Der Movement: Frazier Glenn Miller Has Died In Prison Of Natural Causes

Liberty Lamp writes:

“Rounder is dead!

Ding dong! Hope all is well!”

I was unaware that Rounder had passed away. He appears to have died of natural causes.


“OVERLAND PARK, Kan. —The self-avowed anti-Semite convicted of murdering three people on the Jewish Community Center campus in Overland Park, Kansas, in 2014 has died in prison.

A notice from the Kansas Department of Corrections said Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr., died Monday at the El Dorado Correctional facility.

Officials with KDOC said it is believed that Cross died of natural causes, however, an autopsy is set to be performed in this case. Cross had been imprisoned within the Kansas Department of Corrections since November 2015. …”

For those who are unfamiliar with Frazier Glenn Miller, he was a longtime White Nationalist who shot and killed a 14-year-old Methodist Eagle Scout and his 69-year-old grandfather outside a synagogue in in Overland Park, KS in 2014. He had a notorious reputation within the White Nationalist movement for testifying against The Order as a state witness in the Fort Smith Trial back in the 1980s.

Back in the 2000s, I ran a free speech forum called The Phora which was one of the places where the proto-Alt-Right was gestating during the George W. Bush administration. It was just a place for people to hang out and chat about edgy rightwing politics free of all the stupid taboos about race and Jews and other subjects. The core audience was White Nationalists who were interested in a broader range of subjects than race. I was very proud of the fact that the forum collected and hosted debates between White Nationalists, conservatives, libertarians, Neo-Nazis, socialists, communists, etc. I thought it was fun and intellectually stimulating at the time to host an online Royal Rumble of all these different perspectives. I was even proud of the kooks and cranks who were an endless source of amusement.

Somewhere around 2005, Frazier Glenn Miller or Rounder as he was known to us showed up and registered an account on the forum. He was the nemesis of Pastor Lindstedt of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nation of Missouri. Lindstedt challenged Glenn Miller to a showdown in the Walmart parking lot in Aurora, MO to settle an ancient beef in the White Nationalist movement. Rounder was mainly interested in raising donations to support VNN Forum’s tabloid The Aryan Alternative. This was at a time when politics was shifting online, but before the rise of social media.

I was a Xennial in my early twenties at the time. I was learning about all of these Boomers and their ancient beefs from the WN 1.0 movement which seemed remote from what we were creating. It was around this time that I learned about the difference in strategy and outlook within the movement between “mainstreamers” and “vanguardists.” Rounder was a diehard who came out of the vanguardist school although he oscillated between these two tendencies. He ran for U.S. Senate in Missouri, distributed a tabloid to persuade people to join his cause and he also supported street activism. He wasn’t entirely opposed to engaging in politics. I recall digging up his Declaration of War on the United States government and roasting him about it back in the 2000s. He vowed to die in a blaze of glory with the sword in his hand and requested to be buried while giving Nazi salute as he ascended to Valhalla. It struck me at the time as just lulz and solidified my impression of him as an aging inept blowhard.

The only reason that I am bringing this up now is because those of us who share the concerns of people like Rounder about the future of White people in this country, but definitely not their strategy or tactics or messaging, now stand at a crossroads. Violent accelerationism was the distinct product of a different time when White people were extremely complacent about their future in the 1980s. Back then, the country was not racially polarized and the corporate media was not stoking racial division and demonizing White people 24/7 on cable news. The era of Joe Six Pack and Sally Soccermom is finally over.

Violent accelerationism has been debunked by recent events. White identity is resurgent. White people are waking up now and beginning to realize what changing racial and cultural demographics means for them. White people are getting more defensive, alarmed and assertive by the day. It was always a terrible idea and a ridiculous strategy, but is even more pointless to engage in a mass shooting now to “stir up racial polarization” or to “wake up White people” now when the f***ing media is going to do that anyway. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are doing a far better job “accelerating” things and have succeeded in convincing ordinary people that they are their enemies. Doing nothing is a better strategy than trying to be a hero because as events run their course and woke supremacy is taken to its logical conclusion by the political establishment it will inevitably “wake up” far more White people without any of the costs.

