Facebook Oversight Board: Donald Trump Will Remain Cancelled For The Foreseeable Future

Expecting a monopoly to voluntarily police itself and not abuse its power was always a joke. Conservatives became free market fundamentalists and unlearned every lesson of the Gilded Age.

NBC Narratives:

“WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday lashed out at three of the biggest tech giants after Facebook’s quasi-independent Oversight Board upheld the social media platform’s ban on him.

“What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country,” Trump said in a statement.

“Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before,” he continued. “The People of our Country will not stand for it! These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process.” …”

Populists haven’t forgotten these lessons or our origins.


“Republicans on Wednesday escalated their threats to clamp down on tech giants after Facebook’s oversight board upheld the company’s decision to ban former President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., vowed to “rein in big tech power over our speech,” while other GOP lawmakers and allies of Trump went further.

“It is time that we break up big tech, not just regulate them,” Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows said on Fox News after the board issued its ruling. …”

Donald Trump honestly deserves this.

He could have done something about this problem as president as his strongest supporters like Alex Jones were deplatformed one by one as their punishment for supporting him. Instead, Trump’s official position on Big Tech censorship for years was “you have to be good.” He even celebrated Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple as “the trillion dollar club” in the Oval Office in his last year in office.

Note: Big Tech should be regulated as a public utility. This is the only thing stopping woke progressives from deplatforming people they dislike from water, electric and sewer service. If they can eavesdrop on and deplatform people from talking with their friends on the telephone, they would do that too.

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  1. I do agree. Trump is now getting a learning lesson that many people, tried, ever so tried to point out to him. Deal with this problem first. Everything follows from that. You have to get your message out before anything else will work..

  2. In and of itself, as far as one person – Donald Trump- is concerned, this does not mean much.

    Yet, by the same token, as a symbol, it is huge, because it means that The Supreme Court is finding ways to preserve the remarkably unconstitutional repress of Free Speech, and on a publick utility, no less.

    On a personal note, this ruling is really really quite amazing, this because, having grown up in a time when a president was next to a godlike status, the thought we would reach the day when a president would be denied the right to casually air his opinions anywhere, strains what is believable.

    And yet : on a deeper level still – we see the power structure of The Elite doing everything they think they can get away with to preserve their ill-gotten power.

    The upside?

    Folks on The Right continue to need to stop entertaining any ideas, whatsoever, about not having, or being on, our own planks and platforms, and that includes our own states and country.

    Facebook, for all intents and purposes, is The Digital United States, and, if we, or the chosen leader of most of us, are not welcome there, which we most certainly are not, it augers very bad for our future in this here United States of America.

    I want out.

    I hope you do, too.

  3. Zion Don deserved to have his big mouth shut by Big Tech, especially after the debacle at the US Capitol on January 6, which he was solely responsible for (inciting civil or political unrest).

  4. The Big Tech/social media trust seems confident that the government won’t do anything to reign them in. Whence comes that confidence?

    • Big Tech/social media is the shadow government. You can easily tell which nations are truly independent of the Zio-American empire because they don’t allow their citizens to access to Facebook, Google and Twitter.

    • @KRAFTY…

      Yes, I get them from Miss Rona McDaniel, all the time, too, as does my wife, to wit, we keep saying the same thing we’ve said for years :

      “Close all immigration and work-visas, until The White Population climbs back to a minimum of 80%, stop the regime-change wars, stop spying on us without warrant, and start bringing manufacturing back to our small towns.

      When y’all get moving on these things we will be more than happy to give y’all a monthly stipend.

      Until then, please do not bother trying to get us all roiled up about The Democrats, when, in the final analysis, they are not much different from y’all.”

  5. Trump is much more of a dope than I thought. Sure I voted for him twice because there basically is no good Democrat and Trump touched on necessary issues. But the guy who ran for president and the one who became president were very different people.

    I think he shines most when speaking of unfair competition globally. He seems to destroy people in debates who try to counter his argument. But he was very disappointing on big tech as mentioned in the article. Like a naive child he was ” waiting” for leftists like Zuckerberg and Dorsey to ” change.” Truly pitiful.

    Just like he waited on the wall due to some Republican ” moderates” worried they would lose in 2018. So slow Trump does literally nothing on the wall until his 3rd year in office!! Those moderates got wiped out anyway so Trump blew it. It would have been a thousand times worse if the Supreme Court did not give him the 5-4 decision to move some military funds for the wall.

    He waits like a dope for guys like Zuckerberg, whom he actually complimented, all so the Zuckster could ban him from Facebook..lol. You were played, old man!

    Better than Biden or any Democrat? Absolutely. Biden is the most blatantly anti White president ever. His administration is run by blacks. Harris probably does run the ship as is constantly whispered about.

    It’s almost like Trump aged rapidly from when he was running for president as compared to when he was president. Why he even took questions from a press that despised him was another dumb move. I would have had reporters from Newsmax, Oan, Fox News and a few others to take questions from. The others I would have pretended the entire presidency they were not there. Stupid conservatives are always looking for the back slap from left wing institutions. Ridiculous!

    • @Jeff…

      “But the guy who ran for president and the one who became president were very different people. ”

      Yes, Candidate Trump was dynamick, brilliant, and motivated to get the job done.

      President Trump, however, was much much less than all that, though, he never lackt for the ability at self-aggrandisement.

      • No doubt, Ivan. I will always give Trump credit for opening untouched doors especially regarding the wall and even looking to change legal immigration. His policy of remaining in Mexico when applying for citizenship was also a good one. The fact Biden has gone in the opposite direction proves they were good policies. Biden and all Democrats are looking to replace White voters with a whole new voter base. Every Republican running for president has Trump’s immigration beliefs as their foundation. That is a good change from Bush or McCain on such issues.

        I think a guy like Desantis would get it all done on immigration changes so desperately needed including bringing in more White immigration. I have been impressed with him regarding stepping up against Blm and Antifa. I know some folks here think he is an Israel puppet but I am a believer in grabbing parts of the pie. Getting the entire pie in one shot is very rare. Overall I do like him. I love the fact he and Republicans created the anti riot bill. You can be sure Blm and Antifa will not have the power they do in Democrat states.

        • @Jeff…

          Absolutely – President Trump totally transformed the political scene!

          That’s a big thing and we ought always be grateful.

          As to DeSantis being a Confederate flag-hating/Zio stooge, they all are!

          It’s sad, but, what’s happy is his record on so many other things, and, to that end I am just like you – lining up to support the Florida governor for 2024, IF the country is still together.

          If it’s not DeSantis, then I’ll support Senator Hawley.

          Both have shown themselves to be better leaders than we’ve had for years.

          Have a great day!

  6. I am encouraged that so many GOP leaders are now against Big Tech. We must smash it to a billion pieces!

  7. Let him be banned from every platform that he “monitored” during his lone term as POTUS and king of israel. Why should that backstabbing con man be given privileges denied to others?

  8. Dump is a fraud and a fool. He constantly ran his big mouth to cover for the fact that he was a coward afraid to take on his enemies, and far more importantly, ours. Zuckahboig, Dorsey, Bezos & Soros quickly took his measure, spent 4 years bitch-slappin’ him around, and counting.

    He is the most gigantic waste of opportunity and White supporters’ money, energy & hope in American political history. God damn him to hell.

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