Canadian Street Preacher Arrested For Inciting People To Attend His Church

This actually just happened in Canada.

It is May and the vaccine is rolling out. And yet, they are doing this anyway.

Calgary Herald:

“Calgary police have arrested street preacher Artur Pawlowski after he failed to abide by public health orders again during a Saturday church service during which dozens were congregating without masks, with no regard for physical distancing.

His brother, Dawid Pawlowski, was also taken into custody.

Both have been charged with organizing an illegal in-person gathering, in addition to “requesting, inciting or inviting others” to join them, said the Calgary Police Service in a statement. …”

Where are the “fascism” scholars on this?

Now, I am not a libertarian, but this is beyond my comfort zone. I genuinely don’t really care what other people think. I certainly don’t have any problem with people attending a church.

Have you noticed that what used to be progressive liberalism has mutated into woke progressivism? It is extremely racist, anti-white, illiberal, technocratic and authoritarian. These people are more obsessed with race and far more authoritarian than even most White Nationalists.

I’m an authoritarian in some ways. I don’t support defunding or abolishing the police. I believe we need to have strong borders. I believe it is important to defend the traditional social order in some key areas like identity, sexuality and gender roles. I don’t believe in political correctness though. I’m not offended by working class people being able to buy meat in a grocery store. I don’t feel compelled to control and police the internet. I don’t care what kind of car or truck you drive. I wouldn’t force people to take the COVID vaccine. I’m not inclined to spying on others and invading their privacy. I don’t try to hunt down and destroy the lives of other people over political disagreements. I support religious liberty laws. I don’t believe in bossing people around whether it is in this country or in foreign countries.

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  1. Here in Oregon there are folks having illegal speak easies so they can skirt around the near tyrannical Covid decrees.

    So why is this abuse of power happening to just one smallish Church compared to other gatherings?

    Clearly the Globalists are attempting to stamp out the vestiges of Christianity.

  2. If I could change one thing about the US Constitution to beef it up, I would amend it so those that don’t respect the free speech of others lose their citizenship. So the woke left, AntiFa, BLM, ADL, SPLC, globo homo corporations, and bitter hags like Hillary Clinton would be gone overnight. Non-whites also have a very poor record of supporting free speech in the countries they come from, and the White countries they mass migrate to. Just think how great it would be to live here, with all those aholes gone.

  3. @ thee host of this site, just desribed basic americanism, as practiced by our people for generations, thee progressives, have nearly perfected autocracy, we believe our liberty is god given and guranteed by law, thee autocrats believe in thee absolute authority of the state, with liberties meted out by thee state, as they see fit, we are at crosshairs with thee otherside, this fight at its core is who has ultimate authority over us, we with our god given liberties, paid for in blood by our forbears or our life and liberty permited by thee authority of the autocratic state, which answers too and is satanically empowered. Liberty is thee natural state of thee adamic man,

    • Perhaps I too should trye my Hand at writing in thee manner of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Edmund Burke & c?

      • @Spahn…

        Why, yes – by all means.

        If we cannot snap our fingers and create an olde nation, then let’s at least turn back the clock several centuries with our prose.

        It’s bound to drive Leftists crazy…

  4. Liberalism paves the way for socialism, communism and every other kind of progressivism. Liberalism always maintains that there is no enemy to the left until it’s too late. If I’m not mistaken this is exactly what was going on in 1917 Russia. We are near there now, when the center will no longer hold.

    • @More..l

      “If I’m not mistaken this is exactly what was going on in 1917 Russia. We are near there now, when the center will no longer hold.”

      No, Sir, you are not at all mistaken, even though the particulars of this country, in 2021, and Russia, in 1917, are cosmetically different.

      That said, as The Centre gives out here, enough of The Right will hold to keep this country from falling into the abyss.

      To be clear, hell IS coming to breakfast, but, it won’t be those who currently think they are bringing it to bear.

  5. If you think this will be happening to just Christians in Canada, think again.

    The only enema for supercharged Federalism is bold Confederate-ism, at every level – national, state, community, and individual.

  6. I know fully and completely understand why cops got the moniker of ‘pigs’.

    Just wait til any remaining white gentiles with a sense or morals and decency are purged from the ranks within the next couple years. Then thats when the fun really starts.

  7. if he was a jew or a Muslim, they wouldn’t dare arrest him. The jews would use the media and the Muslims would use violence. Christians on the other hand do nothing but defend the jews, blame the “Nazis” as this pastor did and turn the other cheek.

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