Bernie Sanders: Progressivism Can’t Endure As The Party of the PMC

Bernie Sanders should have an idea of where this is going:

Bernie went woke in his 2020 campaign only to be smoked by Joe Biden who was pretending to be more moderate at the time. Bernie won fewer states than in 2016.

Bernie lost to Pete Buttigieg in Iowa who also ran a close second in New Hampshire.

Elizabeth Warren crashed and burned in the 2020 Democratic Primary.

Nanny Bloomberg and Tom Steyer outright bought their way onto the 2020 campaign stage.

Democrats built on Hillary Clinton’s gains with affluent, college-educated, suburban PMCs to win states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Trump overperformed in unexpected places in 2016 with White working class voters in the Rust Belt and with Hispanics in 2020.

Corporate America and Wall Street are backing Joe Biden and the Democratic Party now.

If you separate the signal (the overall realignment of the electorate) from the noise (Trump’s inept governance), the trend is still the same and looks it is still gaining momentum.


“JONATHAN SWAN: I wonder what you think about this trend, it’s not just in America, but also in other Western countries where center-left and left parties, it’s the education divide. They’re becoming more reliant on college educated voters and they are losing no college education voters–

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: –And urban and rural as well.

SWAN: Urban and rural, forsure. Why do you think that’s happening.

SEN. SANDERS: I think if I am a working class person in this country, I’ve seen my job go to China, I’m working for $9 an hour when I used to make $20 an hour. I don’t have health care or a can’t afford prescription drugs. You’re resentful. Are we talking to those people. I think we’re beginning to see that under the last few months under Biden, but Democrats, traditionally, have been very tepid and feeble about going big.

SWAN: I think there’s a glossiness to it. A sort of San Francisco-New York gloss to the party.

SEN. SANDERS: (Imitation) I’m so smart! I’m really smart! We go to $100 dinners and who really cares about those working-class people?” (Imitation ends). I think it is fair to say, as a result of heavy duty corporate campaign contributions, the Democrat Party has drifted away from the part of FDR and even Harry Truman and being understood and perceived correctly as the working-class party.

SWAN: If that can’t be changed, if that trend of the Democrat Party becomes the party of the college educated, Republicans become the party of the not, do you think that’s sustainable for a progressive party?

SEN. SANDERS: No. And I don’t think it’s sustainable for American democracy. …”

Washington Post:

“Political trends in the United States and Britain have mirrored one another for decades, so the Labour Party’s stunning collapse across blue-collar England in last Thursday’s local elections is a clear warning sign for President Biden and Democrats. A full analysis gives Democrats signs of hope but also shows how difficult it will be to build a durable Democratic coalition.

The headline results were a disaster for Labour leader Keir Starmer. The party lost the parliamentary constituency of Hartlepool by a whopping 23 points. The seat resides in a working-class area that Britain’s Conservative Party had never won previously and that had once been occupied by Peter Mandelson, the Labour politician who served as former prime minister Tony Blair’s spin doctor. Labour also lost 327 local councillors in England, mainly in blue-collar areas that were once Labour’s heartland. It was the British equivalent of the massive losses that Democrats suffered in blue-collar areas in the Midwest and Northeast during the Trump era.

Other results were more positive. Labour gained support in some wealthier areas of the country that opposed Brexit, an analogue to Democratic gains in wealthier U.S. suburbs. Most telling here was Labour’s defeat of incumbent Conservative mayors in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and West England, two regions that had voted to remain in the European Union or were divided on the question in the 2016 referendum. Combined with Tory losses to minor parties in other wealthy areas that voted “Remain,” these results suggest that Democrats may hold onto their suburban gains even after Donald Trump’s departure from the White House. …”

The Independent:

“I didn’t believe it at first. It has taken a long time to absorb and understand it. It seems so contrary to everything we have always known about politics in Britain that it requires a big adjustment of our world view. The link between class and voting has been reversed. People are now more likely to vote Tory if they are working class than if they are middle class – and the other way round for Labour.

It was not until the elections last week that this fact suddenly became a staple of political analysis. But when Hartlepool, a name that might as well mean “Always Labour” in ancient Norse, fell to Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, everyone knew that something was up. And when Labour gained Chipping Norton in the local council elections on the same day, and the mayoralties of the West of England and of Cambridgeshire and
Peterborough, we knew that the world had been turned upside down. …”

The Democratic Party is two parties.

It is an unstable upstairs and downstairs coalition.

It is the party of the Democratic Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) or the affluent, college-educated PMCs (and their downwardly mobile woke brats) who are concentrated in large metro areas and college towns and who have cosmopolitan, modernist and antiracist values.

It is also the party of the Democrat Leaning Working Class (DLWCs) or the multiracial working class. The reason that the Democrats went insane over the Trump presidency is because he took such a large bite out of the DLWC vote and beat Hillary Clinton by winning nearly 25% of those voters. This is what enabled Trump to do magical things for a Republican in 2016 like carry the Rust Belt.

The apocalyptic scenario for Democrats is a Republican candidate who is able to win a much larger share of the DLWC vote than Trump and who splits the party down the middle dividing the PMCs from the working class. This is becoming increasingly plausible as the Democrats are transforming into the party of Nicolle Wallace, Brian Stelter and Pete Buttigieg. As the Democrats evolve into what used to be the old Republican Party, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and John McCain are their new heroes.

