Axios: Social Media’s “In-Kind Contribution To Biden”

I like it when the issue is stated so beautifully and succinctly.

Big Tech is using its monopoly power to censor the internet on behalf of progressive activists. They have a right to have their views “amplified” while other people in this country do not.


“Facebook’s continued suspension of Donald Trump’s account extends the silencing of Joe Biden’s most potent critic — and the current president’s control over the national political narrative into his second 100 days.

Why it matters: Biden has been able to successfully focus on COVID-19 relief, his infrastructure plan and fielding his new administration, in part, because Trump hasn’t been able to shake his social media muzzle and bray about the migration crisis or any White House misstep. …”

Clearly, the entire goal of our participation in politics should be to cut their taxes and reduce burdensome regulations and to import cheap labor from India to hold down the wages of American workers, as conservatives and libertarians have so persuasively argued for generations.

Note: The governing ideology of the Republican Party hasn’t caught up with the realignment of the electorate or the values, interests and priorities of its voters. Watch Frank DiStefano’s videos. He lays it all out. Lately, we’ve been trying to help the weaker brethren come up with a new ideology.

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  1. Sounds about right. Monetize the value of the censorship to the mainstream left. Cancelling Trump is essentially like giving Biden $500,000,000.

  2. Monopoly is the way to maximize profits, the goal of firms in a capitalist economy. It is perfectly logical that the U.S. economy would tend towards monopolies and oligarchies. This isn’t even good for firms in a capitalist economy in the long run. The resulting concentration of obscene wealth and impoverishment of most others results in grave political instability but short term thinking rules the day.

    We are now reaping the whirlwind from neo-conservative economic policies of de-industrialization, financialization, unlimited immigration to drive wages into the mud and U.S. imperialism. There are many bad actors who deserve blame but the big prize must go to that scumbag “conservative”, President Reagan who ushered in these radical changes after Jan. 1981. He sat at the knee of one after another neocon fraudster, imbibing their noxious cocktail of destructive ideas and putting them or their followers in charge of policy.

    One natural result of this was the Oct. 1987 stock market crash, still the greatest on record in percentage terms. The financial system came within a millionth of an inch of imploding which would have meant banks would close, ATMs would stop, credit cards wouldn’t work and only cash on hand would be accepted until that quickly ran out. The danger passed, just barely and the U.S. Government flooded the world with dollars to bail out the bad actors who caused the problem and it was off to the races, again..

    Next time the crash comes we won’t miss it by a millionth of an inch. Inflation will destroy dollar based savings, increase the value of Ag and Au and commodities, enrich a few, impoverish many and completely de-legitimize the current regime. What comes next will be the interesting part.

  3. Biden is left wing and so is the media. Remember Obama couldn’t do anything wrong in the medias eyes?

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