CNN: NBC Will Not Air The Next Golden Globes Over Diversity Controversy

I know many of you will be devastated to learn the news that NBC has decided not to air the Golden Globes next year due to a lack of diversity. There isn’t enough political correctness at these shitty award shows that are put on for Hollywood elites and which no one really watches anymore.


“New York (CNN Business)The Golden Globes will not be airing on NBC next year, temporarily ending a decades-long relationship between the network and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the nonprofit responsible for the awards.

The network announced that it would not carry the show in 2022 after controversy surrounding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s lack of diversity and ethical questions related to financial benefits given to some members, such as a hotel stay in connection with an “Emily in Paris” junket. …

The Times reporting found that the group has no Black members, and raised questions about benefits received by some members stemming from the millions that NBC pays for the right to televise the event, which has traditionally been one of the highest rated in the awards calendar. …”

The Oscars and Golden Globes are a window into what happens to institutions which are captured by woke progressive activists. It inevitably narrows their appeal because ordinary people hate this shit.


“Decades of failures around diversity and inclusion finally caught up with Hollywood Monday, when NBC made the unprecedented decision not to air the Golden Globes next year following backlash against the group that hosts the show.

Why it matters: NBC has been airing the event exclusively for decades. Its decision to pull back speaks to how big the backlash against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has become.

Driving the news: Over the weekend and on Monday, concerns that HFPA hasn’t done enough to embrace diversity among its ranks hit a breaking point.

The big picture: Hollywood is facing a slew of unprecedented business and culture challenges following the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests last year. …”

We’ve been covering the decline of these shows for years.

The Woke Oscars plunged to an all-time ratings low last month. The 78th Golden Globes aired in March and crashed an unbelievable 63% in viewership from the 2020 Golden Globes and sunk to a 13-year-low after posting the “lowest rating ever” in the 18-49 demographic.

Tomi Lahren is lame but even the mainstream Right has the correct take on this. Hollywood is canceling itself and using “lack of diversity” as an excuse and cover to get out of wasting so much money on this sinkhole. They can’t come out and say it is because 2/3rds of the audience vanished.

Note: Wokeness has become so central to progressive identity that it inevitably spills over into everything like the COVID vaccine distribution. They rate themselves by it now.

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  1. Hollywood doesn’t make the money it used to and nobody watches these stupid TV shows anymore.

    Back in the 1970’s people watched TV and they could advertise these shows saying, oh such and such celebrity will be there. Housewives liked it and old people thought of these TV shows as “society” and “what the kids are doing these days.”

    Now no one cares. Young girls are watching Instagram and young boys are watching other people play video games. No one has a clue who any of these actors are and they don’t care. People listen to music but no one watches music videos so no one cares about these celebrities.

    Most people who grew up with the 20th century Electronic Mass Media are dying now and certainly no one under the age of 30 even knows who these people are.

    The reason all these celebrities act “woke” is to distract from their many crimes and vices, the drug addictions, the rapes, sexual abuse, extortion, theft, etc. When people watched TV perhaps they cared what a celebrity said. Not much but at least they heard it.

    Now, not so much.

    • Im in my early 40’s and my impression is that almost all white, straight, generations X and MLNL men had checked out of broadcast TV completely by 2000. Only cable shows like the Sopranos or Mythbusters had any younger white male views at that point. I remember being surprised at how many boomer white men that I worked with or relatives of mine were watching idiotic goy-slop shows like Survivor and “Who wants to be a millionaire?” I noticed that boomers, women and minorities and gays all watched the same network TV shows but zero young straight white men watched those shows. Young at the time being under 30. Now, those people are basically all white men under 50.

      The big three networks had not really been even close to watchable since I was a kid in the 80’s when they had shows like Miami Vice and Charles In Charge. In the 90’s the big three reoriented away from action, white teens and sports towards elderly white viewers and women. But movies and the Fox network(ie Simpsons, Al Bundy) were watchable for younger white males through the 90’s.

