Don Lemon: Europeans Did Not Found This Country

We’ve been at war with Don Lemon for several months now. Since our last dust up, he has moved into our territory and has become a historian. He believes that the idea that the United States was founded by European settlers who created this country for their posterity is an outrageous claim.

Note: George W. Bush and Don Lemon are on the same page on this.

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  1. Historical illiteracy and historical lying is a prerequisite before one can be a full fledged member of the ruling class.

    Don Lemon’s knowledge of history, literature, science, philosophy etc. wouldn’t fill a thimble. It’s unlikely he has an ounce, even a grain of intellectual curiosity. He is merely a useful idiot, at best.

    The same cannot be said for his owners at CNN, they know better but choose to spread lies and destruction. The ruling class’s ultimate goal is to eliminate those of European Christian stock from N. America and replace us with more pliable wogs. The Ruling Class types, not just The Usual Suspects either, are a curse upon humanity much more than the Don Lemon Liars of the world.

  2. The Native Americans created the United States? Lemon is a dumbass.

    Santorum, a Catholic fundie, thinks the United States was about religious freedom — not Christianity, but something called Judeo-Christianity. He’s a dumbass too.

    When Jefferson wrote about “priest-ridden people,” and when Madison wrote against “ecclesiastical establishments,” they mean restricting the power and reach of Catholicism. The Habsburgs attempted to reunite Europe under Catholicism in the 17th century. The English Enlightenment attitude, especially after the Glorious Revolution, was in opposition to this; they viewed themselves as the progressive vanguard of humanity.

    • Lemon is a dumbass.

      Lemon is an N-word. Same difference.

      (I won’t dignify your Christophobic comments with a rebuttal. Read the first line, and insert your own name)

    • “Glorious”? Also “Bloodless”–unless you count massacres of Irish, extermination of Catholic Scottish Highland clans. 1st-cousins/husband-wife tools William & Mary overthrew her father/his uncle to finish work of Oliver Cromwell.

      Who led Anglo-Prod ruling class “revolution” in England (“Dowry of Mary”)? Jews orchestrated & financed two revolutionary coups in 17th century: Philosemite Cromwell’s regicidal coup against King Charles I/genocidal slaughter/oppression of Catholics–1657 Cromwell ends King Edward’s 1290 Edict of Expulsion to welcome his financiers into England, celebrating Hanukah with them while banning Catholic celebration of Christmas.  ?

      ?30 years later Roman Catholic Duke of York ascended throne as King James II of England (VII of Scots) terrifying merchant class interests who owned Parliament & wanted a central bank to enslave English people; when James produced a Catholic heir, Judeo-“WASP” financial interests panicked fearing Stuart monarchy would go opposite direction toward independence on behalf of native peoples of British Isles, restrict usury in Britain.

      ??So Amsterdam banker Israel Abraham Suasso (expelled from Catholic Spain) loaned 2 million guilders to Dutch Calvinist Protestant William of Orange to invade England and lead a bloody coup to overthrow King James II in so-called “Glorious Revolution” of 1688. ??

      Vide: Haaretz article “Today in Jewish History” entitled “1710: The Banker Who Helped William of Orange Conquer England” bragging of Jewish role in 1688 Judeo-Prod coup Jews named “Glorious Revolution”, how it went further than huge sums of money. Suasso activated an entire global Jewish network in every Protestant principality across Germany, Sweden to send military aid to William’s Dutch Calvinist (Old Testament Israel-obsessed) invasion to topple legitimate Catholic King of England, Scotland, Ireland. ??

      The investment paid off: Judeo-Calvinist coup-installed puppet monarch William opened Bank of England in 1694. W&M literally accomplished nothing else of note, not even producing an heir. Just toppling legitimate throne of England, Scotland, Ireland to open central bank owned by hostile foreign interests who enslave Britons to debt to this day, squandering national wealth on wars.

      ‘Puritan’ heirs of Cromwell who provoked civil wars and coups in England, expelled (like the tribe they model themselves after and idolize) settled New England where such Yankee “WASPs” did deranged witchhunts (like Puritan hunt for “systemic racism” today), in Puritan zealot “abolitionist” fervor provoke civil war and ongoing radical leftist activist chaos in America, as Jeff Davis noted in his 1862 description of Northern people as Cromwell’s eternal “disturbers of the peace of the world”…

  3. As one whose ancestors were colonels of the 17th and 18th century Virginia militias that fought 150 years of Eastern Indian Wars, I can very definitely tell you that Indians had nothing to do with this country, other than oft try to stop it from being born.

    No, what they, The Indians, had before we were here, was many different countries, none of which could be referred to as America, because their nations, for better of worse, were founded on very different precepts.

