Thomas Frank: Bill Clinton Destroyed The Democratic Party

Thomas Frank, James Carville and Bill Maher are all correct about wokeness.

Lately, I have started to distinguish between “progressive liberalism” or New Deal liberalism, which has traditionally been the governing ideology of the Democratic Party since the FDR presidency and “woke progressivism,” which I see emerging as the “successor ideology” in the Joe Biden presidency.

Woke progressivism is distinct from “progressive liberalism” or New Deal liberalism. It is virulently anti-populist and illiberal. It is violent, censorious, collectivist, authoritarian, hierarchical, humorless and puritanical. It has its own racial pecking order with cishet White male Christians at the bottom of the woke progressive stack. It is rooted in critical social justice which is an amalgam of Freudianism, critical theory and postmodernism. These people are zealots and fanatics who have no inhibitions about imposing the “truth” of their cult leaders like Ibram X. Kendi on others. Traditional liberals are people who care about things like free speech, proper procedure and civil liberties and who prioritize the individual and his rights over the lynch mob. That’s not at all where these people are coming from or how they operate.

Wokeness is an emerging religion. Woke supremacy is a new religious orthodoxy with its own blasphemy laws, sins, martyrs, rituals and holy places. It might be hatching out of “progressive liberal” spaces and institutions like, say, the New York Times or Harvard University, but it is clearly taking over those spaces and transforming them into something much more sinister. Elite parents are afraid now that their kids are being catechized in Wokeism and transformed into little monsters.

Thomas Frank is also correct about what the Democratic Party has become over the past thirty years. It has become the party of the professional managerial class. It is also the downwardly mobile children of PMCs who are the most infected with Wokeism and who are the people who become Antifa.

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  1. You’re being over analytical and complicating matters. The Dems know that they have miscalculated and crossed a line they “might not oughta should have” and Mssrs. Frank, Carville and Maher are just the would be “back-up boyz”.

    • @Flaxen…

      I Agree with you that Dems know that they have crosst a line, but, I think it goes deeper than this.

      Carville, as are other Clintonista Dems, is White, and, whether they publically admit that or not, they have to be threatened by the anti-White trajectory of today’s Leftist politicks.

      If it keeps devolving, this vituperative spirit in The Democrat Party, how long will it be before people just start shooting each other for the way The Good Lord made us?

      This constant expression of verbal hatred for Whites, and the constant attack on the symbols of our existence, is only a short hop and a skip over to trying to kill White People, as a vigilanteism organized specifically to that end.

    • Yeah, “back-up boyz”, that’s good. Carville is a real piece of work. So are 1/2 Jews Maher and Frank(?). Not that Frank doesn’t have some redeeming social commentary value, like Candace Owens, or Nick Fuentes.

      I believe these are Brad’s words, which are also very good. “It is also the downwardly mobile children of PMCs who are the most infected with Wokeism and who are the people who become Antifa.”

  2. Presently yes, but it was LBJ that did the most damage with the civil rights/ immigration act.

    • @John…

      I agree with you that LBJ’s presidency was terribly damaging, not just to White,s but, even more so, to Blacks, and, whether one likes it or not, what is happening with Black spills over onto our plate.

      One area where LBJ did a horrible than, which you omitted, was his ‘Great Society’ welfare state that presents young Negresses with the option of having children and being welfare moms.

      When I was child, Negroes were self-sufficient, down here, though, by the time I arrove into adulthood, many became denizons of the new New England Yankee United States’ Plantation, and, ironically, this was the result of a Southerner who headed that edifice. (This irony has a precedent in Lincoln)

      At any rate, Dear John, we now have a large minority of Black Families where a godly labour is not known, and where black fathers are almost entirely absent.

      To understand how horrible this is, today’s stats reveal that only 18% of black babies are born to an attendent father and mother, whereas, at the end of Jim Crow (another destructive thing LBJ did) the figure was over 80%

      People who are under 50, and not from the South, did not see a proud and independent Black community, as existed then, and so such a thing sounds totally bizarre, but, it existed and I saw it.

      LBJ was a transformative president, and, in most cases, the very worst of ways.

