A New Progressive Era Or Stalled Revolution?

Cool guy Anand Giridharadas was on MSNBC this morning to debate Joe Biden and the dawn of the new “progressive era.” Joe Biden has signed into law exactly one bill in which budget reconciliation was required to give people free money and that puts him in the same league as FDR.

Note: Contrast Joe Biden’s first 100 days with FDR’s first 100 days.

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    • No Way. Silent Cal was the greatest president of the 20th Century. He signed the 1924 Immigration Act, after all which was after the 1790 Immigration law the greatest piece of legislation ever enacted in the US. He had balanced budgets every year and was friends with Henry Ford and we all know where HF stood on the JQ. Coolidge wasn’t perfect; he did make some compliments about the (((chosen))), but no one is perfect. Also, Coolidge did nothing to get rid of the Federal Reserve but no one after him did either.

  1. Nick Fuentes posted on twitter that he was not allowed to fly to Florida because he has been put on a no-fly list.


    Yes, though politicians must present visions and trumpet their accomplishments, and though parties and pundits must crow over policy changes, the fact remains that The United States has reacht a point where nothing can effectively be done, except to follow the logical trajectory down to the abyss, where a new beginning will have to be won.

    Yes, the present inertia and stagnation has been building up for many decades, and it, like a slate-rock formation, that, no matter how hard you hammer it or dynamite it, remains unmoved.

    The reason for this, though it has myriad complex fascits, can be brought down to one simple theme – those for whom The United States’ Government exists do not want any fundamental change to occur, while the overwhelming majority of the populace do, we only disagree over how, when ,where, and for whom that change ought occur.

    Until Progressives abandon the Democrat Party, and Nationalist/Populists do so with The Republican, all that will occur is a petty and futile argument over how to make up the putrid corpse that was once this great country.

    • Well put. I cannot believe after all that has transpired over the past decade that there are still people who follow that bipartisan charade. Fire is the ultimate purifier. It all needs to burn.
      Whether it will or won’t, I don’t know, but it needs to.

      • @Johnny…

        Thank you, Sir.

        Yes, it will burn, though what will set it off and when we know not.

        What we do know is that myriad piles of kindling and lighter sticks have been piled high near a gasoline depot…

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