Bill Maher: Sex, Drugs & GOP

Bill Maher has a point.

It was never as bad though in the days of the Moral Majority. Jerry Falwell had Liberty University. Woke supremacy has Harvard and Woke Capital. The Religious Right never succeeded in banning abortion or pornography. In contrast, these people have imposed a degree of self-censorship on ordinary people without a popular mandate far beyond anything the Right ever achieved.

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  1. (((Maher))) only calls out the GOP but he never goes too far when it comes to the party he belongs to. When is the last time the jew called out AOC, Pelosi, and others in his party? When is the last time the jew stood up for Whites?

    • I hated Maher for promoting the Russian conspiracy hoax and “climate change” bullshit. But he can be surprisingly fair minded at times.Too bad he only invites shitlibs on his show. He should book really controversial figures like Richard Spencer or Marjorie Taylor Greene. Then Maher would truly be “edgy”.

      • @Spahn…

        I totally agree with your even-handed appraisal of Mr. Maher, and thank you for it.

        We, on The Nationalist/Populist Right, need to be fair-minded enough to acknowledge when someone is doing something to your benefit, whether we like them or not…

    • Actually, Dear John, Maher has called out Miss Cortez, her squad, and all their followers numerous times.

      But, no, he does not stand up for White Gentiles, because he is a Jew England style of Supremacist.

      The Fly in the ointment is that Mr. Maher is a bit out of sync with this Jewish Nation, he seeming to wax sentimental about the nation that existed a few decades back – that America a strong blend of those Gentile elements with those Jewish.

      To be clear, though Mr. Maher is not our friend, he is fighting our worst enemies, and doing it well.

      Let’s let him do that, and, if we cannot bring ourselves to applaud, then let’s just refrain from criticizing this attempt.

      That, Sir, is in our interest…

      • @Ivan,

        I never watched him so I don’;t know if he ever calls out his own party. All I know from seeing clips of him is he is not friend of Whites and he has his own agenda as Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn stated below.

        • @John…

          Thank you for your reply.

          I do not watch him, either, but, clips of his rants are placet up here and at many other blogs, so that is how I come by my info.

          I agree that Mr. Maher is not our friend, and that has has his own agenda.

          I just disagree with Ricky that Mr. Maher’s current agenda is not to our benefit.

          Sometimes we get help from odd place in life, and this is an example.

          Mr. Maher is attempting to tamp down on the most extreme intolerance I have ever seen in this country, and that is a good thing.

          Be well!

  2. Jew Bill Maher only criticizes liberalism when it stands in the way of Zionist wars or other forms of Jewish supremacy. He combines the worst of both sides of politics; sanctimonious liberal horseshit and Zionist aggression.

    • I totally agree with you, Dear Ricky, that Mr. Maher’s worldview is way away from ours – A LONG WAY AWAY.

      Yes, without a doubt.

      That said, when compared to many on The Left, in 2021, he is the very voice of reason.

      To be clear, Mr. Maher is standing up for some of the most elemental Anglo aspects of the founding of this nation – from Freedom of Thought to Freedom of Speech – the Right to Be Individual.

      I welcome Mr. Maher’s efforts, to tamp down on the authoritarian loons, masquerading as ‘Liberals’; they who are Jew England Yankee United States’ Government unwitting dupes.


    Bill Maher, the Zionist Jew, is trying to downplay the Matt Gaetz scandal as “partying.”

    Maher is a TV propagandist that for nearly 20 years has been demanding the “left” and the Democratic party support the foreign state of Israel 100% – Maher has said, “I’m a BIG supporter of Israel.”

    Why would this partisan Democrat try to play down the Gaetz scandal? Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to get one on those hated conservative Republicans?

    Oh, that’s right, Bill Maher’s fellow Zionist Jew, Joel Greenberg – the one who was literally pimping children to drug orgies attended by the top levels of the Republican party of Florida – was just going his job working in the interest of the foreign country 7,0000 miles away.

    Just like Bill Maher. Maher is not a “liberal American” – he’s a Zionist Jew, an Israeli citizen, working for a foreign country.

    So he is just trying to downplay another Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell operation that his fellow Zionist Jews were running to blackmail poliicians.

    If Bill Maher could have gotten away with it he would have defended Jeffrey Epstein too, after all, those girls were just “goyim” – from the “trailer parks” as the Zionist Jew Ghislaine Maxwell said.

    Are you ok with Jews trafficking white girls from Florida to their rich friends and their Republican politician marks, plying them with drugs, and then passing them around in sex orgies, all while getting videotaped so the next time Israel wants something in Congress they have leverage?

    Because I’m actually not ok with that.

    Remember the Ten Commandments judge from Alabama? What did they say then?

    Do we all see what’s happening here? It’s the Jews – it’s ALWAYS the Jews. Sorry, don’t blame me for pointing it out, blame them for being Jews.

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