DHS Is Investigating Itself For “Domestic Violent Extremism”

This is what the clowns at Joe Biden’s DHS who have presided over the collapse of the border and a massive crime surge in the big cities are focused on at the moment:


“The Department of Homeland Security will be conducting an internal review to assess the threat of domestic violent extremism within the department, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced Monday. …

Details: A cross-departmental working group will conduct a review to determine how best to “prevent, detect, and respond to threats related to domestic violent extremism within DHS,” per the press release. …”

The whole executive branch of the government has been paralyzed by wokeness:

In other words, we have been blessed with the perfect foil and opportunity to mobilize against. It is time for the “far right” to catch our breath, step back into the ring and get back into the fight.

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  1. Alejandro Mayorkas is foreigner, in charge of the Secret Police and pretty much all of “internal security.”

    He is purging loyal Americans to replace them with non-Americans loyal to his regime.

    This means purging a few of the most loyal officers in each region, warning their friends and allies, and promoting their opponents.

    Basic stuff, really. This is what it means to be under an occupation government.

    You think we have it bad – look at what they are doing to the Palestinians!

    • We are the American Palestinians. They killed off most of the Christian Palestinians , now they’re going after the non-Christians. Anything to make Israel for jews.

  2. Much of this Mayorkas guy’s family lives in Israel, his mother was a Romanian Jew, his father a Sephardic Jew from Turkey. What part of him is “Hispanic” or “Cuban-American” in the first place? Mayorkas is probably a spin-off of the island Mallorca, but that is from 1492.

  3. The head of Biden’s Cheka is looking for nationalists inside his Red (jewish) Terror agency.

    History repeats itself a century later.

    • Amazing. They can do all this in such a short time, and yet Trump couldn’t do a single thing for four long years. Even now Trump can’t ban Coca-Cola in his hotels after calling for a boycott. I can’t wait for his humilating defeat in 2024. All according to plan.

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