Wokelash: Anti-Woke Candidates Win In Landslide In Texas Suburban School Board Election

BTW, I predicted this.

Back in 2019, I anticipated that Donald Trump would lose the 2020 election. I also predicted that the Wokelash and the collapse of Conservatism, Inc. would begin shortly thereafter.

Daily Mail:

“Candidates opposed to teaching ‘critical race theory’ in the classroom have swept a local school board election in Texas, following a bitterly contested campaign that saw passions rise on both sides.

In Saturday’s election in Southlake, candidates opposed to the new curriculum won the two open seats on the Carroll Independent School District board overwhelmingly, with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

The election followed a harsh dispute over plans the district introduced last summer to require diversity and inclusion training after a video went viral showing some of its high school students laughing as they shouted the N-word.

Parents packed school board meetings to oppose the plan, arguing it would create ‘diversity police’ and discriminate against white children. Some even pulled their kids out of the district, and one mother sued, pausing the plan’s implementation.  …

In Saturday’s election, the result was a landslide, with candidates backed by the conservative Southlake Families PAC winning every race by a nearly 40-point margin, according to Southlake Style.

In addition to the two seats up for election on the school board, conservative candidates swept the elections for mayor and two open city council seats.

Voter turnout for the election shattered participation records for a local race in Southlake.

The results, which come amid a national debate about lessons on race in the classroom, were as a victory for parents who view critical race theory (CRT) as damaging and divisive. But the outcome was a bitter disappointment for those who view CRT as vital to fighting racism. …”

This was in a wealthy suburban school district in Tarrant County that swung to Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Imagine what White working class voters think about this shit. There is a revolt against wokeness brewing among White parents in even the bluest coastal enclaves.

If anything is true, the polls are underestimating the breadth and depth of the pent up resentment against political correctness or wokeness. We know this is true because White professionals lie about it to pollsters. There is so much pressure to conform to woke progressivism that the people who dissent from the elite orthodoxy hide their true beliefs. It is by far the most potent of all cultural issues.

Note: You’ve probably noticed that we changed our tone here and have been heavily leaning into this. Wokeness is nothing more than explicit anti-whiteness. We need to be harnessing the backlash and pushing it in a pro-White direction and exploiting the issue to undermine “antiracism.”

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  1. Yes, I think we are just seeing a modest fin above the water. Underneath is one giant angry shark. Like the town leaders in the movie Jaws, they won’t listen to anybody that its getting bad out there. Until people get eaten…..

  2. These are the types of elections that the Republicrats CAN win. I don’t think the rigging has reached to this level as of yet. National elections, on the other hand, are a complete fraud.

  3. “If anything is true, the polls are underestimating the breadth and depth of the pent up resentment against political correctness or wokeness.”

    I agree with you.

    Wokeness (anti-Whiteness – anti-Americanity) has so lit folks on fire in my part of Dixie, that many are fleeing the young woke ministers and leaving the churches their families have attended for well over a century.

    Not my opinion, but, reports given to me by the woke ministers, themselves, the latter upset that their congregants would prefer what they regard as the radical fare of conventional White Nationalist Churches to their own moderate preachments’

    • “…..congregants would prefer what they regard as the radical fare of conventional White Nationalist Churches to their own moderate preachments…”

      Meanwhile, the ‘white grazer’ denominations (I won’t name names, but they are the supposed ‘conservative’ smaller, ineffectual groups) are PARANOID that explicit White, European, Christendom sermons NOT BE PREACHED in their ‘churches’ (and I use the term loosely). Bishops are merely men, after all, and they often are WRONG. Jokes about the Episcopal Purple and too tight shovel hats… have a basis in OBJECTIVE FACT- on my side of the aisle

      But the faithful laity and trad. priests/clerics in all jurisdictions (Orthodox, Anglican, Roman, Presyb, Lutheran, Methodist) ignore such, as much as we can. And we continue to preach about ‘ OUR Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ’ and the construct of White Christendom, even IF (especially if!) the ‘impastors’ keep blathering on about the N-word being our brother, or position papers on ‘Dear Gay Anglicans’, etc., or ‘Trans friendly’ synagogues of Satan, along with ‘First Church of Woke Lesbian’ heresy being spewed forth by bloody lips/labia, and infected *ssholes….. showing them for the whores, fags, pimps and wolves, they always were.

      They are not Christ’s; and Christ did not die for him/them/it.
      They are damned. Let them die. They deserve death. [Rom. 1:32]

  4. Note about your note. It is true that the current meaning of “critical race theory” is anti-white. But we could be using that to our advantage. Race does permeate everything in our society. Long-term, Republicans who deny race and claim we’re all equal are going to lose to the wokies.

  5. Great news. Encouraging further evidence that the sleepy White sheep are waking up to the danger they’re in at long last.

  6. That fucking shill Scalise with his threadbare “Murcans reject socialism” garbage…raising taxes on the shitlib billionaires & corporations he & his party insanely still truckle for isn’t “socialism”, and Americans would likely eagerly embrace it; what they specifically reject is blatantly anti-White, open borders (((Cultural Marxism))).

  7. White Leftists are our biggest enemy. Without them, the Jews would be mostly powerless and localised pests bedeviling the Northeast corridor, from roughly Philadelphia to Boston, where 90% of them live.

    As Michael Cushman pointed out, Southern independence would get rid of these people and their Jewish puppeteers.

  8. These are the suburban white women who thought they had voted away racism forever when they put in Obama in 2008. They thought all the little black children would put on glasses and start writing reports about biology and algebra. They must be horrified to find out that the finger is being pointed at THEM? as horrible racists responsible for the suffering of all the minorities. They must feel like those cases of the good samaritan who helps out only to get sued by the one they assisted.

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