    Nope, though Negroes most certainly deserve an important credit for their part in helping here, as do the Scots, Irish, French, and Germans, the people who invented this nation and bleed for it were my ancestors from Shropshire, Suffolk, and Essex – in other words White Anglos.

    Yep, if you like any part of this country, you had better like Anglos, because without them, nothing recognizable of America would be here.

    My daddy’s people, Hungarian Jews, who arrove in the mid 19th century, absolutely loved Anglo-America, because it was the only place that ever would have allowed them to follow the full extent of their own genius, inspiration, industry, and intelligence, without being interfered with or limited in an way.

    That is why it is so treacherous of Modern Jews, and, indeed, any other non- Anglo here, to rail on about the inherent evil of a nation that, the particular brainchild of Anglos, is founded on more inspiration than any other.

    Now, all we have to do, to right the ship, is take it back from those who think it their inherent right to usurp, pilfer, and alter it from the Anglo mould, for that mould (the Articles of Confederate & The Original 12 Amendment Constitution) is a work of genius.

    Yep, every tribe has it’s traits, and the unique gift of Anglos is to create and organize a society, superior to every other that has ever been.

    My travels have made that abundantly clear to me.

    So, no, Dear Mr. Lemon, not only are you factually wrong, you are guilty of ingratitude, which, to my lights, may just well the worst form of treachery…

  4. The “Native Americans” genocided a population from Europe which had preceded them here.

  5. Don Lemon, a media monkey on a kosher leash, performing antics to distract the gentiles.

  6. The Indians were killing each other over land and game long before the White man came into the picture. I refuse to call them “native” americans because they are not native to these lands. The gay negro is as dumb as they come. I’m sure he was hired under the affirmative blacktion plan.

  7. The really don’t care about the American Injun….The Democrats want to hand America over to the Hindus…Sikhs……Koreans……Pakistani Muslims…….Chinese…….the aforementioned to be the beneficiaries of the European Conquest of North America…..

    • @Patrick…

      “The Democrats want to hand America over to the Hindus…Sikhs……Koreans……Pakistani Muslims…….Chinese……”

      Yes, it very certainly looks like they, The Demos, want to hand it over to these races you mention, but, the reality is that those who for whom the governmental structures function do NOT want to hand this country over to anybody.

      No, Sir, what they wish to do is complete their theft of it, this country, from Anglo-Whites, all the while appearing to be a kind of Robin Hood operating for the sake of others.

      To call this kind of behavior Machiavellian, would be, in my view, too genteel, but, rather, it is completely diabolical, in each and every sense of the word.

  8. I recall reading decades ago in the work of nineteen sixties hippy intellectuals the assertion that the colonial Americans got the idea of confederation from the Injuns who had confederations of tribes. Which is still a step remote from claiming that the Injuns founded the American nation or wrote the Articles of Confederation.

  9. Who even watches CNN anymore except for a few urban dwelling boomer liberals, the same shrinking demo that listens to NPR?

    According to historical accounts from the colonial period the Indians did nothing all day except wander into the white settlements, where they would loiter in front of the general store and drink a lot. Dogs, horses and mules contributed more to building America than the Injuns did.

  10. What is meant by country, is the system of government that rules the territory of the USA. Obviously it was not invented by Indians in teepees, as they were conquered by the White man. Conquered peoples do not get to decide where borders will be, or decide what the system of government of government will be. That right is reserved for the conquerers.

    “Native” Americans migrated to America in multiple waves crossing ice bridges from Siberia and Europe. So far, the earliest recorded crossings came from Europe. Each wave drove the earlier settlers south through competition (war) for land and resources. If the later waves had not driven earlier settlers south, the migrations across the ice bridges would have failed. Therefore the only true “Native” Americans (by native the anti-whites mean first settlers) are in living in Tierra Del Fuego, because they were driven all the way down there by later migrations.

    For some reason being first in a country is really important to anti-Whites, as long as the first peoples do not have white skin. For example anti-Whites say, Whites have no right to Europe. They have passed laws to that effect, and seek to jail any White that disagrees.

  11. Someone doesn’t know the difference between creating a country and a native group living on the land as the native inhabitants (when they were found). Don is a twit.

    • I have to correct myself here. The clip in question is about how Native Americans have no culture. In this case, Rich is wrong. This is the problem not going to the source.

  12. America at that time could be called New England. So yeah, Europeans did found the place. Europeans with guns.

  13. The United States was founded on Freemasonry which was born in Ancient Egypt which was ruled by dancing niggers. See book of Mormon for the rest of the story.

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