Police Officers Are Resigning En Masse In Woke Progressive Cities

Oh well …

I’m glad that I don’t live in one of these places.

My Northwest:

“The mass exodus at the Seattle Police Department continues with 66 police officers separating so far this year. By the end of May, that number is expected to hit nearly 100.

There is a police staffing crisis with no end in sight. …”

FOX News:

“More than 5,300 NYPD uniformed officers retired or put in their papers to leave in 2020 — a 75 percent spike from the year before, department data show.

The exodus — amid the pandemic, anti-cop hostility, riots and a skyrocketing number of NYC shootings — saw 2,600 officers say goodbye to the job and another 2,746 file for retirement, a combined 5,346. …”

The Blaze:

“The Philadelphia Police Department currently has 268 vacancies and is expecting even more shortages in the near future.

“From Jan. 1 through Thursday, 79 Philadelphia officers have been accepted into the city’s Deferred Retirement Option Program, meaning they intend to retire within four years, according to Mayor Jim Kenney’s office,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. “During the same time period last year, just 13 officers had been accepted into the program, the office said.”

“It’s the perfect storm. We are anticipating that the department is going to be understaffed by several hundred members, because hundreds of guys are either retiring or taking other jobs and leaving the department,” Mike Neilon, spokesperson for the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, told the newspaper. …”

Why the hell would anyone be stupid enough to be a police officer in one of these cities? Who wants to be vilified by the corporate media as the next Derek Chauvin?

As the police resign en masse and quit doing their jobs in these cities under pressure from the Black Lives Matter mobs and Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice, the criminals who live there are going to feast upon their law abiding black and brown citizens. The corporate media isn’t going to be covering any stories about the ordinary people who lose their lives at the hands of criminals.

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  1. I find this awfully hard to believe – where are these low-IQ goons going to go to find a job that pays good wages, health insurance and a pension in this economy? McDonald’s? An Amazon warehouse? Plus most of them are sociopaths that could not deal with a job that would put a limit on their psychotic tendencies. If anything they are going to just fuck off all day and continue to collect a paycheck.

  2. Let black cops patrol black hoods and White cops patrol safe White neighborhoods. This way they can’t use the “racism’ card when a black cop kills one of their own. Wait, I believe they tried that in a few states and it got shot down because it was “racist” and promotes segregation.

      • @Pilot – Exactly. Just a continuation of no racial representation or freedom of association for White people. And only White people– all other races get their own and ours too.

    • @John…

      I totally agree with that.

      Problem is is that Black idea of law enforcement ain’t the same as White, No, Sirree, not by a longshot, and that spills over onto White.

      You see this difference in The Rural South, the towns with majority Negro populations and a Negro sheriff like the Wild Wild West, whereas ‘backwards’ towns with a White Majority populace and an all White police force, like the one I live in, are the very bastions of peace and quiet – just like Mayberry RFD…

    • Exactly. I’ve seen where decent white cops got fired for suspecting a black, etc. So they are weeding out the good people. Only the nutcases, or people with no other options, will stay.

  3. The alt-right or whatever we’re supposed to call it now is going nowhere as long as it is stuck in bootlicking mode. Every single normie I know, including life long GOP boomers, are sick of pigs in this country. Yet when you read coverage of pig related issues on the alt-right, the discourse is 100% bootlicker.

    Instead of defending pigs who kill blacks, we need to be getting involved in cases where pigs kill and assault white people, like the recent incident when a cowardly white male pig broke the arm of the elderly white women.

    Pigs are nothing but overpaid, modern day tax collectors who ticket and harass white people in service of ZOG.

    Alt-right leaders are so out of touch with the mood the country.

  4. And who can blame these officers of the law? After all, they now know that, at any day, they could be thrown over the bus for saving someone’s life.

    Asking them to risk their life to protect us is already a lot – asking them to do so without reliable back-up is simply not practicable.

    No, White Flight, just as has occurred in Detroit, will occur, only this time the cities will empty out at warp speed.

    The danger is that what is mow occurring in our cities now runs the risk of happening on a much larger level – everywhere in the country, for I see no sign that those who are bringing this about show any reflection or reservation, save, perhaps, for Mayor Wheeler of Portland.

    • “, White Flight, just as has occurred in Detroit, will occur, only this time the cities will empty out ”

      And in some cases , states and entire regions.

      Brits ,with money , flee to Spain, croatia etc.
      Could happen with Americans.

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, you are very right to mention these examples.

        In fact, the wife and I often enjoy a popular British program, it entitled, ‘Escape To The Country’, and, though they do not mention it, it is inevitably traditional White British couples leaving large globalist multicultural cesspools.

      • @Arrian…

        And, yes, it very well could happen with Americans, as I seriously doubt that the wife and I are the only ones eyeing Hungary as a serious backup option.

      • The Brits fleeing cuck island are the Siamese twin of the shitlibs fleeing Mexifornia. Croatia and Spain should not let those arrogant and haughty SOBs in.

        • Obviously they are rich enough to not have to worry about a job. Most professions and jobs are not easy to just uproot and find a comparable job in somewhere else.
          I’ve heard people say that the ones leaving California just sell their home, go somewhere cheaper, buy a cheaper home, and live off the rest. That’s not a lot of money unless they got 20 million from the house. I’ve never, ever, heard any of them worry about finding a job.

