Poll: Georgia and Texas Voters Are Concerned About Immigration

Do you remember what we said about the “far right” agenda being much more popular than the Republican establishment agenda? In Georgia, guns and immigration are winning issues for Republicans, but COVID, stimulus checks and infrastructure are winning issues for Democrats.


Do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove or strongly disapprove of the way Biden is handling immigration?

Strongly approve — 15%

Somewhat approve — 21%

Somewhat disapprove — 11%

Strongly disapprove — 43%

Don’t know; refused to answer — 10%

How confident are you that passing stricter gun control laws would reduce mass shootings in this country?

Very confident — 19%

Somewhat confident — 19%

Not so confident — 12%

Not confident at all — 49%

Biden has proposed funding his infrastructure plan in part by raising taxes on corporations, If the president’s infrastructure plan does include these tax increases, do you support or oppose its passage?

Strongly support — 33%

Somewhat support — 18%

Somewhat oppose — 10%

Strongly oppose — 35%

Don’t know; refused to answer — 4%

Maybe we should be in charge of setting the agenda instead of the idiots at the RNC? The Center in Georgia politics is economic populism and social conservatism.

Georgia voters also continue to support “Jim Eagle” or “Jim Crow on steroids” and oppose the MLB moving the All-Star Game to Denver and strongly oppose Woke Capital by a lopsided margin:


“The poll, conducted by the University of Georgia, found roughly 54% of registered Georgia voters opposed the April decision to move the event to Denver after the passage of a Republican-backed overhaul that includes new restrictions on voting.

On a similar note, it concluded that about 60% of Georgians opposed companies using their public role to shape political opinion or promote cultural change, including 86% of Republicans and 55% of independent voters. About 56% of Democrats support such corporate activism. …

About 46% of Georgia voters approved of the overhaul, compared with 44% who opposed it — within the poll’s margin of error. A deeper glance showed a steep partisan divide: Roughly 80% of Republicans backed the new law, while three-quarters of Democrats disapproved. …”

The “mainstream” in Georgia:

  • Opposes Joe Biden’s immigration policies
  • Opposes gun control
  • Supports tax hikes on corporations
  • Supports stimulus checks
  • Supports investing in infrastructure
  • Supports “Jim Eagle” voter id laws
  • Opposes the MLB punishing Georgia over the voter id law
  • Strongly opposes Woke Capital

What does the actual mainstream sound like in Georgia? It sounds like Occidental Dissent which is a “far right domestic extremist” site.

Get this … 39% of “Latinx” voters and 37% of black voters in Texas support immediate deportation of illegal aliens – significantly larger than the share of “Latinx” and black voters normally won by the GOP. Republicans are united on immigration and Democrats are split in Texas. Immigration is also the top issue on the minds of Texas voters. 82% of Republican voters say deport them immediately.

Texas Tribune:

“Texas voters concerns reflect a surge at the state’s Mexican border, UT/TT Poll finds

The pandemic and the border top the list of Texas voters’ concerns about issues facing the country, with 16% pointing to the coronavirus and 16% choosing immigration and border security as the top issues, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

That’s a marked change from the previous poll, reflecting both the crisis on the border and continued improvement in key pandemic measurements and increasing numbers of vaccinations. In the February UT/TT Poll, coronavirus (24%), political corruption/leadership (16%) and the economy (8%) led the list of trouble facing the nation; immigration and border security were listed as top concerns by 7%. …

Partisans have distinctly different views: Coronavirus is the top concern of 30% of Democrats, while 31% of Republican voters list immigration and border security as the most important problems facing the country.

The same shift is evident in voters’ choices of top issues facing the state. Border security and immigration remain the biggest problems, according to 37% of Texas voters, followed by the coronavirus (12%) and political corruption/leadership (11%). In that February poll, border security and immigration combined were top concerns for 25% of voters, with coronavirus at 19%.

A 65% majority of Republican voters chose either immigration or border security as their top concern. Among Democrats, 24% chose coronavirus and 22% chose political corruption/leadership. Only 3% of Republicans said the pandemic is the most important problem facing Texas; 6% of Democrats pointed to immigration and border security.

A 59% majority of Texas voters — including 92% of the state’s Republican voters — disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of immigration and border security. Democrats are more approving, but their 49% support of his actions in this area fall short of a majority among his own party’s voters. Only 18% of Democrats said they approve “strongly” of the president’s handling of matters on the U.S. border with Mexico. …

A slim majority, 51% of all voters, agreed with this statement: “Undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States should be deported immediately.” That has moved since the February UT/TT Poll, when 45% agreed with that statement and 47% disagreed. Among Democrats, 74% strongly disagreed, while 82% of Republicans agreed with that statement.

Among Hispanic voters, 39% agreed with immediate deportation and 47% disagreed. Black voters had similar sentiments, with 37% agreeing and 47% disagreeing. Most white voters — 58% — agreed, while 37% disagreed. …”

Every poll shows that immigration is Joe Biden’s biggest weakness.

Immigration unites Republicans, angers Independents and divides Democrats. It is also false that taking a hard line on immigration will alienate working class BIPOC voters. This is PMC bullshit.

The difference in enthusiasm is off the charts on immigration. Immigration is the top issue on the minds of Republican voters. Indies strongly oppose open borders. Democrat voters don’t care nearly as much about immigration nor are they are united on the issue as Republicans.

Note: As we have been emphasizing lately, the “far right” has broken out of containment and is going “mainstream” under Joe Biden. Public opinion is shifting in our direction.

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  1. “Immigration is also the top issue on the minds of Texas voters.”

    Indeed, immigration has been a paramount issue to Southerners for a very long time, yet, that will is overriden by every policy of the Jew England Yankee United States’ Government.

    My only question is : when will we stand up and override their will?

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