The reason that this hasn’t already happened is largely due to the Republicans themselves. The Republican Congress pushed Paul Ryan’s unpopular agenda and shelved the MAGA agenda. Donald Trump himself had little interest in doing anything beyond tweeting. Republican judges deliver victories for the Left like on gay marriage. The GOP has relentlessly fought against us and have refused to champion popular grievances instead preferring to fight to the death over things like the $600 stimulus check. Trump had Jared Kushner in charge of his 2020 campaign. The Tories also support the NHS and there is no equivalent of the SNP in the United States. The Republicans are accustomed to groveling and submitting to the media even when something like 94% of their own voters hate the media. The Republicans were so drunk on free market ideology that they stood idly by while they were wiped out and censored on social media. They have preferred to champion and defend political correctness which is hated by their voters. Frank Luntz tells them what will work. The contempt here for the GOP is so strong that most of our readers have convinced themselves that voting is futile even though most people share the same views on the key issues. Voting for the GOP only empowers them to do things no one wants or cares about.

Note: Republicans are most useful when they are occupying space, but they are not in power. They can at least say “no” to the Democrats and block their agenda. That’s all they are really good for these days. They lack a popular agenda that is needed to have a governing majority.

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  1. Bernie Sanders, despite being a complete pussy, rolling over to BLM when they took over his talk and despite being fucked over by Hillary and the Democrats twice (yet comes back to them), is one of the few American politicians (low bar) who doesn’t have his head completely up his ass.

  2. Bernie Sanders says this while the bombs he stole money from American taxpayer to buy for Israel are dropping on Palestinian children’s heads.

    Bernie Sanders is a disgusting scumbag, a war criminal – he has voted for nearly as many wars as Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders is a serial killer.

    The only people who ever fell for Bernie Sanders the Zionazi con artist are college kids who smoked too much pot. “Vote for me and I’ll give you free college. Ha ha, just kidding, I’m using your tax money to murder children in Palestine!”

    What do you expect, he’s a Jew! A living breathing stereotype of a Commie Jew.

  3. The man is Jewish, a full fledged Communist, never did a day of work in his life and basically signed on to all the progressive social bullshit which is plaguing us but I still like the guy. He at least has some sense of vision and a desire to stick to it unlike Biden or Trump. In a perfect country i wouldnt allow him within power but with what we have Bernie seems to be a relatively thoughtful and sincere voice

    • Funny that he says Biden is moving in a working class direction. Nothing says working class politics like spending all of your political capital on tranny issues and fake infrastructure bills (more money for trannies). These people live on another planet.

      • @Dart…

        Yes, I agree with you in disagreeing with Senator Sanders that President Biden is ‘moving in a working class direction.’

        I don’t see it.

        Actually President Biden is doing exactly what President Trump, before him, did – move on some values’ issues, to please his base, without actually bringing home manufacturing.

        In fact, with Trump’s low energy costs, removal of business regulations, and the restructuring of trade deals, I think you could make the argument that he was doing much more for The Working Class than is President Biden.

        That will show up in the midterms, that, unless The Democrats manage to pull off another grand cheat, when I expect Republicans to become a large majority in Congress.

        Problem is, Republicans will not know what to do, or, if they do, they are too bought and paid for to do it.

    • @Captain Schill…

      Senator Sanders has integrity, no, not the integrity of Jesus Chryst, but, as far as humans, particularly politicians, go, it’s close to sterling.

      For all of his life he has sought to improve the life of The Average Man.

      Maybe some don’t like his would-be methodology, or his blood, but, the fact is that he has a genuine caring for others.

      Hard not to appreciate that.

      Even though we totally disagree with the Vermont Senator on most values’ issues, My wife and I crossed over into The NC Democrat Party Primary of 2020 because of his integrity and economic ideas.

      They cheated him, however, and he, unlike President Trump, would not defend himself, which is why my wife now refers to him as a ‘Weanie.’

  4. “Progressivism Can’t Endure As The Party of the PMC.”

    No, and it certainly cannot endure, not in any economically viable form, in a Corporate/Globalist Democrat party that not only cheats to control it, it guts out it’s most essential agenda – the economic nationalism which augers hope to The Working Family for a better life.

  5. Doing some research. Remember the “Wire” HBO show? It’s good, a tough watch but good.

    In my city it’s bad, but not Baltimore. I was out there a few years ago and was curious. I’m ok with being in bad areas so I took the rental out, on a safari I suppose. To observe the wildlife. Had a few close calls, as expected.

    Rough area. Open drug sales are the norm in some areas. Cops are tough as hell. The series I’m watching is close to reality there. Good stuff.

    When I was there I was thinking to myself this entire city is gone. No way to fix it. Scrap it and tear it down. It’s gone. The row houses and empty blocks. Very strange and spooky.

    Near the Inner Harbor a line of cops just stood there, to just be there to protect tourists in the area. Walked past them a few times. In the hot humid heat. Baltimore is a shithole.

    I drove outside of the city for about an hour and it was nice. It is a party city, downtown the medical students and the bars. Was a lot like Vegas. But leave that safe zone it’s on. Definitely some real crazy and evil in Baltimore.

    Have a trip there this fall. Had one last year but COVID.

    • I was born in Baltimore, and lived there until I was 12. It was a nice town for working-class Whites then: Southerners like us from Virginia, ethnic Germans, Polacks, Italians, Greeks. We left in ’77 when the nigger handwriting was on the wall,

      I looked at pics of our old row house on one of those real estate websites: a now dilapidated ruin in a nigger-ruined ‘hood…I couldn’t bear to go back to see it in person because of the risk, and because I’d feel like a ghost haunting my long-gone childhood…

    • @Malachi…

      Unfortunately, many many times more of these people have fled to Virginia and The Carolinas than ever have fled, or will flea, to Vermont.

      Vermont, for most of ‘these people’ is but a summer home to maintain while pursuing a career in The Big Apple.

  6. A commie jew (same thing) that let a bunch of black sheboons rip the microphone out oh his hand when he was running for bolshevik leader.

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