Poll: Political Correctness Is a Huge Albatross For The Left

Maybe the Republicans should keep the spotlight on this issue?

The two biggest “far right” or nationalist cultural grievances – immigration and political correctness – are the two biggest electoral winners for them. Republicans can’t stop talking about woke supremacy because it works for them. It is a far more potent wedge issue than abortion.

Pew Research Center:

Aside from open borders, there are few things that most Americans hate more about the Left than the hall monitors and the woke scolds who have become little tyrants:

“However, only four-in-ten Americans think people should be careful what they say to avoid offending others, with a majority (57%) saying people today are too easily offended by what others say. …

The ideological gap is largest in the U.S., where 65% of those on the ideological left think people should be careful to avoid offending others, compared with about one-in-four on the right, a gap of 42 percentage points. …

In the U.S., these ideological differences are closely related to partisanship. Six-in-ten Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say people should be careful what they say to avoid offending others, while only 17% of Republicans and GOP-leaners say the same. …”

Washington Post:

“The Republican Party has decided to make “woke” its public enemy No. 1, weaponizing the word against its political opponents.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called out “woke companies” for turning against GOP voting reforms in Georgia and elsewhere. …”

The polls on the issue understate the true breadth and depth of the opposition to political correctness or wokeness. We know for a fact that the polls are way off on this issue because there is so much pressure from PMCs to conform to their precious speech norms. Many people especially on the Left privately believe this shit is nuts but they keep their opinions to themselves out of fear of being cancelled. They fear other people in their own movement will come after them for disagreeing.

Wokeness is coming to a boiling point now under Joe Biden. There is a reason for this. These insane people are pushing this nonsense into everything now. They want to have the national security state trample on the civil liberties on the unwoke. They want to revise the Constitution with a woke amendment. They want to push “trans” and critical race theory onto children in the public schools. The public sphere should be cleansed of unwoke monuments. The entire internet should be censored and turned into a woke safe space. They want to purge the unwoke from the military and law enforcement. They want to distribute the COVID vaccine on the basis of the woke racial pecking order. Infrastructure suffers from systematic racism. The police should be defunded and abolished because of systematic racism. The border should be erased because of “white supremacy” or something. The media has jettisoned any concern for the truth in favor of woke narratives and story telling. Corporations are using their concentrated economic power to bully state legislatures over woke takes on things like election integrity laws. Comedians are afraid to tell jokes out of fear of angering woke brats. Violent crime is soaring in the big cities because the police have pulled back out of fear of being crucified by woke “journalists.” Black farmers were treated differently than White farmers in the recent COVID relief bill because of equity. Above all else, wokeness is starting to become a litmus test for holding a professional class job in the United States. Even working class people who offend woke brats are losing their jobs for having the wrong views or saying the wrong word.

Woke supremacy is the new grand issue of American politics. There is no aspect of life that is off limits. It is polarizing and balkanizing social media. It is creating turmoil in the New York Times newsroom. It has infected and polarized professional sports. It is polarizing consumer brands. It has infected and ruined television shows and movies like Star Trek: Discovery or Ghostbusters and has narrowed their appeal. Now that is dominating the Democratic Party, it is going to narrow its appeal too.

It is spring for reactionaries. Do you remember the good old days in America when we were a free country and people could say whatever they wanted without being destroyed by a politically correct outrage mob? Do you remember when being born White didn’t hold you back in life? Do you remember when men were men and women were women and it was normal for people to get married and have children? Do you remember when our culture wasn’t completely degenerate? Do you remember when young women weren’t mentally ill or when there were no mass shooters? What a terrible time the past was and we should all be thankful to our progressives elites for having delivered us from “white supremacy.” As this shit advances through the Democratic Party, nostalgia for the past is going to soar.

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  1. “Do you remember the good old days in America when we were a free country?”
    People don’t live that long.

  2. Reactionarism is blind backlash. It is unable to do anything meaningful. It’s useless. It cannot even understand the arguments presented in order to effectively not only counter what is going on but navigate what is true and come out better. It is blind fear and rage. At best, it’s temporary resistance when things get too bad, but things will resume from consistent onslaught. It always has. It tends to take earlier positions that were “woke” as a form deflective element.

    It is powerful emotion at its core which is resentment and grievance at the current development (whatever that may be) and can stall for a time. But really it’s meaningless.

    • I don’t think so.

      I would say our culture has changed, but not in a good way. Progressives are nothing degenerate novelty seekers. A man can’t become a woman by wishing it were so. Once again, I don’t understand the compulsion to identify with every sick, degenerate and retarded idea of the Left. Should we embrace transgenderism? How about censorship or antiracism or our own criminalization?