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  1. I remember engaging with this fellow a few times on the old Daily Slave website. He definitely wasn’t welcome there. He claimed to be a Green Beret in Vietnam but I think that was bullshit. Terrible Tommy always had a lot of interesting stories about Miller and “Doctor” Duke.

    • Terrible Tommy had lots of problems,
      Like backstabbing David Duke on election eve.
      Tommy is another one, with a bottle problem. His mouth ran faster than his brain.

      • Metzger died recently. He did not have a bottle problem. He gave very specific reasons, in detail, about looking towards Duke with a jaundiced eye.

        • “looking towards Duke with a jaundiced eye.”

          Like Saying duke was a cocaine user, on election eve ?
          Which ruined Duke’s congressional run.

        • Wow I didn’t realize that about Tommy until you posted it ( I always respected the man even though I didn’t follow his work closely). It seems like the Post-Rockwell 1.0 movement have almost all passed into the grave. I hope they all end up in the history books one day, even if they couldn’t stand one another. They kept the torch lit to be passed on to us.

        • “He did not have a bottle problem”

          Tom drank.
          Saying “he had a bottle provlem” was excessive, on my part. I should have better chosen my words.

      • @Arrian,

        David Duke was going to sell the list names of members of his KKK chapter to a federal informant for $25,000 during the 70s.

  2. Glenn had a severe problem with the bottle.
    If he could have stayed sober , he would have been a great activist. He caused problems all around, his son died in a shootout with MO state troopers. Alcohol is toxic to this cause.

    If someone is going to be in this cause, stay sober, stay straight, avoid associations with anyone who has ‘problems’. Keep a clear head, you’ll need all your faculties, all the time.

    Don’t let anyone lure you into violence.

    • I don’t drink, smoke or gamble but I do enjoy the company of loose women. That’s where they could get me. It’s difficult finding Eagle Scouts in this thing of ours.

  3. “Pastor Lindstedt”

    Hahahaha, what a title for that crazed schiz.
    That’s one person to avoid at all costs.

    • Amen, 666 times. Not only a heretic, a foul mouth, and a whack job, but as you said….

      • Arrian = Anglo-Mestizo ZOGtarded faggot who worsesheeps its fellow drunken anglo-mestizo ZOGbot TraitorGlenn Miller. Just a little pisser-possum of a mamzer on itty-bitty feets giving creedance to its archetype.

        Fraudster jewn+666 is yet another jewboy playing See-Eye Dentistry like its fellow the JewrSey Shitty Spic-killer and ZOGbot snitch Baal Finck the “No Devil” murderous jewboy whose third cousin on its mother’s side is Mark Potok and whose fourth cousin on its father’s side is Matthew Lauer. Anyways Baal Finck is high up in Losers of the South and has “grown” from podcasts done with Bryan Reo claiming that Hitler was the ArchAngel Michael back in 2010 to where it preaches a form of Sheldon Emry “No Devil” dogma along with papist preterism to the elderly wife-swappers of See-Eye Dentistry.

        Fraudster jewn+666 yaps incessantly some melange of papistry, orthodoxerism and See-Eye Dentistry that sounds impressive to ZOGtards in the bowel Movement but that would get Fraudster jewboy fed feet-first to some Deep-Woods Dual-Seedliners running an unlawful hog farm. Usually Fraudster jewn+666 is found going ass-to-mouth with the Joisey Shitty Spic-Killer jewboy ZOGbot and is of no real interest except to the sundry ZOGtards on Bi-Polar Bradifer’s Accidental Dipshit & Baal Finck’s Christogonnerrhea.

        Obviously you know nothing about the real underground Resistance before you played around in college on your v-bulletin phorafags/feebs. You did operate it as a sort of rumpus room for VNN Boat Piss-Pul after jewboy Linder banned most of us after the Christmas Coup of 2004 after us Christian Identity and Order people forced Billy Roper to act.

        For a better look at reality I recommend the 2004 thread over at Linderwitz’s Greater Free-Range Tard Corral to state the times better. Glenn Miller responds to M. Lindstedt:

        No need to go over yet again how much we disagree about the need and uses of Resistance violence. You have banned me before for my praising Dylann Storm Roof and Robert Bowers and my advocacy of unlimited Resistance violence to set things right on my goal of reducing the population to 20-30 million ex-whiggers ruled over by Ten Thousand Warlords, i.e. local theocratic military dictatorships in which every White has his place and there is no place whatsoever for jew, negro or non-white notions or communities or even genes outside some certain reservations for such. I’ve made it quite clear about how to go about such goals and my refusal to condemn even the stupidest and craziest “Lone Tard” going about his business as he sees fit.

