Tucker Carlson: Outside Mask Myth

UPDATE: Shitlibs are having a fit about this and reporting the video on YouTube. You can still watch it here.

Didn’t everyone already know this?

A year ago, it seemed like most people in Alabama responded to the lockdown we had here last April by rolling their eyes and going hunting or fishing and enjoying spring weather. I saw a lot of people outside riding four wheelers and jet skiing with their friends and family. I remember being chastised in the comment section for not wearing a mask while loling away the pandemic by going fishing with the family out in the middle of nowhere. Some would call that “social distancing” while I would call it sizing up the nature of the threat and enjoying myself doing what I like to do in the spring anyway.

It has become increasingly clear to me that what I experienced in rural Alabama where there was only minimal disruption to the rhythms of everyday life is not what other people experienced in other states. In Blue States like Oregon, this shit is still going on even after people have been vaccinated. There were draconian lockdowns in places like Michigan and New York which we never experienced here.

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  1. Sàme here. I’ve watched the reaction of other states with a mixture of wonder and eye rolling

  2. I see idiots all the time running, bicycling and on the treadmill with face diapers over their nose and mouth. Why not work out with a paper bag over your head. You are breathing in your own expelled CO2. It’s amazing how stupid people have become. They believe anything they’re told even it it’s destroying them.

    Mark my words, in a few years or less, you will see commercials with lawyer firms saying’ if you wore a mask or got the poison dart and are having lung, kidney, blood clots, herpes,memory problems, rashes, sterile, breathing problems etc, call this #.

  3. It was clear to me, early on, that the mask requirements were not about science, but, about habituating Americans to micro-tyranny, this in preparation for something grander down the line.

    For that reason, I have never once worn a mask, nor will I ever

    Beyond that, I am appalled at the dimwits in my area who continue to wear the mask, outside, or alone behind the wheel of their car, and, yet, here is the real kicker – most have already been vaccinated!

    Now deceaset Oglala Sioux Indian activist, Russell Means, was right when, about 6 years back, he said Americans had lost their analytical faculties.

    • Continued mask use, especially if worn outdoors, is all about liberal self righteousness and moral superiority. Why would they want to give that up?

      • @More of The Same…

        Yes, absolutely. It’s all about the virtue signaling of the Sado-Masochistick Left

  4. Masks are like Medieval charms that were meant to ward off the evil spirits of the plague. So much for 700 years of medical progress.

    • The plague was caused by Body Lice, so in the end the plague was about bathing and laundry habits. However the medieval folk were correct in guessing that respiratory diseases were spread by breathing sneezing and coughing on each other. Given their lack of concrete understanding they made a good guess. Yes folks the plague was the result of having body lice. That’s what Zyclon B was for. Plague suppression.

      • I read Daniel Defoe’s semi- historical account of the Great Plague of 1665, which happened around 60 years earlier. And it seems that the people of those times did have a pretty good understanding of what they were dealing with. Much more so than many of the people today do vis a vis the Kung Flu.

  5. I was all for masking when this pandemic hit, but I’m coming around to the idea that liberals are using it as a form of control. Blue states don’t seem to want this to ever end even though we now have a vaccine.

  6. You will see people continue to use them on public transit and in crowded areas. To be fair in cold weather a lot of people hide the mouth under a scarf and have now found that the surgical masks do warm up the air a little so there’s less wheezing from cold air. I’d guess around 5 to 10 percent of people will have found that the slight warming of the air breathed in during winter was a positive. But after the cold air goes I don’t really see many people using them. In the UK the vaccines appear to have done the trick and the cases have vanished and the steroids have reduced the death tally to a statistical zero.

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