Rep. Jayapal: Terms Such As ‘Latinx’ Are Important To Communities Of Color

Rep. Pramila Jayapal was on MSNBC today to explain that it is absolutely vital that progressive activists continue to use the gender neutral term “Latinx” in their messaging to Hispanic voters:

Note: The contempt that these people have for the audience has become a running joke here.

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  1. Only in America and a few other Western countries do you see govts and media pandering to the minority.

    • In Red China the Han Chinese are the dominant ethnic group. And everyone else in that country had better accept it.

    • This isn’t even pandering to Latinos, though. They hate “latinx” and think it’s retarded. With “latinx” they’re pandering to White professionals and trannies.

  2. Having grown up near the Mexican border, and my family still lives in Arizona, this is the silliest thing I can imagine. From silly people …

  3. The Indians are being groomed to replace the Irish as the Jews go to henchmen. The chosen do not want blacks and Latinos for the job. It is a trust thing.

    • If trust is the case, Mr. Browning, then Jewry Inc. must trust The Chinese an awful lot, as they shipped out most of our manufacturing sector thither, and them returning home to the northern New York City area in the fall of 2019,. brought home the China Pox back with them…

  4. Semi-fluent for over a quarter century in in Spanish, and having dealt with untold Latinos, I have yet to hear a single Latin or Latino refer to themselves, or their community, as ‘Latinx’, except on MSNBC.

    That clearly is a sign of how important this fetisht semantick nuance is to, dare I say it … Latins.

    • But, yes, clearly, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, (an East Indian?) would have to be an authority on the heartfelt urges of Latins…

      • Mexicans, Pakis, Arabs…..All those brown people look pretty much the same to me, Judah P. Benjamin.

        • Alright, Dear Spahn.

          By the way, thank you for the huge compliment. If I could only be 1/10th as effective for Dixie, and for my fellow Southerners, as was Benjamin, I could go to Chryst a very very happy man.

          • @Old Enough to Be Your mother…

            My wife and I always liken every face, including our own, to that of a critter, and, without a doubt, you are spot on – Congresslady Jaypal is a Pug!

    • Ivan,

      I know no one who uses Latinix. I never even heard of the term except on this website. When others determine what we should be called then it will usually be an insult.

      By the way heard any good Banned Hipster jokes lately? I know he is dying to see me in my school dress. He projected that fantasy onto November. I just can not take the comment section seriously anymore.

      If you reply I might not even see it since I spend most of my scanty internet time on Catholic and Latin websites. It looks like Russia and China get stronger while the States of the Union are sinking. Slava Rassiya.

      Catch you later.

      • Alright, My Dear – I just had a feeling we would hear from you on this score.

        Thank you for the confirmation.

        In fact, if there is a culture as resolute about it’s determination to accord the genders their respective respect, (inequality) then I would say it is The Latin.

        Yes, some fellows here are pining for you, no doubt.

        Just enjoy it!

        Yes, The United States, in it’s current configuration, is descending into The Maelstrom.

        That said, once it reembraces it’s original Confederate self, you will see a rearisal.

        How long that process takes is anyone’s question.

        You will be here for that, Young Lady, I, on the other hand, may not be.

  5. I hope they keep using these ridiculous words like Latinx that literally no one outside of communist academia or the Leftist media uses.

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