Wyoming Voters Sound Off On Liz Cheney

The only reason this woman is even in Congress or holds the privileged position of power that she does is because her daddy is Dick Cheney. The Republican establishment is dead. Stick a fork in it.

Harry Enten pointed out in a recent article that Liz Cheney only had a mere 7% favorability rating with Republican voters in February. She was also censured by the Wyoming Republican Party in February. The corporate media has done what seems like hundreds of segments with Never Trumpers like Charlie Sykes hyping up Liz Cheney and the “rift” within the Republican Party.

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  1. @ lizzy cheney caitlin jenner, last but not least, mr. Has a problem, with “founding stock” america, mcCarthy, thee current and future face of thee grande ole party, ha!ha!, serves you all right.


    When you step back and try to see this in the bigger picture, this is what I see :

    A well-coiffed Secular Bulldyke Corporate/Globalist Aristocrat, furious that Smalltown & Rural Americans have had it with being culturally, racially, politically, and economically pillaged & displacet, spells her timer packing up and calling for movers, by doing interviews with USGov Media Channel 1, CNN, and CIA Network 1, MSNBC, during which she lashes out at those whom she regards as being too ignorant and mean-spirited to appreciate the world she wishes to perpetuate for them.

    Credit to Miss Liz for having her tamper tantrum out loud and in publick, for I am sure that there have been many establishment duplicates of this, behind closed doors.

    If there is something more to this matter than that, I welcome any and all enlightening comments…

  3. Looks like Israel is taking some fire today. I enjoy seeing the smoke trails of Hamas rockets over Tel Aviv. That’s their future when the US government eventually can’t support them anymore,

  4. The RP establishment is ditching Cheney because she is solid on immigration. They are replacing her with a fanatical open borders woman from New York.

    Not to say Lizzie isn’t a ditz. But this is more Trumpism The result is an open border fanatic from New York gets the position. Always the same when Trump is involved. The party gets pushed left.

    I can see ditzy Lizzie as Secretary of State in a future administration. She is well positioned. She knows who runs Washington, both parties.

    • ‘Ditzy” is too kind a descriptor for her. She is a serpent in matronly business attire.

  5. A vote for the malodorous odious Liz Chenney is vote for never ending wars and the H1B-L1B Visa Asian Legal Immigrant Scab Labor Program…..Liz Chenney is a foul smelling creature from HELL…,,

  6. Wyoming looks like the kind of place where political dissidents are sent to be exiled. Does anyone voluntarily live there?

    • I went through Wyoming yesterday. Granted, it’s just the little bit that I 80 goes through. I like Wyoming a lot. I have delivered to colleges in Wyoming. The students are all slim and fit and white, and most wear cowboy hats. Forty below in winter is the big put off.

      • Minnesota gets that cold. It’s the only time of year you WON’T see the G-D Somalis out and about.

        When it’s cold, it’s White.
        Deo Gratias.

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