      I know that LBJ, trying to do a Huey Long/FDR New Deal imitation, meant well with his policies, but, it did not work out that way.

  3. @ Making no excuses for thee Clintons inc., but the democratic party was trashed, long before he was elected president.

  4. President Clinton was extremely corrupt – self-interested to extremes.

    That said, he was a far better president than the two who came after him.

    Clinton did not make a spy-state, and, though he criminally bombed Serbia, did not make neverending regime change wars.

    Moreover, Clinton had the good sense to triangulate, which, in reality, meant that he had the good sense to turn around, when he realized Americans did not like his direction.

    And, though Clinton lamentably continued the anti-nationalist economic policies of the Reagan and Bush appointed Alan Greenspan, he did not bandy about the expence-raising ideas that The Biden Administration is currently entertaining nor the idiotick and malicious anti-White ideas.

    Clinton also did not win by cheating, which I cannot say for Biden, and, perhaps not Obama, either.

    The long and the short of this is that we’ve had no good consequential leadership for a long while, which is why we are in the state we are in, but, as to recent presidencies I’ll take Clinton over Biden, Bush, or Obama any day of the week. oh, yes, I will…

  5. The last “real” president we had was Nixon. And the Deep State made sure he was removed from office. Everyone since then has been nothing more than a puppet of the International Zionist Conspiracy. Unfortunately one of Nixon’s daughters married Ike’s grandson. Olde Dutch was one of the guests at their wedding.

    • @Spahn…

      As to your view that President Nixon was the last ‘real president’, I do not really see that, but, by the same token, I find your view novel and interesting.

      Would you elaborate on that, knowing that I am only interested to learn from you, not disabuse you of something with which I hypothetically disagree…

      • Well I’m certainly no expert on the machinations of the Deep State, you understand. This is something that Olde Dutch/Krafty Wurker is far more familiar with. But the same group of CIA fixers who were behind the Bay of Pigs debacle and the assassination in Dallas were also present in the office of Daniel Elsberg’s psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, as well as the DNC’s headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington DC. I think the Deep State respected Nixon too much to give him the JFK/RFK treatment. E.Howard Hunt supposedly made some kind of deathbed confession but I don’t recall the details of it offhand.

    • @ i agree about r.nixon, being our last real president, thee satanic elites, would have eliminated him same as JFK, but that would have been too obvious, for that day and age, so they drove him from office instead.too me he has been a template for thee office of thee presidency, that being said, i still have my suspicions, about thee republican southern strategy built on george wallace ‘s, base of support, coming on the heel’s of the wallace assasination attempt, g.wallace won thee democratic primary in michigan a weel after he had been shot, he was very popular and who knows, he stood a very good chance of winning in 1972, but we will never know, i always thought, bill clinton was a bit of a bullshit artist, but he was a likeable guy, he could have done a lot better than hillary, thats for sure, ironically enough when bill clinton was elected president .One of thee first things he did, was pay a courtesy visit on richard nixon, nixon was quoted as saying after the visit, with a smile on his face, ” he knows he’s thee president”, those were sure better times.

      • Yes, looking back the early 90s were in many ways better than our current dreadful situation. But when the Clintons took office they began the push to homosexualize the military. They also deregulated the FCC, Big Pharma and Wall Street. NAFTA was expanded. The FBI/Justice Department were turned into the Clinton’s private police force. It was nonstop political chicanery, the effects of which we are still dealing with today!

  6. The left have cobbled together a very combust able coalition. Fuse will be lit soon in some kinda JonesTown Massacre.

  7. If one posits Bubba Gump Clinton as the turning point then it should be noted he lead a generational sea change as the first Boomer President.

    Boomerism is largely concerned with tearing down traditionalism in favor of ‘i bit feels good do it’ radical individualism which lead to Roe v Wade and almost a genocide of Gen X as a result. (Don’t worry we are waiting for the mythical ‘Day of the Pillow’ to set things straight.)

    Clinton also was a big free trader which sends union jobs over seas and harms a traditional Democrat constituency. Luckily in the Battle of the Boomers Trump weaponized free trade as a wedge issue and send the wicked witch Hillary packing.

