Chris Hayes: Jeff Bezos Buys $500M Superyacht As Americans Sink Into Poverty

Mainstream conservatives don’t see any problem with this.

I like to boast about coming from a different tradition and school of thought.

Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post and Amazon is a member of the Chamber of Progress. Bezos and Chris Hayes are on the same side. Joe Biden and House Democrats have also already ruled out financing the infrastructure bill with a wealth tax. Biden could make the case to the nation for taxing Jeff Bezos and dare the Republicans to oppose him, but he wouldn’t dare cross these people.

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  1. Bezos spends $500M on a yacht and then takes his girlfriend – a Mexican broad that looks like Consuela the Maid from Family Guy – sailing with him.

  2. That is real coin. I’ll bet the yacht is top notch with all the bells and whistles. I’ve been in multi million dollar homes but a yacht for 500 million. Whoa.

    I knew a Chinaman that bought in Del Mar, San Diego. He had a strange type of marble imported in for his shower. The complete shower had sea shells in it, fossils. He went on and on about it and it was very impressive.

    Most likely paid cash for it all. It was about a four thousand square foot home. Two levels. The kitchen was unreal. Full marble backsplashes. He had more money than he could spend in a lifetime.

    Cool person too. Bezos should be more like Elon and avoid politics. He grasped a certain way to make real money. And at the end of the day. Bezos does provide a service. Amazon Prime is efficient and his company woks. I have Amazon trucks around my area all the time. You can order something and it arrives on time.

  3. What wealth folks accumulate or not is of no matter,whatsoever, to me.

    That Mr. Hayes is a voice of a cleverly machinated tyranny over us, however, does.

    That said, it would be unfair to single him out, as I could spend the rest of the morning listing those, at the national level, who are of his ilk.

    In the end, you can talk cogently about The Jewish Question all you want, or how wretched is the United States’ Government, but, it does not change one fact – men of honour, who cannot be bought, are in short supply, nowadays, and, until that is rectified, there will be no way out or up.

    We need men who think more of themselves than does Chris Hayes.

    Therein lies the problem with Chris Hayes.

    One thing is for sure : Chris Hayes is not fit to shine the shoes of Glenn Grühnwald…

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