Neoliberal Anschluss: Liz Cheney Is The Neocon Heroine Of The Establishment

Doesn’t it make you sick to your stomach watching Chuck Todd and the non-stop celebration of this woman on PMC TV? It seems like every neocon warmonger and imperialist who once blighted the Republican Party – the whole spectrum from George W. Bush and Dick Cheney through Bill Kristol to David Frum to Max Boot – is being toasted with a ticker tape parade on CNN and MSNBC.


“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week condemned Republican efforts to oust Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) as House GOP conference chair.

Why it matters: A number of Democrats have spoken out against attempts to punish Cheney for her criticism of former President Trump, framing the discussion as one essential to the maintenance of American democracy. …”

The Atlantic:

“Liz Cheney, the representative of Wyoming, the daughter of a former vice president, and a lifelong conservative Republican, is facing a purge.

Cheney’s transgression? She has continued to insist, truthfully, that former President Donald Trump’s claims about the 2020 election are false, after having voted to impeach him in March for inciting a mob that stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the result. …

Unfortunately, Cheney and her allies won their earlier fight for the soul of the party. During the Obama era, the Republican Party became ever more hostile to the fundamental rights of religious and ethnic minorities, and ultimately chose Donald Trump, a man who attacked those rights as an existential threat to the nation, as its leader. Cheney’s courageous stand against the party of Trump is a stand against a party she helped build, a monster she helped create. The tragedy is not that she might suffer for her folly, but that American democracy will. Her latter-day epiphany is welcome, but it also comes far too late. …”

Los Angeles Times:

“During most of Donald Trump’s time in the White House, Silicon Valley could regard the legal threats Republicans hurled its way as a sideshow: unfocused, unserious, untenable.

But a campaign launched in a cauldron of conservative grievance — over censorship allegations, complaints of “woke” corporate values and the power wielded by a few Bay Area billionaires — has, in former President Trump’s absence, morphed into something far more worrisome to big business.

The GOP push to break up, or at least punish, Big Tech is now an unexpectedly disciplined movement that is causing corporate concern far beyond the boardrooms of Silicon Valley, as the party’s identity is increasingly focused around reining in the power of large companies. …”

Red Rover, Red Rover, send George W. Bush on over!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Dick and Liz Cheney on over!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Anthony Scaramucci and Wall Street on over!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Nicolle Wallace on over and give her a MSNBC show!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send David Frum on over and have him edit The Atlantic!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Bill Kristol and Max Boot on over!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send The Weekly Standard aka The Bulwark on over!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Woke Capital on over!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send James Comey and the Deep State on over!

Red Rover, Red Rover, send Big Tech monopolies who censor people on over!

With each passing week, the Democratic Party looks and sounds and comes across less as the party of FDR than as the old Republican Party. It is the party of PMCs and the political establishment now.

Note: They are obsessed with this woman! They are slobbering over her!

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  1. These dumb bastards on the Woke Left are doing us a big favor, and they don’t even know it. Keep up the good work boys or , , girls, , ,transvestites, fags, , , LBTQXYZ, , , whatever!

  2. Yes, let them get influence other there. If they are half as effective at screwing the democrats as well as the screwed the Republican base, let em.

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