Charlie Sykes: The Trumpian Mentality Has Metastasized In The GOP

Look at who is given a platform on MSNBC.

It is people like Nicolle Wallace, Charlie Sykes and Michael Steele. It is professional managerial class types. You will never see anyone like Jimmy Dore who has a huge audience on MSNBC. They will give a primetime platform though to neocons like Jennifer Rubin and The Bulwark.

Note: The Democratic Party has become the old Republican Party. It is increasingly the party of PMCs, not the working class.

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  1. “Charlie Sykes: The Trumpian Mentality Has Metastasized In The GOP”

    In other words, Nationalist and Confederate thinking is, to his lights, a cancer.

    Well, I very strenuously disagree, and, to that end I would like to point out that, if our attitudes are like cancer, then what Mr. Sykes is really saying is that The Founding Fathers were a cancer, which means that he thinks America is a cancer that must be ‘cured’.

    That’s the problem with Mr. Sykes, and people like him – they do not really hear themselves, and, moreover, they think this runaway Federalist New England Yankee Empire is a godlike thing.

    It’s not a Godlike thing, it’s a satanick thing.

    That said, unlike Mr. Sykes and his kind, I do not wish to do heinous things to them, solely because they love central government control.

    No, all I want is to be separate from them, and wish them the very best, micro-managing themselves, in Blue States, down to the most infinitesimally quotidian minutia, while I carry on my life in The Rural South under my own control, and, that of The Lord Jesus Chryst, of course.

  2. The Ghetto Negro-Managerial Class Alliance. If Charlie Manson had cut his hair short and worn a suit, left one or two things unsaid he’d have been this Sykes guy. Or Biden. There’s no fundamental distinction. Biden sent out his Zulus to butcher whitey.

  3. The Democratic Party is just a polished up version of a Jim Jones/Charlie Manson 2020 turd. The Halcyon days of anti Trump sentiment will collapse into some kind of interrracial cult committing mass suicide and a truly aghast and appalled Biden pretending he didn’t inspire the self destructive bloodbath.

  4. Seems certain “conservatives” are setting up Trump as our false alternative for 2024 as he was in 2016. Ironic, in three years he’ll be as old as Biden is now.

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