      Around 9/11, young white males, except a few wiggers like m&m(he’s chocolate on the inside, get it?) were purged from popular music, tv and movies and young white men went entirely to video games, online and niche subcultures. Only TV any white man my age or young watched after 2000 was Sopranos, Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad. Last movie I remember any white guys being really excited about was Fight Club or American Psycho, around 1999/00.

      That retreat from media/pop culture was an early manifestation of the alt-right going mainstream with X/MLNL white men.

  2. I like this development. I hope the Oscars and Golden Globes gets shut down due to a lack of diversity.

    I’m a militant antiracist now!

  3. It’s also hilarious how their idea of “diversity” is basically white shitlibs, blacks + homosexuals, and increasingly “transpersons”, they don’t consider Latinos or asians worthy of whorsphip.

  4. In all seriousness ,the “woke” is stupid because Republicans are opposing this due to colorblindness which is what they mean by “identity politics” and “keep politics out of entertainment.” This is what happens when all you do is simply want to “own the libs” and “oppose the left.” Politics has always been in entertainment. The only difference it wasn’t as overt and obscene and more radical than earlier times.
    Even the earliest Star Wars was political in nature (a shitty boomer’s interpretation of WW2). So this idea that politics wasn’t in earlier media is simply wrong. It was always there. It wasn’t as hamfisted as the newest female Ghostbusters. But it was always there even with the older Ghostbusters (which had a diverse cast and token black guy. the experimenting of token casting has been going on for a long time with the idea to increase diverse representation). Conservatives simply believe in a past that didn’t exist.

    I really hate the term “woke” because obfuscates what is going on. The woke are correct in the sense of seeing “racism” everywhere. The only difference is they want to destroy it and build a new world. But you have earlier antiracists who stand in opposition and this as nonsensical. The “woke” are just more militant extreme antiracists who take antiracism further. That’s it. If you’re against slavery and racism, why wouldn’t you destroy statues peoples who did it? It’s a more radical position in a trajectory of positions that have been occurring since the movements conception. The more centrist antiracists (from an earlier era) argue these things were bad, however shouldn’t necessitate destroying history and we shouldn’t moralize it. If you believe in diversity and inclusion, why wouldn’t you want to systemically enforce it everywhere? If that’s your measurement of “progress,” it makes sense to do it. Earlier antiracists will be destroyed by more radical antiracists. The cries about “woke” is nothing more than a cope of people who still adhere to a colorblind view that really has no institutional support (at the very least is disappearing). They don’t even believe in taking over the institutions and are fine with retreating and allowing the opposition to control the institutions and the State. The developing backlash is still largely stems for the yearning of colorblindness and a desire to return to it as the default. And doesn’t get to the root of the problem that deals with the fact that antiracism is about dismantling the white majority and ending whiteness. All this backlash will do temporarily abate the ongoing onslaught. Jordan Peterson plea of individualism, ending “identity politics,” and “anti-wokeness” is genius in capping, channeling, and controlling the backlash and how it will play out.

    • And doesn’t get to the root of the problem that deals with the fact that antiracism is about dismantling the white majority and ending whiteness

      Since when do Racist Leftists such as yourself give a shit about the White Majority? Since when do you, Spencer Burger, and Mating Call Mark care about any group of Whites except for DILE’s: Democratic Independent Liberal Elites/College Educated White Professionals/13 percent of the White Voter base/creators, drivers, and true believers in Woke Progressivism?

      Your agenda and so-called “vision” is transparent: You wish to convert this 13% of the White population to White Nationalism, take over the world, and establish a society that looks like the 2013 movie Elysium, with a ruling class of the College Educated White Professionals living in the sky, enjoying unlimited access to food and resources, while lording it over the rest of the White population down below living in hopeless squalor with the Muds. You’re not interested in “conserving the White Race.” You’re another petty tyrant, just like Antifa.

      What you really want is to punish social conservatives for voting Republican and being on the wrong side of the culture war. You want to do everything the Woke Left wants to do – brainwashing, gaslighting, policing our thoughts, controlling what we can eat, what we can own, ritualistically humiliating us for shits and giggles – only you want to do it for “racist” reasons as opposed to “anti-racist” reasons. I guess somewhere along the way, you’ll also subordinate the Muds, as if thats supposed to make us feel better, or to justify the subsistence existence you have planned for us.

