The Grayzone: Neocon Now! Leftwing Media Is Shamelessly Promoting Propaganda It Once Opposed

The neocons are on MSNBC all the time now.

Charlie Sykes and Max Boot were both on again this morning. Max Boot is worried that the Republican Party is becoming “increasingly authoritarian” because warmongers like himself and Jennifer Rubin and George W. Bush are unwelcome there. George W. Bush is one of the good guys now.

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  1. Max Boot and Chalie Sykes – those are 2 J*w Neo Conservatives that really really suck:

    Sykes actually wrote a decent book documenting corruption and waste in Wisconsin public colleges and Universities “Prof Scam” . When I relocated to Southern WI in 1992 to personally launch my Pat Buchanan, David Duke style populist, nationalists, patriotic immigrations, race realist crusade I sought out any Conservatives that might be sympathetic.

    I met personally with Charlie Sykes and thought he was a kindred soul.

    I mentioned David Duke and he got real upset and I asked him why? Did he like the really bad Jewish media.

    He screamed “I’m a Jew” and he stormed out.

    Finding out about the JQ is a real red pill or black pill.

    Sh** like just opposing the worst forms of mass immigration like wanting to keep out Muhammed Ata Muslim terrorists, mass murderers.

    What kind of American Conservatives want to welcome Muhammed Ata Islamist mass murdering terrorists.

    Answer: the Jews – Jewish Liberals, Jewish Libertarians, Jewish Neo Conservatives or just… the Jews.

    As for Max Boot – Tucker Carlson really destroyed him here where he suggested Max Boot consider getting a job as a house painter or insurance salesman as all his foreign policy ideas like the invasions and occupations of Iraq were disasters.

    Here’s the link:

    • Max Boot reminds me of Les Nessman, a character from the sitcom “WKRP in Cincinnati.” Does Boot embrace a passion for sending other people’s children to die in foreign wars to compensate for being a nebbish?

      Poor fellow. I bet his friends and co-workers still tape “Kick me!” signs to his back.

  2. In Wokeistan (formerly known as USA) you can be a war criminal POS, but that’s all well and jolly, as long as you aren’t comitting the arch sin of being a “racist”. Example: GW Bush and the war mongers like Frum etc.

  3. The neocons are scared that their boy, Dementia Joe and his ugly girlfriend, Pres. Kuntmala Harris are going reenter the JCPOA/Iran agreement that BHO signed in 2015. There have been various squeaks, grunts, noises and threats from “Our Greatest Ally” over this issue. They really don’t want horse faced John Kerry to get off of his pink bicycle long enough to sign another agreement but apparently BHO and his ugly girlfriend, Susan rice are driving the bus again.

    Serves these corrupt, lying bastards right. They couldn’t wait to attack DJT even though he was giving Netanyahu everything he demanded and then some. At the same time the neocons were supporting the Biden ticket because he was opposed to DJT even though it was obvious Biden wasn’t in charge and BHO would be pulling strings and rejoining the JCPOA/Iran agreement.

    The neocons got what they wanted, good and hard too and now they don’t like it. What they are blind to is that the rest of us are sick of their shit and don’t want any more wars. The JCPOA/Iran deal may not be in “Our Greatest Ally’s” interests but it looks like it is in the interest of the rest of us.

    • I think that if DJT had been a good boy and attacked Iran (and maybe Russia, too), (((Hollywood)), (((Talk Shows))), and the (((Media))) would talk approvingly about how finally … FINALLY! Trump is being “Presidential.”

      If Trump put us at war with Iran and/or Russia, I seriously doubt the CoVid-19 virus would have been taken that seriously, the economy would have been roaring, it would have all been sunshine and roses and Trump would have been allowed to win the election by a landslide.

      Trump was in the exact same position as George “Dubya” Bush was in 2000 except Bush’s win was even sketchier than Trump’s. Had Trump found a pretext to go to war with IRAN, at least, I can guan-damn-tee it, NONE of this nonsense would be going on right now.

      It’s too bad Trump didn’t have that creepy son-in-law tell Satanyahu that he would have a lot more flexibility to deal with Iran AFTER he won re-election, but I get the notion that he thought, if he could get all these Sunni Arab countries to help the USA protect Israel from Iranian agents like Hezbollah, that the sanctions would work without having to attack and invade Iran.

      Israel didn’t want Sunni Arab allies, they wanted Iran to provide more elbow room for the Greater Israel project. Trump is such a raging Philosemite that he bought that whole Holocaust Victim Shtick of theirs. He he truly got their number, he would have dangled it to get re-elected and then dragged his heels until the end of his second term, transferring that headache to the Democrats that the Usual Suspects would try to replace him with.

  4. Russia is far less evil than the United States usurped by lying kike scum like Boot. Everything he accuses Russia of doing (interfering in our elections, killing jewnalists & “innocent women & children”, ad nauseam) we’ve been doing to others all over the world for decades – and his real country Pissrael has been doing to us, also for decades.

    As for the Iranians, clearly he & that piece of shit Peters think they have no right to harbor feelings of ill will toward Uncle Shmuel just for the trifling fact that the CIA overthrew their elected leader Mossadegh & installed the Shah in his place.

  5. Jews are liberal about everything until it comes to defending Zionism and jewish power. And they’re getting bolder about justifying both.

    • Jews are neither liberal nor conservative. If anything, they’re opportunistic.

      Their moral acid test isn’t “Is it right?” It’s “Is it good for the Jews?” Gentiles ascribe this seeming moral inconsistency to hypocrisy, but that’s because they fail to recognize the moral yardstick by which Jews measure the rightness or wrongness of an action. When you recognize they judge an action’s rightness or wrongness foremost by the effect it has on their own group, the seeming hypocrisy and inconsistency disappear.

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