Jimmy Dore: Trump Facebook Ban Stands As Liberals Cheer Censorship

If Facebook can censor the president of the United States who is the most powerful man in the world, why can’t they censor you or anyone who dissents from the political establishment’s party line or anyone who a privileged class of woke progressive activists deem objectionable?


“(CNN) – On Wednesday, Facebook’s oversight board upheld the company’s January 7 decision to disable former President Donald Trump’s account in the aftermath of a deadly riot at the nation’s Capitol — but threw the decision back to Facebook on how long the ban should last. The board gave Facebook six months to decide how long the punishment will apply.

There’s only one justifiable verdict that Facebook can reach: Trump should be banned from Facebook — and Instagram, which the company also owns — forever. …

As Ben Smith explained in The New York Times toward the end of Trump’s tenure, “two people close to the Facebook fact-checking process told me, the vast bulk of the posts getting tagged for being fully or partly false come from the right. That’s not bias. It’s because sites like The Gateway Pundit are full of falsehoods, and because the president says false things a lot.” …”

Is this still liberalism?

It increasingly sounds like something else.

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  1. Jimmy Dore, James Lindsay and the rest of the “anti-woke” left are simply going to complain that real liberalism hasn’t been tried yet. They’ll say that the PMC version isn’t “our liberalism” and then continue to push for reactionary liberalism. These people are ultimately concerned with keeping a “safe” stance, so as not to upset the far left too much. It’s gay.

  2. I guess the (((oligarchs))) are going all out to keep Trump silent in case he decides to run again.

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