Brian Stelter: Tucker Carlson’s Coworkers Are Embarrassed By His Rhetoric

He is mad that we are laughing at his declining ratings.

Note: Seriously though, the fact that people like Stelter are pushing the COVID vaccine is probably why millions of people won’t take it. They are automatically skeptical of anything these people say. Have you noticed that Stelter and Liberal Larry have the same effeminate Acela accent?

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  1. Don’tworry,I can assure you the rest of the world is Laughing at pathetic people like Stelter ant their ilk in the USSA.

  2. I suspect Sean Hannity did not like Tucker Carlson’s take on the Derrick Chauvin trial because Sean opened his show which directly follows Carlson with a diatribe about Chauvin being guiltily on all counts.

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