Thomas Edsall: Why Trump Still Has Millions of Americans In His Grip

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The latest Thomas Edsall column reads like an “oh shit” moment.

These people are already nursing a long list of grievances against Eastern-based PMCs which ultimately stretch back into the mists of American history and the development of rival regional cultures. In order to get rid of Donald Trump and claw their way back to power in Washington, they jettisoned liberalism and embraced racial demonization, censorship, mob violence, doxxing, impeachment, economic blackmail and punishment, government surveillance, weaponizing the intelligence agencies, etc.

The Heartland working class is already grappling with the rollout of woke supremacy and globalization and automation of manufacturing. What happens when you throw the rise of AI into the mix in the 2020s? It is a question that I have thought a lot about in recent years.

New York Times:

“Beginning in the mid-1960s, the priorities of the Democratic Party began to shift away from white working and middle class voters — many of them socially conservative, Christian and religiously observant — to a set of emerging constituencies seeking rights and privileges previously reserved to white men: African-Americans, women’s rights activists, proponents of ethnic diversity, sexual freedom and self-expressive individualism.

By the 1970s, many white Americans — who had taken their own centrality for granted — felt that they were being shouldered aside, left to face alone the brunt of the long process of deindustrialization: a cluster of adverse economic trends including the decline in manufacturing employment, the erosion of wages by foreign competition and the implosion of trade unionism.

These voters became the shock troops of the Reagan Revolution; they now dominate Trump’s Republican Party. …”

The forces that led to the Trump presidency have only grown over the past four years and have quickened during the Biden presidency. Trump’s defeat radicalized far more people than would have been the case had he been reelected. Over 70% of Republicans believe the election was stolen from him.

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  1. “Why Trump Still Has Millions of Americans In His Grip”

    Because he is the only known and, of yet, viable option in the eyes of The Smalltown & Rural Joe & Joan.

    How long it remains thus remains to be seen…

  2. These people are in denial. They wanted to believe that Trump was the causitive factor in current political trends, and that if they just got rid of him then these trends would go away and they could go back to the neoliberal normal. In reality, Trump just had the marketing instinct to take advantage of the trends for his personal gain.

  3. I guess for the majority of Trump supporters it’s either him or nobody. Some of them might even contemplate secession or civil disobedience as the only possible alternatives. But they’re not quite ready for that.

    • I don’t think Trump supporters even think about political outcomes anymore, to the extent they ever did. To them it’s more like rooting for the local football team than anything else. Trump is their side and they will be cheerleaders win or lose. Remember how he would routinely boast about everything he had done for Blacks at his rallies and the 95% White crowd would erupt in cheers. There’s no hope for them.

  4. We don’t need another go with who a guy who believed if you tweet long enough and hard enough everything will turn out the way you want. God forbid another term with his idiot son in law and Kardasian justIce reform.

    By the way Pedro Gonzalez has a glorious piece about Huey Long at American Greatness. The word is getting out. Hopefully HW, this little fire you have kindled will breakout into a real five alarm conflagration.
    Well done! Keep up the great work!

  5. We don’t need another go with Mr. Tweeter or his idiot son in law and more Kardasian justice reform.
    You have convinced me we need someone like Huey Long. The word is getting out. Pedro Gonzalez has a glorious piece about Mr. Long and his brand of populism at American Greatness.

    I hope and pray that the little fire you have kindled turns into a five alarm conflagration. Well done Hunter!
    Keep up the great work!

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