        You never did know the differences between James von Brunn and TraitorGlenn Miller and dishonestly yawp about how everyone who uses the gun are just the same when they are not.

        The quality of your ZOGtards and ZOGbots sure has gone down Moan Cunthair Walrus, especially during the past year. I asked Denise the Celt why she isn’t here no more and she says it is because you’ve gotten even more pussified ZOGtardified ZOGbotted, oy vey.

        Well, it is what it is I suppose.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  4. “Doing nothing is a better strategy than trying to be a hero because as events run their course and woke supremacy is taken to its logical conclusion by the political establishment it will inevitably “wake up” far more White people without any of the costs.”

    The encouraging awakening that is taking place due to the outrageous overreach of the swaggering kikes & their bitches like Biden must result in concrete counter-measures, or it will be pointless.

  5. WN 1.0 used to make the same claim…

    “People are waking up! It’s just right around the corner!”

    …but no one is “waking up”.

    If there are any paradigm shifts, they’re not ones favorable to preserving us, as we were in our prime. As free, Southern, Christian, men, who said what we wanted, thought what we wanted, and forged our own destinies.

    Who needs a few white “genes” preserved if it means transforming ourselves into modernists pop’n’jays? (Note the “pop”, there).

    ~ I don’t want to gain the whole world, and lose my soul… ~

  6. Did they play “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” at his funeral? I’m pretty sure I can recall him stating that was his wish on VNN.

  7. Yes there will be an inevitable push-back to woke supremacy, and Jews like Steven Miller are already in the process of subverting it and turning it into something pro-Zionist and pro-Republican. Butt-Goys like Tucker Carlson are also paid very well by their Zionist pay masters to make sure the backlash never translates into White self-determination. The Jews and their white traitors are always two steps ahead of us.

  8. I never was a fan of Glenn Miller nor approved of his crazy pointless shooting. Finding out about Terrible Tommy joining the ranks of those who passed though is tragic.

  9. Men like Harold Covington and Glenn Miller were angry, hostile, demonically usurpt beings that were desperate to lash out, and did so, near constantly, whether it was screaming at the toaster in the kitchen, constantly savaging, and railing at, others in the movement, to the very lamentable vigilante actions some of them undertook.

    Their actions made it clear that White Nationalism was not really their cause, but, a medium for lashing out, and, as a consequence, they were perfectly well understood by the body politick, as vituperatively paranoick & unbelievably churlish misanthropes.

    That there will be those who vigorously denounce me for saying this is very sad, because these men, though they had the courage of their convictions, not only did absolutely nothing to advance European Civilization in this country, they gave it’s opponents everything they needed, and still need, to advance the cause of hurting it.

  10. It’s either a cheap pressboard coffin or just being thrown into a pauper’s grave now for that piece of shit. Hopefully it’s the latter, because decomposing and bringing nutrients to grass and plants would lock the number of positive contributions FGM made on this planet to a whopping total of 1.

  11. i sure miss The Phora; these were the good/fun times. I recall Dr. Brandt, Wintermute (perhaps the smartest guy I’ve met on line), that Ukrainian scientist whose name escapes me now; etc. etc. etc. It was really a golden time.. I remember getting fired from a job and just posting on your board around the clock for months… and then some hackers would show up and periodically destroy everything. I miss those days…It’s been twenty years and my views are more radical now than back then.

      • “Friedrich Braun:” was found out to be yet another jewboy playing nutzi, remember?

        How about “glory-hole daze” back in 2001 to 2005 with the phorafags/feebs when you were moar Bi-Polar Bradifer ZOGtard and less Cunthair Walrus ZOGbot?

        Even 313Chris liked you better when you were Young Dumb & Full of Cum-cum, opposed to Older, Dumber & Full of Shit, cum-cum, cum-cum like today Moan Bi-Polar Bradifer.

        Hail Victory !!!

        Pastor Martin Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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