New York Times: The FBI’s Giuliani Raids Warm Late Night’s Heart

Clearly, there is nothing funnier than creating a police state to persecute your domestic political opposition and even having all of your sycophantic comedians line up and on message and spouting state propaganda. I don’t even like Rudy Giuliani. I’m beginning to hate the woke professional class though. I’m getting a strong totalitarian vibe from these people.

Is that where we are now? Are we going to punish and arrest the political opposition now like in a Third World dictatorship? Are we going to censor the internet on behalf of the ruling party? Are we one of those countries where everyone rushes to stand up and claps for their Dear Leader now?

New York Times:

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  1. I was in Kimmel’s audience back in 2019 when presidential candidate Joe Biden was his guest. I had no idea this is how things would turn out a year and a half later.

  2. Guliani was, if I’m not mistaken, looking into why Biden’s son was an executive at a Ukrainian energy company.

    That’s an enquiry that’s been criminalized! Wft.

  3. Yes, I’m not much of a fan of him either. But hugely loathe this bunch of political thugs. They are going to start at tit for tat going between parties. They won’t like it. Stupid , who knows what guiliani as a former New York prosecuter who brought down several mafia families, knows about corruption in washington and New York.

  4. Do people still watch these unfunny, self righteous pricks? They should be careful: when you dig a hole for your enemy make sure you don’t someday fall into it, too.

  5. Member that film where John Cusack goes on SNL and points out it’s funded by armaments manfacturers?

  6. How can everyone watch these unfunny beta cucks? I would rather watch paint dry than watch Kimmel and the rest of them.

  7. The Mexicanization of American politics is frightening. Anglo saxon notions of equal justice for all is giving way to Latin American/African tradition of demonizing and destroying political opponents.

    • Cannibalising opponents. Get it right. The very totemic thing the Jews accuse whites of doing the Jews just approved and promoted under our noses.

    • Maybe that’s why they want a Mexicanized population that will be indifferent to police state measures. But then you’ll notice how almost every GOP Congressman is doing a fine job of keeping his/her mouth shut.

  8. 20 years go after 9/11 Ghouliani was America’s Mayor. Now the same ZOG system he once championed is seeking to destroy him. Feels bad, man.

    • I remember in one of the Republican debates when Jewliani called out Ron Paul for suggesting our foreign policy had some responsibility for 9/11 – as the 9/11 Coverup Commission itself admitted. So, no tears shed for Jewliani.

    • Once again all of this proves you must be a left wing Democrat to be promoted on late night talk show/ comedian television . Kimmel, Myers, Maher, Fallon, Samantha Bee, Chelsea Handler, Letterman until retirement, any black comedian/entertainer and on and on. Literally a moderately conservative talk show host/ comedian has zero shot at being hired. Why? Because it’s heavily Jews that run the industry. The goys they hire are virtually all leftists. So even if a left wing Jewish person is not doing the hiring/firing, it has long been kosher stamped on the non jewish leftist/homosexual, etc.

      Kimmel is a bad guy. I have said this many times. He is a mean spirited guy. It’s disgusting how political these tools become knowing they have zero fear of being fired. The media/Hollywood and late night, left wing so called comics are the main ” offensive linemen” protecting the Democratic Party and it’s ideas. That must be cracked open. It’s been long past time for a consistent blitz to get to the Democratic quarterback. It would finally wreck all the vile lies coming out of American media for decades.

      This is why I voted for Trump again easily over sell your soul Biden. Trump is a narcissist and rather bumbling on some things but he opened up doors no other Republican president has done. That in turn inspires others who are more politically astute.

      Suddenly nearly every Republican wants the wall completely up. Suddenly nearly every Republican is against the anti White agenda promoted in schools. Suddenly Republican states are putting in place voter integrity laws bit by bit.

      Quite frankly I think many of these Republican politicians did not like Trump in terms of his personality and were not terribly sad to see him go. They did like many of his policies but want it dressed up nicer.

      I expect big wins for Republicans in November of next year as bumbling Biden won’t even be able to be covered for enough by fake news promotion or our so called comics like traitor Kimmel and so many others.

      I would love to see Alpha female Marjorie Taylor Greene come on a Bill Maher or Kimmel type show and force the beta males under the table. She would wreck the cowardly, hypocrite soy boys who just so happen to live in overwhelmingly White areas. Just like super fake ” black on the inside” Chris Cuomo as he lives in super duper White areas. Truly bad people in life.

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