Nick Fuentes Claims He Has Been Put On a No Fly List

As I have pointed out several times now, the civil liberties issue is the top reason why I have become so harshly critical of the Biden administration. If the federal government is labeling you a “domestic extremist” and ordering the FBI to treat you like a criminal on the basis of your political views, who cares how much money Joe Biden spends on infrastructure when you can’t even catch a flight?

I’ve pointed out several times now that the Biden administration had been talking about doing this. In my podcast with Robert Stark, I brought up Joe Biden’s budding police state as the issue which had the most potential to mobilize populist voters to come out in force in the 2022 midterms.

New York Times:

“In an intelligence report delivered to Congress last month, the administration labeled white supremacists and militia groups as top national security threats. The White House is also discussing with members of Congress the possibility of new domestic terrorism legislation and executive orders to update the criteria of terrorism watch lists to potentially include more homegrown extremists. …

One strategy is to analyze federal travel data to trace the patterns of possible militia members and extremists, especially as American groups increasingly establish connections to Europe, the official said. Members of the groups can then be added to so-called no-fly lists, he said. …”

What is an “extremist”?

Who decides what is an “extremist”?


“The Department of Homeland Security is considering monitoring the travel of domestic extremists and expanding its use of the No Fly List, law enforcement sources told POLITICO.

The discussions are part of the Biden administration’s strategy of treating domestic terror as a national security threat, and not just a law enforcement problem. They’re also part of broader conversations in government about how to use tools developed for the Global War on Terror to combat domestic extremism. And, if past is prologue, the approach could prove politically contentious. …

There have also been discussions about putting suspected domestic violent extremists — a category that includes white supremacists — on the FBI’s No Fly List, the official said. When suspected extremists travel internationally, officials may be more likely to question them before they pass through customs and to search their phones and laptops. …

The week after January 6, a top FBI official said the Bureau was “actively looking at” adding the names of Capitol attackers to the No Fly List. And the week before Inauguration Day, the head of the TSA said the agency was working “to ensure those who may pose a threat to our aviation sector undergo enhanced screening or are prevented from boarding an aircraft.” His statement did not mention the No Fly List.

According to the officials who spoke to POLITICO, conversations about domestic extremism and the No Fly List aren’t just limited to people who attacked the Capitol on January 6. …”

I won’t comment on whether this is what happened to Nick Fuentes.

Regardless of my views on Nick Fuentes, this is something that I have been very concerned about for several months now. According to Politico, there was talk in Joe Biden’s DHS about putting people on the FBI No Fly List who had nothing to do with the Capitol Siege simply on the basis of their politics.

By my count, the same people who call us “fascists” and “authoritarians” reserve the power to openly do the following things to us:

  • Have Amazon digitally burn books
  • Ban people who they label “domestic extremists” from serving in the U.S. military
  • Ban people who they label “domestic extremists” from serving in law enforcement
  • Demonize all White people on the basis of their race while calling them “racists”
  • Create a surveillance state of creepy hall monitors to dox people who have politically incorrect opinions
  • Censor the internet to deplatform their domestic political opposition
  • “Cancel” people by forming social media lynch mobs to hound them out of their jobs and punish them for having politically incorrect opinions
  • Add people who are labeled “domestic extremists” to the FBI’s No Fly List
  • Use the concentrated power of multinational corporations to bully governors and state legislatures into overturning legislation supported by voters
  • Weaponize the FBI and DOJ against their domestic political opposition
  • Cheer on Black Lives Matter and Antifa when these groups engage in serial mob violence on behalf of the political establishment and look the other way when this happens

If we were doing all of these things to them, what would they call that? What would the “fascism” scholars on CNN and MSNBC have to say about people like us using these tactics?

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  1. When George W. Bush started putting Palestinians on the no-fly list you should have known they were eventually coming for you. By April 2005 Bush had put 70,000 people on the No-Fly List. They even put Senator Ted Kennedy on the No-Fly List just to humiliate him and show him who’s boss.

    Remember when, early after the OKC bombing, they tried to spin a tale that “White Supremacists” like Timothy McVeigh were working with “Muslim Extremists?”

    Well, here we are. Thanks, conservative Republicans.

    • Oh yes. They will probably ban anyone who hasn’t had the Covid vaccine, well, only whites for that, everyone else is (always) exempt from the rules.

    • Good post. You’re right about Bush and so-called “Conservative Republicans,” who supported torturing prisoners and establishing a KGB type of surveillance state. During the Bush years I lost long time friendships with “conservatives” because I opposed torture and the spy state being erected by Bush and supported by “conservatives.” Almost 20 years ago I said these practices would eventually be used against American citizens. Now they are.

    • Correct. Although the claims were made due to Terry Nichols having a Phillipino wife and traveling there a time or two. It;s mentioned in OKC and the politics of terror

    • All of us who were nationalists at the time tried to warn conservatives. My recollection is that they would never even try to answer the claim that these policies would be used against conservatives in the future. They would just start shouting that you were a liberal. Bush era conservatism was surreal. They were so over confident and closed minded.

  2. “I’m being punished and persecuted for merely attending a political protest,” Fuentes said.

