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  1. If not for j-privilege, Rachael madcow couldn’t get a job above night cleaner at a bus station.
    I couldn’t take 1 minute of her jew-spew.

  2. The New England United States’ Government, as currently constituted, will never ever let go of the Russian bogey man, anymore than Jewry will let go of Hitler.

    These are cash cow hot buttons, and, as such, you cannot simply dispence with one and then expect to conjure up something else quickly to control the masses with something else.

    No, it takes a long time to build up a mass control device like this, not to mention some auspicious circumstances, which is why they keep beating what many of us, who are better informed than the average, regard as dead horses.

      • Solid vote bloc of voters for Biden I’m sad to say. Something ain’t right in the Great White North East…Bunch of negro worshipping cunts with civil service jobs pushing the men into a war over Crimea.

    • @Ivan,

      The jews will never let go of the myth of Hitler and the Third Reich’s villainy because it is the foundation of the West’s religion of holocaustianity, and serves as a deflection of the ethnic cleansing and other “crimes against humanity ” being committed by the jews in occupied Palestine.

  3. If Rudy did business with Israel, I’m sure does (they all do in some form) I suspect that would be perfectly fine, even if he was accepting bribes. Wait, isn’t that what aipac does?

  4. I have yet to get a sensible answer to the following questions:

    What have the Russians gained from their supposed interference?

    Why are those that plead the fifth during the 1950s when asked about their Communist Party USA membership considered still heroes when the CPUSA was indisputably financed and controlled by the USSR?

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