    I rank Bill Clinton just below Woodrow Wilson & LBJ in terms of destructiveness.

    In contrast Biden has kept Trump era tariffs in place and hasn’t really messed up on foreign policy yet.

    • @Jeff…

      I agree with you that Clinton’s was not a successful presidency, for the reasons you state, but, as bad as LBJ or Wilson?

      I cannot see that.

      He did not start neverending wars, did not establish a spy state, was not a regime change specialist, nor did he impose strange agenda, like green new deals or wokeness, on the populace.

      As to Biden : the jury will be out on him for a few years.

    • Except this time Whites are armed and have vastly more self-sufficiency than the urban colored folk. The colored people need us but we don’t need them. If the West were to stop providing aid to Africa and the rest of the third world what little bits of civilization they do have would quickly disintegrate. This applies not only to the third world overseas but also to third world areas of the West like Brixton or Minneapolis.

      After independence ca. 1960 – 1972 African “nations” fell apart. The number of miles of paved roads rapidly decreased, telegraph and telephone systems fell into disrepair, electric grids failed and chaos was the order of the day. Some places like the Belgian Congo were worse than others like Gold Coast (Ghana) but all got worse quickly without the White man’s magic. The colored folk don’t have civilization in them, they know it and it makes seethe with rage over their shortcomings.

      • @12AX7…

        “The colored folk don’t have civilization in them, they know it and it makes seethe with rage over their shortcomings.”

        That’s a very true and insightfully original comment that, now that you bring it up, I have seen many many times on the faces of Southern Negroes at their own shortcomings, as a group.

        It particularly eats up some of them, those who detest us, because they would never like to give us credit for anything.

  8. BLM’s takeover of the Dems has done two things. 1. Doubled Black on Black Homicide and 2. Forced fence sitting whites to declare allegiances to Blacks or Whites. Carville knows the Holocaust that’s been lit with a burning touch paper here. Every major city is now a Jonestown Massacre writ large. He knows what’s coming.

  9. Don’t kid yourself, there is friction with in the woke movement and the friction is racial. All these young city professionals are the gentrifiers of former black inner city neighborhoods. Blacks had to pick up and move themselves to poorer white areas away from cities to find an affordable place to live, is their resentment?

  10. Clinton won his elections because too many bubbas thought bubba was just another bubba. Or they voted for Perot.

    What has happened to make the “PMC” into shitliberals is persecution of non-shitliberals in professional careers. That has been building since the late 60s, but in some form it’s always existed. As the US has gotten poorer, ideological conformity has become more and more a prerequisite for salaried employment.

  11. “Downwardly mobile children of PMCs”

    Since May Day this year was on a Saturday, we were worried that the violent kook far left would be worse than usual this May Day. But they actually were a little less rowdy than usual. Then I remembered that they don’t have to worry about things like jobs or gainful employment, so day of the week doesn’t much matter to them.

    But in Munich, that gang marched through a wealthy neighborhood, though “wealthy neighborhood in Munich” is almost a pure redundancy. I was thinking as I read the text and saw the video that the marchers are protesting against their parents’ houses, in whose basements they reside.

  12. Clinton. Serial rapist in the White House. Don’t worry nothing to see here. I wonder if his past/history was used to force him to sell out his country? By this I’m referring to NAFTA, the CCP obtaining aerospace secrets (Loral), Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC bombing and TWA Flight 800. These last four incidents all share something in common: Asst. US Attorney, Jamie Gorelick, “the fixer”.

    • We all know that Clinton never finished his studies at Oxford, even though he was given a prestigious Fullbright Scholarship to attend. What the jewsmedia never tells us is WHY he never finished his studies there. Did he sexually assault a coed? Or did it have something to do with him being a CIA asset whose job was to spy on other American students involved in antiwar activities? Was his cover blown? And why all the mystery surrounding Clinton’s BASTARDY? Was his mother the town whore? Hmm?

      • Rhodes Scholarship. Clinton is a trained henchman, the “studies” were basically irrelevant to the job of being part of the Rhodes Secret Society.

        • It’s highly unusual for a Rhodes scholar not to get the degree. Bill must have done something horrid. He’s rumoured to Have raped a girl.

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