    The price of internet fame. After Charlottesville this shouldn’t have come as a surprise to Fuentes. At least he isn’t rotting in jail or dead.

    • “who cares how much money Joe Biden spends on infrastructure”

      The infrastructure bill is a sham.
      Less than 10% actually goes to infrastructure.
      The great bulk of funds go to ‘social’ issues.
      Funds to schools ( payoff to teacher’s unions).
      Relocation funding ( section 8 to your rural area, refugee relocation)

      another example of ‘false labelling’ on legislation.

  3. If this country were to continue to stay together, in it’s current form, I have little doubt that every White Man, who will not agree to be nameless, formless, group-less, thoughtless, maskt, and heritage-less (future-less) will be under various different forms of house arrest.

    The trajectory of the algorithms, on this matter, are clear.

    Not that this is new to Southerners, for once before we, our great-great-great granddaddies, were told we would be deprived of our rights, lest we swore an oath of loyalty to the very flag entity which had demonstrated nothing but contempt for the most fundamental rights of this country, and, indeed, all men – the right to be sovereign and free…

  4. Muh Civil Liberties and Muh Constitution aren’t going to save you, White Man. Those are noble – yet archaic – ideals are from a bygone era.

    • The “Bill of Rights” was a handjob to accept the Central Bank. It’s been fake and gay since the Founders.

  5. Well, this is also good news. Effective regime put effective end to the revolt. This random bullying demonstrates that nobody has no idea what to do with MAGA movement.

    Unfortunately there is no such thing as safe anti communism resistance. Hiding behind VPN and TOR will never bring victory. Spreading information a la Samizdat is important but at the end of the day someone must actually do something to get communism gone.

  6. You say Fuentes “claims” he has been put on ZOG’s no fly list, HW. Do you think he’s bullshitting us about that?

  7. I would take anything Fuentes says with a grain of salt. He has Proven time and time again to be full of shit and seeing as he is allowed to openly advertise for another “calling all patriots to rally for Ron Desantis” event with Laura Loomer this weekend and no one is shutting it down. That he isnt quite being persecuted, just another Conservative grift

      • We have no one on our side. No one. Not in the media or the government, but when people like Nick Fuentes, Vincent James, or Styxx, speak up, they get labeled all kinds of things, and these boomers won’t support them. They’re hoping Pat Buchanan makes a comeback.

        As far as Laura Looner goes, can’t imagine any association due to the ethnicity.

    • For that matter, can’t Big Daddy Don let Little Nicky fly on one of his personal jets? Little Nicky is his biggest fan so it would be a generous gesture of gratitude.

      Otherwise, Lil’ Nick will be riding the rails like a Depression hobo; a series of whistle stops on the Sunshine Express. Amtrak is full of people just like him; he won’t be lonely.

  8. You can tell a lot of the government is run by passive-aggressive millennials now because they do petty stuff like this. The boomer feds would just send a couple of FBI agents to your house and have them beat the tar out of you. Millennials use their government power to get people who cyberbullied them on twitter banned from the airport.

  9. Good chance he will be arrested, maybe next year. As the Judeo- Bolshevism gains strength, they will want to make an example out of anyone who dares to protest. Our YT alternatives like Bitchute will be gone too – the pressure is already intense. The enemy does not distinguish between our factions, they don’t care if we are at odds with .Fuentes, Spencer, the alt right or alt lite etc. If there is no backlash, the enemy will scrub out sites like this one, etc. We are losing because we cannot get our act together- immoral leadership, a too-expansive vision or a plentitude of allied ideologies…I dream of a European restoration, let us drag the dream into reality.

  10. He joked about killing flight attendants
    You have to be a retard to do that in a post 9/11 world and expect no consequences

  11. “As I have pointed out several times now, the civil liberties issue is the top reason why I have become so harshly critical of the Biden administration.”

    The alt-right 2.0 did a really bad job on the civil liberties front. An expansive view of CL was always part of paleo-conservatism. CL as an issue was dumped in favor of LARPing about “fascism.”

  12. America’s treatment of political dissidents puts it in the company of Russia and China. Next time some minion of the Evil Empire claims America is the beacon of liberty, enlighten them on the facts of Nick Fuentes oppression by the American government.

    • You don’t hear Americans talking about how “free” their country is anymore. It was always just a question of time before we arrived at this level of tyranny. Trump’s victory in 2016 really accelerated the process though.

      • Had Hillary won I don’t think the left would have been this intense, but Trump really spooked them. They understand what they have been doing is as treasonous and risky as trying to put Mary Queen of Scots on the throne during Elizabeth the First’s reign. It’s just that the general population doesn’t fully understand yet they are engaged in a life or death struggle, they do, they know they’ve got a tiger by it’s tail and dare not let go. American’s take things for granted, our prosperity, the fact that communist massacres could “never happen here” but these antifa are just as murderous as the Khmer Rouge should they get absolute power. I think the last four years and first 3 months of this senile puppet though have stirred a good chunk of normal people into seeing things in a way only the fringe saw things ten years ago.

  13. No American should be put on a no fly list regardless of their political views. It was the Biden administration that put him on the list but it was a Republican (Bush) that gave the the Patriot act which started the “no fly list”

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