Jimmy Dore: Justice Dems’ Absurd Gushing Over Biden Shocks The Conscience

UPDATE: I see that some Democratic senators have already come out against raising the capital gains tax. Joe needs all of them.

I haven’t written anything about the American Families Plan because I strongly doubt that Joe’s official plan to raise taxes on the wealthy and to raise the capital gains tax is anything but smoke and mirrors like raising the corporate tax rate or preserving the SALT deduction cap.

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  1. Whether you liket them or not, the Squad started out as something genuine.

    At this point, however, it would be better to retitle them, ‘The Bought’, for someone has clearly gotten to them.

    In the longrun, this is a clever tactick by The Establishment, though, in the longrun, perhaps just a couple of years, it is going to persuade many Progressive voters to stay home.

    To be clear, it is abundantly clear that many Sanders’ Supporters have already read through this, like Jimmy Dore, and they aren’t buying it.

    • I remember the first time it seemed to me that AOC was transitioning from A Squaddie to A Bought was during the last round of belligerence with Venezuela. Max Blumenthal was trying to get politicians to talk to him on video and the elderly Democrats seemed offended that anyone would even dare to question them but then Max approached AOC — who of course at the time probably still was thought of by many progressives as ‘one of them’ — and she shooed him away like some annoying intern.

      It was slightly more polite than the elderly Democrats and she used that condescending smile of hers but the message was the same: I’m with the powerful little Max so thank you for supporting my image as A Progressive icon but I’m a Democrat now so run along now and leave us be.

      Of course she always struck me as a deeply cynical and power hungry type but I do remember feeling a little sad watching the change. Never nice to see a person in the process of selling their soul no matter how insane or misguided their ideals are.

      • Very observant of you, Dear Prince.

        No, it is never nice to see someone sell their soul, not even someone who considers themselves your enemy.

        She is power-mad, that is clear from her constant over the top comments calling for radical violent actions against White Americans, and, to put it plain, it’s disturbing how that attitude is coddled by those at the top.

        I’d worry about her, but, I know that The Good Lord and life have a way of talking to you when you get out of line…

    • Omar and Tlaib only barely survived primary challenges last year. Both were funded by Jews who accused the incumbent of anti-Semitism. The message got received.

    • You must be joking. AOC is a 100% astroturfed DNC creature hyped to get as many gullible woke millenials votes as possible (one has to admit, her puppet-masters were quite successful with this plan).

      Omar is higly suspicious as well, with her family history (daddy was a general for a genocidal african dictator and very likely a US-asset)

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