          • @Pilot…

            A dear longtime friend of mine, a Native Californian, is leaving and coming to stay with us, this as he resettles in Dixie.

            He ain’t rich, not by a long shot, but, what he is is sick of what has become of the once ballyhooed Golden State.

            Normal folk do not want to live where the Woke-Cancelistas are rife.

          • Your friend isn’t everybody. Bet he doesn’t work, and yet, he will come live off of you. Because if he had a good job or a profession, he couldn’t just move wherever he wanted.

            One person is not the majority.

            A white man who has a good job in California is better off than a white man living off others and having nothing somewhere else.

            You’d better believe there’s a LOT of normal people, in California, who get up and go to work everyday.

            It seems like these people who can just leave and do what they want, get some government check every month to subsidize them.

          • @Pilot…

            “A white man who has a good job in California is better off than a white man living off others and having nothing somewhere else. ”

            Not being a Californian, I cannot argue with you, only to say that apparently a lot of folks in your state disagree with you, as over 1,500,000 people have left your state in the past 15 years, the overwhelming majority being White.

        • These people are cashing out of London and moving to villages 100 miles away where their grandparents may have lived. They are not leaving the Island. Wtf are talking about? The really rich ones move to the Caribbean anyway. To live among even more blacks. London has always been a city you cycle out of after making money. That’s how a European capital should work. The issue is the introduction of 2,500,000 niggers into the areas of London, Birmingham and Manchester. Grow up in a small town, go to city to make fortune, buy a house in country and settle down with family. That’s European life for 1000 years.

    • Cops are not legally required to “protect you” or stop a crime in progress(e.g. Antifa destroying Portland) so what good are they, really?

      • @ c d…

        Look I accept whatever view you have on this, but, for whatever it is worth, the police in my area do a fantastic job.

        In fact, The Olde Plantation Confederacy would not be livable, and, to that end, I, and, indeed, many residents, are always thanking our law enforcement officers.

      • Cops do what they are ordered to. If you got a shitlib running the show, they unleash them to hurt you. One of the “funniest” things (“funny” in a twisted way) happening last year was cops standing aside at some of these “Back the Blue” rallies and watch Antifa attacking MAGA-boomers with impunity.

  5. Fantastic. The detectives in NYC are still largely Irish and Italian but they have been flooding them with Puerto Rican’s and blacks lately. I had two guys approach me a few weeks ago and I thought i was going to be robbed or assaulted because they had neck tats all the way down to their hands and barely spoke English. They were just undercovers asking me if I had seen someone pass by.

    The regular beat cops are all black women and Indians. It is a site to see. Only going to get worse

    • Not just tats, but neck and hand tats. I know a few Hispanic cops who you would look at and be convinced they are MS13 bangers or Cartel. At least they are intimidating to many people, the corner cops all seem to be tiny Indians and Pakistanis. The parking enforcement are to a person all fat black women. New York might have more concentrated wealth than anywhere else in the World but the government workers and most people are a mess.

      Go to Times Square to be attacked by a hundred Honduran Indians dressed in knock off Elmo and Captain America outfits who grab you and speak in broken English “photo. Gimme five dolla… Photo”

  6. Those honky pigs are being pressured into early retirements and mass resignations so they can be replaced by Soros-backed Antifa and BLM goon squads, dig?

    • Something like that. They’ve already imposed tyranny on us. Now it’s time to unleash anarchy. Anarcotyranny like Sam Francis said.

  7. It means that blacks will kill more blacks and these white guys can go do something useful. BLM will end up being a self cleaning oven scorching out young black men where they stand, leaving their nests in cinders.

  8. The police have never been your friend…white man.
    The police have spent the better part of the last 50 years supporting the gradual stripping of civil rights from the American people for a little temporary power and a pension, that YOU pay for.
    Now their positions, lives, and rights are being threatened, and we should care why? Are they really the thin line between order and chaos? Maybe in ‘coon town’ where few pay out more than they accept in .gov benefits, and even fewer respect the law.
    To protect and serve….who?
    No. They were originally formed, in the southern US, to patrol for slaves…guess who that is today?

    • Agree…All government workers get generous pensions. Private sector workers must save their money, or put their own money into a 401k, if their employer even offers one. Forbes magazine did a study a long time ago, and contrasted Social Security with Government Pensions.
      Guess which one was better…they said there is nothing even close for a private sector worker, who can work 20 years, and retire at 40, 45, or 50, and be supported for the rest of their lives. They pay so little into it. It’s much easier to budget and live, if you got a check every month, as opposed to saving up on your own, because no matter what, you could count on that check.
      The private sector worker has to continue to work, if they can’t afford to retire, and the public sector worker can retire while young. They move, go buy a new home, new vehicle, travel, and life’s a permanent vacation now.
      Some pensions are worth millions, just for one of them. We, the taxpayer work and pay for this. There was a woman in California, no college education, nothing, just a file clerk, who got over $3000/ month, and had the nerve to complain it was too low. Who gets a SS check like that?

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