Portland Man Nearly Killed By Black Lives Matter Lynch Mob

Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice is more likely to file “hate crime” charges against Joe Hall than the mob who beat him and who pulled AK-47s and AR-15s on random motorists.

FOX 12 Oregon:

“PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Joe Hall has a long recovery ahead of him.

“[I have a] partially collapsed left lung, two lower vertebrae fractured,” Hall said, on top of five broken ribs, a broken collar bone and head trauma.

Hall spoke to FOX 12 from his Legacy Emanuel hospital bed. He says he doesn’t regret anything he did Thursday afternoon as he encountered a crowd of people in the street in North Portland.

“I stood my ground and I would do it all over again,” Hall said.

The Portland Police Bureau got several calls Thursday shortly after 12 p.m. about the group, which was making its way through north Portland with ‘JFPK’ signs and drums. Witnesses reported seeing people in the crowd openly carrying firearms and wearing tactical gear. …”

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  1. You’re right, HW, Garland will probably have his DOSJ investigate Hall to see if he violated their civil rights.

  2. First and foremostly this is the fault of The United States’ Government, it having fostered an environment for decades that uses racial, class, and religious tension, this in order to keep people from uniting to stop it’s pillaging of both this country, and, indeed, the entire world.

    If Attorney-General Garland would like to stop the hate, he could start by investigating all the Federal Departments around The District of Columbia, for colluding to make domestick peace impossible.

    • It’s not really the fault of the US government they just take orders. I’m not sure we even really know who controls us. Not allowed to ask who owns the Federal Reserve and ECB. ECB might be slightly less opaque.

  3. There is no mysterious “hidden hand” causing this chaos: it’s just organized kikery & the billionaires, CEOs & media/government whores they brainwashed. They all went to the same Ivy League commie mindfuck mills; they’re all members of the same nouveau riche ruling class who have nothing but contempt & hatred for “Flyova racists” like handyman (“A fuckin’ HANDYMAN! No doubt the white trash piece of shit never even went to COMMUNITY college! HEH HEH!”) Hall.

    • So awesome Charlie Chaplin was exiled for asking why socialism is bad while George Soros is untouchable i hate this country

  4. Remember Joe the plumber from the Obama era? After all, we are now in the third term of BHO.

  5. As Clausewitz famously wrote, “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” The ZOG federal and some state governments have declared war on “far right domestic extremists,” so they are using their partisans (fagtifa and blm) as their shock troops without having to violate the Posse Comitatus Act.

    ZOG-USA fears that the Whites in their empire’s armed forces would not comply with unlawful orders passed down to them from Washington, so for the time being, Merrick Garland will use fagtifa and blm as his Neo-Cheka. It all makes sense, if you remember that Wall Street jews were financed the original Bolshevik Red Terror. This time it’s the X, Y, and Z axises of woke corporations, wealthy jews, and the jewsmedia that run cover and fill the coffers of their feral spiteful platoons of humanzees and mutants.

    • Clausewitz was one of the first ZOG operatives. Doesn’t make him wrong but being an emissary of the Rothschilds makes diplomacy easy.

  6. Was that Boomer Joe in the big, dumb pickup truck, the fool who wouldn’t leave the scene even after being surrounded by a menacing, threatening mob? He ought to sue the mayor, the police and the governor for failing to protect him as a citizen. But instead he’ll be charged by ZOG for violating the mob’s civil rights.

  7. Joe the Plumber was probably another (crisis) actor, meant to sway stupid Americans to the middle.

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