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  1. Hunter, have you ever seen the documentry on Huey Long, by Ken Burns. What do you think of that documentry. Since your such an historian of populism, I wondered how you feel about it.

    • @Mark…

      I saw it and thought it was decently done.

      Certainly Mr. Burns, a New England Yankee, was far more even-handed with Governor Long than he was with the entire South, in his coverage of our forefathers in his series, ‘The Civil War’.

      No, though Mr. Burns’s techniques of making his blockbuster documentary,’ The Civil War’, were original, evolved, and fantastick, the whole of his work, it was stained by a propagandizing of the subject that made that work of film more apropos to sit next to ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’.

      So many ridiculous and one-side things Burn’s used in his ‘Civil War’, like his scathing expose of Southern Slavery as being so inhuman and cruel, while never once revealing how many Negro Slaves were well taken care of, and or esteemed, by their Southern masters, or how that affection was oft returned, or his careful omission of how inhuman and cruel The Northern System was to pay it’s White Workers such a low wage, that they lived in danger to death by malnutrition, exposure, and disease.

      Our Southern forefathers were absolutely right to call out the ridiculous New England view that, if a man is called’ free’, then it is perfectly okay to starve and diminish him.

      This is the ridiculousness of the whole reparations arguments – that somehow slaves were not renumerated, when, in fact, they had food, shelter, a godly labour, and guaranteed medical care when most Whites, neither Northern or Southern, had any such thing.

      In fact, speaking of slavery, we have the same New England system of economic exploitation today – only they redub their chattel as ‘Migrant Labour’ or sweatshoppe workers abroad contributing to ‘Free Trade’.

      No, you have to keep your eye out on these people, for they will look you straight in the eye and tell you that you are criminal, whilst they, themselves, are the ones engaged in the criminalities.

      Kens Burns typifies that oxymoronick impulse, and nowhere more than in his The Civil War’, but, his handling of Huey Long was better, because his esteem for Long’s attempt to better the opportunities of The Working Man offset his distaste for all things White Southern.

  2. Huey was a lawyer, and politics is a good career for a lawyer. CPA’s also do well in politics. So do insurance salesmen, and “financial planners”, but, more on the state level.

  3. Great Depression……
    …….caused by ((Eugene Meyers)).

    If Huey Long had lived, becoming president , there’d never been an American war with Germany.

    • @Arrian…

      ‘If Hitler had died in 1938, he would be remembered as Adolf The Great.’

      Winston Churchill

  4. He is one of the greatest Americans who was taken too soon. He had a vision and a plan to break up the corporations which have been ruling over us today.

    Hunter Wallace SHOULD run for office to be the next Huey Long.

  5. I’m surprised his statues are still up. I guess they haven’t gotten around to tearing them down yet.

  6. Did you have time to go inside the State Capitol in Baton Rouge to see the marbled hallway where Long was shot? Bullet holes were left unrepaired and the area was easily accessed in the old days. It might be off limits today, I don’t know. The hospital where he died used to stand across the lake from the north side of the capitol. The old Spanish fort near the capitol is also worth seeing.

  7. That was an interesting video by US of Z, particularly the part about Long’s plans as president. The basis for his conclusions about what Huey would have done when it came to foreign affairs & WWjew are a little hazy to me: did Long say he’d be an isolationist who’d not take sides in foreign wars? That he’d pull out of the Philippines, etc?

    If so, my estimation of him is even higher. Under his leadership, the kikes would never have gotten us to fight Hitler for them, and never have assumed control of our country after their triumph.

    I only he’d lived, and consigned that lantern-jawed jew-whore FDR to history’s shitcan…

    • @Thim…

      Yes, you are right, though., to my lights, he has competition from the Roosevelts, George Wallace, JFK, Huey Long, and Bill Clinton.

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