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  1. This is great and all, and I’m glad that we have some of the Bernie Bro left heckling the same kinds of “woke” BS that us literal Hitlers like to heckle, but my sense is that they really don’t have any issue with any of her “intersectional feminist” lingo or her self professed mental disorder… what they have a problem with is the CIA using these leftist pet “isms” and “phobias” to further the cause of capitalist imperialism. (In other words, to shift the discussion away from class warfare and toward identitarianism and racial conflict as a distraction). They’re not altogether wrong in their assessment, but they are a bit too cynical in their failure to recognize that these racial animosities aren’t “made up” or CIA creations. They’re very real and just as much a dynamic as class struggle. Focusing on class on their part is similar to the libertarian focus on ideology.

  2. It’s now the “Soy-I-A”.

    Looks like Putin has been dumping estrogen in Langley’s water supply.

    Better check it out, boys…er, girls.

  3. Jimmy Dore is just a leftist who’s embarrassed at how non-threatening all the leftist cultural grievances really are to those in power. The best these leftists can do is flail about, claiming that institutions are somehow “co-opting” leftist ideology in order to make it less harmful to those in power. It’s all a desperate attempt to claim a false sense of rebellion and transgression against a power system they’re not actually opposing in a substantive way.

    First off, this claim relies on the absurd assumption that nobody who is highly-educated and went through the halls of academia to become credentialed actually believes in anti-white grievance politics. Secondly, they assume that if a system wanted to “co-opt” leftist rhetoric or behavior that is a perceived threat to capitalism, that said institution would repeat nearly verbatim the claims made by leftists all the time. By this logic, the leftist would have to assume that the same institutions and corporations that promote homosexuality and anti-white grievance would also have to reiterate support for raising the minimum wage, increase progressive taxation, workers unionization, etc, but we see that these powerful institutions don’t “co-opt” this section of leftist rhetoric. Instead, they often just ignore those claims completely, or deflect by appealing to what leftists really care about: anti-white grievance and anti-hetero normative sexual structures.

    The false sense of bemusement that many leftists have about why the CIA, a symbol of American institutional power, would repeat the same claims about women, sexual minorities and racial minorities should serve as a teachable moment. In virtually every leftist space I can think, nearly all of their time is devoted firmly to the cultural, racial and sexual identities and grievances that really motivate them. Relatively little of their time is seemingly devoted to what they claim to be about primarily: class identity, class conflict and worker struggle. Like most politically active people, they just use economic theories and materialist grievances as a veiled vessel for tribalist impulses and interests. Yet in order for the leftist to give themselves a false sense that they are fighting a power system rather than a tool of said system, the leftist will devote a small portion of their activism and rhetoric to an insincere economic critique. With this thin veneer of anti-capitalist critique that they don’t even really care about, the leftist can pat themselves on the back, believing that they’re a plucky rebel against the same institutions that spit anti-white invective every hour of every day.

    To some degree, I’m actually excited by these degenerate CIA advertisements. They really do show the complete vapidness of left-wing critiques and how little of a threat they pose to actual institutional power (assuming, of course, that these leftists are not just tools of power to begin with).

    • In other words, the “old school” class/materialist critique of the left has become impotent (at least for now) and they no longer hold the position of appearing to be actually fighting the system. The dissident right has OBVIOUSLY become ground zero for challenging the power of oligarchs, monopolies, and corrupt elites. I’ll get excited about these guys having some overlap in our narrative as soon as they’re willing to recognize tribal grievances for what they really are. Undoubtedly there will be some smart ones who come to the right conclusions, but I’m afraid that too many of them are so committed to their colorblind class struggle that the real enemy remains elusive to them.

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