Joe Biden Will Announce New Guidance On Outdoor Mask Wearing

Tucker Carlson was right about these idiots.

The narrative is going to have to be rolled back now that Joe Biden is going to come out this afternoon and admit that there was always minimal risk to getting COVID outside.

New York Times:

“President Biden and top U.S. health officials are expected on Tuesday to announce new recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals, including a possible easing of mask restrictions outdoors.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said on NBC News last week that the agency was “looking at” whether it’s still necessary to wear a mask outdoors. And on Sunday, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, said that the federal health agency might move toward loosening mask requirements.

He characterized the risk of infection to a vaccinated individual outdoors as “minuscule.”

“I think it’s pretty common sense now that outdoor risk is really, really quite low,” for a vaccinated people, Dr. Fauci said on the ABC News program “This Week.”

Several states have already dropped mask mandates and fully reopened indoor and outdoor venues, even for large sporting events. New York still has mask requirements.On Tuesday morning, the health and human services secretary Xavier Becerra said on “CBS This Morning” that he hoped the new guidelines would incentivize people to get vaccinated. …

A growing body of research indicates that the risk of spreading the virus is far lower outdoors than indoors. Viral particles disperse quickly outdoors, experts say, meaning brief encounters with a passing walker or jogger pose very little risk of transmission.

“That biker who whizzes by without a mask poses no danger to us, at least from a respiratory virus perspective,” Dr. Paul Sax, an infectious disease specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, wrote in a blog post for The New England Journal of Medicine.

A recent systematic review of studies that examined the transmission of the coronavirus and other respiratory viruses among unvaccinated individuals concluded that fewer than 10 percent of infections occurred outdoors and that the odds for indoor transmission were 18.7 times higher than outdoors. (The odds of superspreading events were 33 times higher indoors.)

But the paper’s author said that the low odds of transmission outdoors could simply reflect the fact that people had spent little time outside. In cases where transmissions occurred outdoors, there was often also prolonged or frequent contact with another individual or a group of people, or an indoor component to an outdoor gathering, said Dr. Nooshin Razani, an associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco. …”


They needed a whole year to figure this out.

“Americans who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus no longer need to wear masks outdoors if they’re walking, running, hiking or biking alone, with members of their household, or if they attend small outdoor gatherings, federal health officials announced on Tuesday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped short of telling those people that they could shed their masks altogether in outdoor settings — citing the worrying risk that remains for transmitting the coronavirus, unknown vaccination levels among people in crowds and the still high-caseloads in some regions of the country.

Federal health officials and President Biden were announcing the updated advice on Tuesday, linking the news with the administration’s public campaign to get most American adults vaccinated by summer and trying to offer reassurances that some semblance of normal life can return. …”

These people have been running around outside wearing a mask like it is protecting them from a radiation or something. I never once wore a mask outside and I have been fine.

Note: I don’t really mind wearing masks inside public places like supermarkets. It is a minor inconvenience that somewhat protects people from getting sick indoors. The Asians here do this anyway.

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  1. If this was a real pandemic of something like TB or the plague I wouldn’t think twice about wearing a mask and keeping away from crowds. I don’t fear the Wuhan flu, I’m afraid of the response to it from government, big business and the public.

    • You don’t want a live case of it. Reasonable chance you could have long/medium term lung troubles. It’s pretty ugly for middle age men.

      • He didn’t lose, he was defrauded. Nonetheless, he was ultimately shit, and not the answer we’re looking for.

      • Trump does seem like a genuinely stupid person but I wonder if he was really serious about running for re-election. Maybe he just wanted the attention and the campaign contributions.

  2. I don’t wear a mask outdoors, period. The only time is when I enter a store and most of the time it’s around my chin.

    • People who wear those cuck muzzles outside, especially when they are alone driving in their cars, are doing so basically because they have a slave mentality. They unquestioningly submit to authority and would probably snitch on their own grandparents if ordered to do so by ZOG.

  3. Fakeist gheyist pandemic ever! Its also bullshit that the vaccinated only get the chosenite right to not wear a mask. If they are exposed to the virus how the f-ck are they a lesser risk?! How does big brother enforce this exactly? will the people with vaccine passports only be allowed outside

    Will the unvaccinated have to wear a identifyable symbol on their chest… Oh I see where this is going Shoah all over again

  4. Hunter,
    You spent a year believing everything the media told you about this whole scamdemic, posting their fake numbers every day. Now you’re here to tell us you’re not an idiot, because you never wore a mask OUTSIDE…

    No one who isn’t high-risk should be wearing a mask AT ALL.

  5. The reason why people get the flu mainly in Winter, is because people are cooped up indoors, breathing on each other.

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