’ve been following him since he first hit Youtube. He has some good videos.

        I agree about the Left wing thing. Christians are very proactive in bringing foreigners into our nation.

        But there’s also a good side to religion. Whites cannot congregate for any reason about being white, but you can still do it under the name of religion. So religion is a way to unite.

        Whites were always better as pagans though, throughout histoy.

  11. “Petty nationalism is a stillborn project. It denies the broader racial family. It promises isolation, provincialism, impotence, irrelevance and an inevitable capitulation on the world stage. National organizations and parties should be organizing globally on a racial basis”.

    Why White nationalism really is all but a Yankee-contrived form of multiculturalism, except for whites only. Be it liberalism or WN, it’s strives for nothing but the blending out of ethnicity, cultures, and regional identities.

  12. If it wasn’t for millions of feeble-minded Evangelical Christ-cucks the jews would have no one to protect them from us enraged gentiles.

  13. The most important question is whether or not Christianity is fundamentally compatible with racial/ethnic nationalism. Does it go against their scripture for white Christians to exclude non-whites (even if they’re Christian) from white territories using state power? If yes, then we are just going to have to part ways with them because white Christians are never going to give up their religion no matter what arguments one makes. It’s pointless to try. If no, then we really need to just move on from the religious question and learn to work together, at least until our immediate future is secured. Race > religion.

  14. Whatever it is it’s doing nothing to stop the tidal wave of anti-White Jewish degeneracy sweeping over us. In some cases it’s embracing it.

  15. “Is Christianity Leftwing?”

    If it was not before, then, it certainly began a path towards Leftism in early 19th century New England.

    In The South, Christianity has been a buttress for reactionary politicks and ethnonationalism, until very recently.

    Nothing better embodies this than The Southern Baptist Convention, and, as well, nothing better embodies the American Christian drift to The Left, in recent decades, than The Southern Baptist Convention, since Dr. Land left the helm.

    Dr. Russell Moore is not only a scalawag, he gives a very good impression of a Soros plant.

  16. Where do Mark Brahmin and Richard Spencer stand on the H1B…L1B HINDU SCAB LABOR PROGRAM ?

    Corporate Wokeism=HOMOSEXUAL PEDERASTY


  17. Its weird how Spencer is so antichristian His atheist pagan riding with biden friends probably want him to eat bean or bug burgers while Christianity is fine with him eating mushroom onion swiss burgers as a protected freedom by god because the fall of man sin allows us to consume animal flesh in this case beef Hindus be damned

    Spencer is such a elitist brat I bet that he would happily eat a vaccine burger made by Kissinger and Bill Gates, shame shame Mr Spencer

    • I think Spencer is either doing 1)an autopsy on the soul of White America or 2)trying to understand the metaphysical rot of White America….I mean why the fuck did White America give their homeland away to India and Pakistan?

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