      • “Progress” is not one-dimensional. What is defined as progress is important. This false dichotomy was just set up to give a binary choice where you either embrace the degenerate ways of life or you want to go to earlier 1950’s conservative society.

        Reactionaries believe in going back to an earlier stage.

        I don’t believe that. Nor does time work that way. Even if it did (with a time machine) I don’t want that. It is what brought us to where we are now.

        A counter revolutionary opposes the revolution but believes in an alternative way forward. It only agrees with reactionarism in that it opposes the way things move right now. But fundamentally, I do believe in moving forward.

        When you offer no future vision, someone else (or some group does) will, take over the institutions, and drive society where they want. Being a reactionary puts on the defensive to repeal whatever is done, but you offer no vision. I think vision and something to strive for is important. Simply fighting green haired trannies is nothing. And it doesn’t get to the root of the problem which is a more inherent nihilistic narcissistic decay. You’re often dealing with the symptoms of something rotting much deeper in society.

        I don’t think it’s just “transgenderism or Retvrn!”

        I oppose much of the stuff on the Left. That doesn’t mean I want to go back to a more simplistic idyllic 50’s life. Regeneration requires the effort to move forward. Transcendence and Aspiration requires progress and upward mobility to a higher state of being (both individually and collectively). Simply resisting decay is a defensive battle.

        Either you take power and help move society in the direction you want or you are ruled by another group that will. Blindly lashing out does nothing. At best, it stalls.

        • To put it succinctly, one cannot just oppose degeneration, one must embrace regeneration. Rebirth.

        • Yes.

          We should go back to the time when White identity was legitimate.

          We should go back to a time when our beliefs were not in the process of being criminalized.

          We should go back to the time when black criminals were not glorified as heroes.

          We should go back to the time when racial differences were understood.

          We should go back to the time when sexual differences were understood and society was built around this.

          We should go back to the time when we venerated our ancestors and built monuments to them.

          We should go back to the time before political correctness.

          We should go back to the time before modernism began to degenerate our culture.

          We should go back to a time when morality was better understood and practiced than it is today.

          There are all kinds of good things in the past which we should recover and value once again and which can inspire us to move away from the racial, cultural and moral degeneration of the present which is being pushed forward by our progressive elites. Also, the last thing we should want to do is empower the people who are responsible for driving our national decline. It doesn’t mean that we have to support the Republicans. It definitely means, however, that we should not support them.

          Once again, I don’t understand this fetish of deracinated people for identifying with people to own the MAGAtards who see us as their enemy and who are trying to criminalize us as “domestic extremists.” It seems like a dead end to me.

          • You act like there wasn’t degenerate shit before in the past. Or political correctness. As I have stated time and time again, there was always a ruling Order that canceled people, ostracized people, fired people from their jobs. The question isn’t “if it was done?” The question was “who was doing it?”

            You think the 50’s when whites were the majority and more assertive and blacks worshipped as heroes, there wasn’t degeneracy? Where is this golden era you speak of in America?

            Is it the 50’s?

            Was it earlier before women worked and were stay at-home-moms before WW2?

            Was it the 1860’s? Before the 1860’s?

            What time period do you want to go back to and freeze time in if you had the power to do so?

            You want to go back to an earlier version of Liberalism. There was still consumerism. There was still some form of degeneracy. This is like rejecting 4th stage cancer and wanting to go back to 1st stage cancer. The place you want to go back to had problems. But even besides that, it brought us to where we are today. It’s important to understand why, or you’d repeat the same mistakes even if you could go back.

            White identity was shit. Just because it wasn’t as vile as minorities doesn’t mean there wasn’t stupid vile white people doing stupid vile things. You want to just align with the people who bust through the capital like Shaman Man and QANONtards? They are white and probably had some level of subconscious racial white anxiety. You think if we just had a strong sense of identity things would be great? Japan is homogenous and has some level of identity. It has very little minorities causing riots. Yet Japan is a spiritually dead society with no aspirations. People just live in a cubicle and create useless shit. Suicide is through the roof. Japan will be dead in the next coming century unless things seriously change. Japan proves the failure of Nationalism. Period.

            But that is besides the point. You want to go back but ******time only moves forward.******* It’s time to grow up and accept this. You war against the trannies being against human nature, men larping as women with no dicks, but you’re against Time itself. Time doesn’t freeze in one moment. Nor does it move back. But you want to go back when time goes one way. Beliefs evolve and change. Ideas evolve and change. People evolve and change. That’s how antiracism, once a colorblind movement, changed and became the “woke” stuff you call it today. And then things will change again. And again. And again. As it always has.

