Rising: Why UK Labour Party Is Losing Working Class Voters

No one saw this coming.

I’m shocked that the party of Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar and cosmopolitan elites who hate White people and who hate Britain and who read The Guardian has lost touch with the White working class in Britain and has been obliterated and now wanders in the political wilderness.

The panel is correct that the GOP has defeated itself by clinging to its obsolete Reaganite ideology instead of leaning into this inevitable shift. The voters aren’t the problem. It was a choice to use the mandate of the 2016 election to push Paul Ryan’s wildly unpopular policy agenda and to respond to COVID in the way that Trump did or to oppose $2,000 stimulus checks and lose the Senate, etc.

In the UK, working class voters identified the EU, wokeness and immigration as the real issues and defected from Labour to vote for the BNP and UKIP long before Boris Johnson accepted this reality and reaped the political benefits from relenting. There had also been fierce resistance to it in the UK from Conservative elites. David Cameron thought that British voters would vote to stay in the EU. It was the voters who forced the issue by backing Nigel Farage and voting for BREXIT. Boris is being hailed as a genius because he stopped fighting his own voters who were already moving toward nationalism and populism.

The “far right domestic extremists” have better instincts about political reality than the Republican establishment. The winning hand of issues – immigration, political correctness or wokeness, crime, censorship, civil liberties, trans, protecting American heritage, opposing Antifa and Black Lives Matter – are things that resonate in the Center and with working class voters. Stimulus checks resonate with working class voters. Meanwhile, Hannity is sitting across from Caitlyn Jenner on his show!

Note: I think the GOP is much more likely to adjust its messaging and agenda now that the precedent has been set by the Tories and due to the fact that its voters have become more populist.

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  1. There’s something particularly repugnant about someone like Ash Darker, especially, who have no respect for the generations of native brits who spent their lives propping up her comfortable lifestyle by lives spent in coal mines, farms and factories etc. Only to have some latecomer who family came from somewhere else look down on them. She’s never had to get her fingers dirty. No wonder they are becoming loathed

  2. Listening to the podcast of Eddie Ghallager. The Navy Seal that knifed an ISIS guy. I guess he finally admitted that they used the kid for medical experiments and Eddie knifed him in the neck.

    He took pictures of his custom made knife and used it. I don’t really have an issue with it. The government trained this guy up for all of that and then locked his ass up. Much like city cops. If they do their job cleaning up trash they get in trouble.

    I’m not a military person, my father was in Vietnam with the First Infantry. Many people in my family as well. I had a client that was a Seal when I used to live in San Diego. Got to know him in 04. His buddies were in the house one day when we were talking. A very tense group. I guess they had a meeting set up and I was in the way. I told him, “tomorrow”?

    One thing I noticed was outside of the house the guys were all looking around. Looking up and down the street. This was a peaceful area, but they are locked on.

    I was still swing the hammer back then and had a new Bostich 18 gauge nail gun, a finish nailer. We were in his garage and I couldn’t figure out how to load the thing. He looked at me with a big grin. I said to myself this guy has loaded and taken apart weapons underwater blindfolded.

    • I largely agree with her for the wrong reasons:

      “We picture the youthful hipster tip-tapping away on an Airbook, sipping a matcha something-or-other. The image is a potent one, regardless of the latent suggestion that the ideal working class subject has never seen a computer (or chair) before. The crusade against metropolitan values isn’t the subordination of identity politics to class analysis, but the opposite. Political conflict is solely understood as identitarian antagonism: city vs town, woke vs reactionary, culture vs culture. Identity politics are most potent where it is most vociferously denounced. Class is now spectacle, driven by an anxious media clique vaguely ashamed of its own bubble. Journalists heap disdain on London’s progressive tilt, but would rather die than live anywhere else. They race to pour scorn on the very coffee shops they frequent as signifiers of elitist decadence – blithely unaware of the barista on zero-hours helming the milk steamer, or the homeless man camped outside.” https://novaramedia.com/2021/05/10/everybody-is-doing-identity-politics-even-if-they-think-theyre-not/

      I’m so basking in her meltdown:

      • “Identity politics, the question of how we perceive ourselves and our communities in relation to others, is the master-frame through which all politics must first pass. That’s as true for Brexit as it is for BLM, or indeed, the appeals made by the left to traditions of working class radicalism and trade union organisation. Culture does not exist in opposition to class: it’s what makes it feel tangible. The task for the left isn’t to abdicate the terrain of identity, but reclaim it from the reactionary right.”

        This is so National Socialist. LMAO. Oh my god. I couldn’t agree more with this butthole of a woman and her sentiment. I wish the reactionary right actually was conscious about “identity politics.” But Right uses the phrase of “identity politics” as a deflection every time it’s assaulted on cultural grounds. It’s a shitty ass term invented by Jordan Peterson to gatekeep the Right after an onslaught on race and culture by the Left. The population was looking for answers because Conservatism wasn’t working as a successful bulwark against it. Peterson brought people to the colorblind ideas of earlier antiracism and coined the term “identity politics” to disparage the Left and give the Right some new meaning to oppose the Left. This prevented the Right from drifting to Nationalism (Peterson overtly admits this several times). The Right fixated on fight the Left so much due to its reactionary impulse could not see what was going on with Peterson and was happy to oppose the Left on these grounds which has solidified the Right as a colorblind faction for the foreseeable future (with white anxiety underneath it).

        She is just ass mad about the blow back. And the subconscious reactionary resentment has built up and now attacking her. I could pick apart her article and I don’t believe she’s as inclusive as she claims (with her “we’re winning lads” comment about white people dwindling to become a minority and then acting like it was “joke”), but whatever. Enough is enough bombarding the comment section.

  3. “Why UK Labour Party Is Losing Working Class Voters”

    This does not require a panel of effeminate and fauntleroy Ivy Leaguers, over at The Hill’s ‘Rising’, to understand.

    The Labour Party was supposet to protect workers, above all economically, but, instead, during the time of Tony Blair, quietly realigned itself with the enemies of, and those things antithetical to, English Working People.

    The English Working Class has been unjustifiably patient with this betrayal, but, then, so too, have we, The Average Joes, in America.

  4. We had a chance to turn things around if White Republicans had elected Pat Buchanan POTUS. But Pat’s VP pick was horrific. If Pat had picked James Webb for his VP…Pat would have-could have won…I mean Evola Foster?….Plus Pat’s three books were dull..boring…anemic….handouts from FAIR and numbersusa.com when these books should have made race-replacement the main theme every page every chapter…..if Pat had done this, his three books would have remained on the NYT best seller list for over a year. Pat could have mobilized the White Normies…I have never forgiven Pat for this level of gross incompetence….

  5. Hopefully the GOP cucks will have just enough brain power to see the success of Johnson’s Tories and make the obvious changes. The patriotic White populists who see the danger posed by the jewed shitlib race traitor scum over there are the exact same people as those who see it over here; both are switching from the (((Cultural Marxist))) parties to the ones they at least hope represent greater racial sanity.

    But only time will tell if that’s true; whether a there’s a true change of course, or just the usual mouth-farting of empty words backed by no action.

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