Tucker Carlson Investigates Joe Biden’s Ties To Silicon Valley

The 2020 election really was rigged.

It was just rigged in plain sight through all the censorship on behalf of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party and through all the little changes in state voting laws that occurred before the election. We complained for years about the censorship and nothing was done about it except to hold fake performance art congressional hearings and act as cheerleaders for the stock market.

Note: The censorship crisis is only example of how the official ideology of mainstream conservatism has led to directly to the big problems we are facing now. Republicans spent decades romanticizing Big Business and glorifying the “entrepreneur” and unlearned all the lessons of the Gilded Age.

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  1. The real deal here is of course K.Harris who is basically Silicon Valley’s Manchurian candidate. I guess they can’t wait for Joe to step down so their puppet is fully at the helm.

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