The Deep State Is Hiring

Do you remember that study which came out which showed that young progressive White women were suffering from severe mental illness? The CIA is trying to recruit those people on YouTube.

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  1. That fat messicana certainly has an inflated opinion of herself. Most dumpy, unattractive women do.
    Hey Maria, how about you clean my hotel room now, por favor?

    • You couldn’t put out material like this without being a psychopath. The female is a moron, but her bosses intend to use her to rubberstamp atrocities.

  2. The Deep State is weakening itself here and that is all good. I hope the CIA hires nothing but Wise Latinas with a ten pound chip on their shoulders as well as angry nogs and LGBTADFBV types too. I recommend the FBI follow suit and become 100% diverse so they will be too incompetent to attack White people anymore.

    The best thing to happen would the abolition of both of these agencies.

  3. This is not a group of tough disciplined agents routing out crime. These are more like keystone cops running around trying to stomp out resistance. Even the mafia are more competent

  4. CIA and FBI is defunct agency under Federal civil rights act discrimination of race and sex orientation. The pen is mightier than the sword and the suckers believes their Constitutional rights is protected.

  5. The deep state is hiring. Qualifications: Hate Whitey, love jews and Israel and support blm and commies.

  6. Went to Youtube to view the video, and saw the comments are turned off. Imagine that.

    (This country is so screwed.)

  7. “Woke” CIA. I’ll bet Jews in 1930’s Germany felt something like we do in USSA today.

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