            Yet conservatives won’t accept this and they still live in a world were they believe colorblindness is the name of the game. Which is why they always go back to it (with their white grievance). They not only want to go back to the past, but they live in the past. Shit has moved on and politics has moved on. You, also, won’t accept that things change. Take lessons from the past? Sure. Honoring your ancestors within reason? Sure. I can sympathize with these sentiments. Trying to go back is a fool’s errands.

            White Nationalism has evolved and changed. It was different in the 1860’s with slavery, the Confederacy, and completely different politics. Then it became something else in the 1960’s. Now it’s changed in the 2020’s. Why? BECAUSE LIFE CHANGES. Circumstances change. The environment changes. The playground changes. It’s time to stop living in the past, reminiscing about the past, wishing to go back to the past, and deal with the here and now. That is what your ancestors did. The 50’s or whatever is not coming back. The days where whites simply have “white identity” (like before) will not come back. For that to even happen, time needs to take its course- which means embracing the future/what lies ahead. Minorities will get more abusive, demanding, and shrill. Stupid white people need get it into their thick heads that worshiping minorities upon a pedestal helps encourage violence and instills the belief that minorities can do whatever they want (minorities will act nice when a majority is hostile and then resume attacking the majority when they know that the majority is constantly trying to simp for minority approval). And white people will need to understand that constant appeasement will never be good enough no matter how well intentioned. White people who simp for abusive minorities will have to be mocked as losers (which is counter intuitive to WN. to go after white people). That it becomes no longer cool or hip to grovel to minorities who hate you. That takes time (if it’ll ever happen).

            Because MAGAtards simply lash out and don’t get anything done. They have no vision. The vision is “I hate libtards and I want to be against whatever the libtards are for” is not a way forward. It’s just envious hate and resentment. MAGA doesn’t even genuinely try to understand the opposition or themselves either. When was the last time the typical MAGA person understood they’re nativist and overtly said so? Half the time they’re calling “Dems the real racist.” The other half the time they’re making things harder for themselves. It’s a failed group with contradictory convoluted ideas. It has lead nowhere. It has failed every step of the way to do anything. My question is WHY do you want to be with these people?

            I don’t identify with the people who are against the MAGAtards. They’re vile as well in their own way (different people can be vile in different ways. shocking). But when they’re right, they’re right. A reactionary will eat shit out of a silver spoon if an enemy tells them not to, out of spite. Simply doing things opposite to “own the libtards” out of spite is not only not healthy but destructive. It has its allures, I get it. But, that is why people keep going back to Trump.

            You want to know why Conservatives/MAGAtards keep going back to Trump? You REALLY want to know the reason? It is because they like that “Trump made the libtards angry.” They get off on reactionary spite based politics that is NOTHING but a blind backlash. No policy but simply hate. Has Trump helped them? No. Has Trump done everything to screw over them? Yes. Time and time again. Do MAGAtards care? No. They STILL worship Trump because “Trump makes the libtards angry.” They like when “the PMC crowds,” as you call them, lose their shit. This form of spite resentment politics is not conducive to actual improvement. They take your idea “doing everything to not empower your enemy” to its final conclusion- even if it harms them. It’s why they moved on from Donald Trump 2016 taxing corporations and bringing factory jobs to his 2020 campaign of basic bitch conservativism so easily. Why? Because there was nothing there except “let’s not empower the Left.” Attacking Trump in 2020 could empower the enemy. So they blindly followed Trump despite his obvious betrayal of his 2016 platform. If people say that water is good for you, are you going to not drink water because they see you as domestic terrorists? If people who see you as a domestic terrorist say that corporations should be taxed and the poor should be helped, are you going to not do it in the name of not empowering them? Because that is what MAGAtards essentially do. Their politics is “doing whatever doesn’t empower their enemy.”

            People are going to be empowered to rule because they have a vision of where to take society. You’re not empowering them. You’re either understanding how this works with factions who want to to rule and seek power (with a meaningful future vision of what you’ll do for people. In your case, a genuine community, the notion that abusive minority grievance makes for a toxic environment for white people, etc) to do so or you don’t.

            I’ll let you have the last rebuttal on this if you want. I’ve said my piece.

  3. Legal abortion and these politically correct maniacs who are mostly women manipulated by Jews are effectively the same issue. De-criminalizing abortion was the first major step of the post-68 order. Now they’re burning Catholic churches (“woke supremacy” and philosemitic waspism are closely allied phenomena) The question isn’t what the GOP is talking about. The question is what the GOP going to do.

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