Zaid Jilani: Anti-Racist Messaging Is Failing With Voters. So Why Can’t Liberals Quit It?

I’ve been following this debate with great interest.

We’ve even taken the lead in adapting class-based messaging and framing to “far right” politics. It is a neat fit because PMCs and their downwardly mobile children who become Antifa and who have cosmopolitan, modernist and antiracist values are our opposition anyway.


“If you’ve spent any time at all listening to progressive messaging lately, you’ve probably heard countless invocations of race and racism. Democratic elected officials have taken to framing virtually any policy goal they want through the lens of anti-racism. …

What they found is that the class frame was generally more effective than either the race frame or the race plus class frame. “Despite observed increases in support for racial justice and Democratic elites’ use of race and class plus race frames in their public messaging, we find no evidence that Americans are persuaded by these policy frames,” they conclude in their paper. …

“After this summer, everyone wanted to believe that you know we had this great awakening that everyone now is aware of racial equity and we need to fix it, but I think our results suggest kind of the opposite,” English told me. …

But that’s not the whole story here. It wasn’t just that some white voters were turned off by race-oriented messaging. For African Americans, the only minority group surveyed in high enough numbers to draw a conclusion, the race frame seemed to have no advantage over the class frame.”

Something really important that we found is that the race appeal and the class appeal are about just as effective for Black voters,” English told me, speculating that these voters tend to be more pragmatic in their political approach. …

Interestingly, English and Kalla did find one group that was slightly receptive to the race framing, but it might not be the one why you expect: It was white Democrats.

It’s worth wondering why progressives, particularly white progressives, have become so fixated on racial messaging if there’s so little evidence that it actually works to persuade voters to support their policies. …”

This was a major blind spot for White Nationalism and the Alt-Right which is based on the ideal of racial solidarity. Amazingly, it largely went unnoticed even after the violence began.

The ideal of racial solidarity and the reality of the complexity and multifaceted nature of identity has been exploited by our enemies. In the real world, ethnicity, culture, class and religion are always in tension with racial identity. PMCs have always tended to be social liberals who look down on the White working class. The Great Awokening and Trump’s victory in 2016, however, has significantly ratcheted it up.

Woke progressives for lack of a better term are now much more anti-white than most non-White Democrats. We have created a distinct social class of affluent, college-educated White people who tend to have or aspire to professional class jobs who have been indoctrinated in a negative sense of White identity based on social justice ideology and who identify with non-Whites. This is why you see them ballooning the ranks of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They infest our cities and universities.

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  1. “Ha, people reject our “anti-raycissm”? We will just double down on it!” – That’s how fanatics usually react to their imagines utopia not materializing.

  2. Zaid Jilani—-An anti-racist is a Christian hater. Christians hate the blood of those who persecuted and torment their God without reason or cause. Why is it wrong to hate the blood of those who killed the innocent son of God? If the hatred was too much for the Jews and they could not take it anymore then all they would have to do is beg God for forgiveness. The God father of Christ is a merciful forgiving God. But instead the Jews want to build their rotten third temple to slaughter some poor innocent Goats who never hurt a Goddamned thing.

  3. Whites who adhere to critical race theory are members of a suicide cult just as assuredly as Jim Jones followers were.

    The left does all sorts of weird bizzare performative rituals in public. ‘Die ins’ in front of banks to protest capitalism. Wearing African kinte cloth whist standing with strange postures for photos, some White progressives have even put on chains in very odd re-enactments of the slave trade.

    I fully expect there to be some Heaven Gate type mass suite event by cultic woke Whites at some point.

    • It’s absolutely about to happen. Negrophilia on this scale is protosuicide.

  4. “””….t’s worth wondering why progressives, particularly white progressives, have become so fixated on racial messaging…….”””

    They are mentally defected, Like all communists in the entire history. This is the reason why all equal concept was invented. Retarded defended themselves from removing from society.

    They even admit this by themselves.

    Study: Liberals and conservatives have different brain structures
    Political polarity is more about nature than nurture, according to psychiatrist Gail Saltz

    Easter Europe and Russia knew genetic white liberal problem long ago. We removed them as good we could and because of that we do not have a lot of modern problems. Mr. Soros can`t push mass immigration even into his birthplace Hungary. No local genetic white liberals and entire world Jewry power and money is useless.

    • “Beware the Teenth of June.” This is the first year that Juneteenth is a paid holiday for many woke companies and institutions. You would think they would not want to sully their day with gratuitous violence. Ha!

  5. In the end, I think that this White anti-Whiteness finds it genesis in a society that, having abandoned it’s rural roots over the last century for a new life in the cities, has yet to recover it’s equilibrium.

    Of all the people I know, of various ages, creeds, and races, who raise tend a vegetable garden, do a lot of their own house repairs, and who go hunting or fishing, (not to mention goes to bible Study on Wednesday night) not a single one can I think of ever talks or behaves in a manner that is in accord with Woke Folks – even those who support Progressive economick policies.

    Modern City Life ain’t natural, and one big side effect is that it creates a lot of rot in a lot of peoples’ heads.

    One final note : the jury is out on whether school is a worthwhile endeavour, for the more ‘schooled’ we, as a society have become, the more looney we be.

    North Carolina fought the notion of publick education until the late 19th century, and those who fought it fought it for precisely the reason we have today – people are ‘educated out of their wits’, by strangers, and enlisted in destructive things.

    I believe strongly that the best education is by your mama or daddy, learning to do things as they learned with their mamas & daddies…

  6. All those people in the police mugs shots look degenerate, like dysgenics in action (worse than Wal Mart patrons) and should not be allowed to reproduce.

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