      Unironically, if elites who thought like Tomi Lahren or Tucker Carlson were in charge of the existing system, the White Race would be better off than it would under the type of “Pro-White” system that you, Spencer Burger, and Mating Call Mark wish to impose on us. You HATE regular Whites as much as the Woke Left and PMCs do. We eat the wrong food, think the wrong thoughts, drive the wrong cars – hell, why should we be allowed to drive in the first place, amirite? – hold the wrong values, desire the wrong goals, and are altogether unworthy of safety and happiness.

      Yours is an ancient aristocratic attitude that never died: Only the Aristocrats – the “Noble” men – are worthy of human flourishing. Only the Aristocrats are actually Human. The Eternal “unwashed masses” must be tormented and reduced to misery. Our existence is offensive to your nostrils. Your entire life purpose is waging war on the members of your own race that you hate worse than you hate any Jew or Mud. White Solidarity is impossible and White Nationalism is doomed because of aristocratic tyrants like you. Susan Santong was right in a way: Whites like you truly are the cancer of humanity.

      We will continue to eat our burgers, drive our SUV’s, watch our sportsball and movies, shop at our outlet malls, walk around our theme parks, play our video games, get laid (when we feel like dumpster diving), and look on with amusement and curiosity as the elites who exist to serve us build cooler and cooler tech that eventually allows us to colonize Mars and do all that shit on a red planet instead. Progress today, progress tomorrow, progress forever.

      Oh, and our elites will also make sure we can do all those things without getting murdered, raped, or kidnapped by criminals and immigrants. Fash the Border, Liberate the Interior. That’s what our race deserves – except for the 13% of Whites such as yourself who are undermining and ruining it all. You will be put back in your place using your professional skills to serve society – which is to say, serve us – or you wont exist at all. You will learn to live as equals among those Whites who have done you nothing wrong, and you will humble yourself before us. You will learn the true meaning of Popular Sovereignty and what it looks like in practice. The Elites serve at the pleasure of the People. We do not exist to serve you, and we will destroy you if you try.

      • I would rather be a racist Leftist than a racist fucking Libertarian or GOP twit like you. You’re nearly no different than Nick Fuentes.

        Yes. I believe there are people who rule and people who don’t. People who understand institutional control and people who don’t. The only thing you will do is go into your little hole cry about how the Left now runs things. Which I guess is good for you. You don’t want to build something new. Shit, even when it comes to whining about deindustrialization, you will do nothing but whine about corporations in the most vague way with no plan and maybe sometimes talking about taxing the rich out of reactionary resentment rather than having a vision. Your only saving grace is when the Left goes too far, then tapping into that for a period of time, yet it goes nowhere.

        False opposition is false opposition. Channeling energy into to a dead end is arguably worse. I don’t expect you to understand this concept. You’re right. I do want to punish them. For all the shit that Left creates, you’re worse. I don’t want conservativism. I don’t believe in simply resisting decay and going to some point in the past and somehow freezing time (which is not only impossible but not desire). It’s people like you, due to blind resentment that lead to Trump, and it’s people like you who still follow Trump to this day simply out of hate. If a Liberal told you to not eat shit, you’d eat shit to “own the Libtards.” It’s counterproductive and stupid. This is not how I want to live my life. Sure, I don’t worship every white person like a blind dog. There can be shitty white people (and good ones).

        That sounds pretty badass. But yes, a lot the values lead here to where we are. And yes, I do want white people to eat healthier and be better (a lot of you could do with not driving all the time and running and exercising and not being so fucking obese and building your entire identity around consumption) which takes more hard work than just yammering about “Muds” all the time to feel superior. I don’t care. I’m paternalistic. I think there’s nothing admirable at constantly looking at the ground at what is beneath you (if that’s even the case). But looking upwards towards the stars and comparing yourself to that which is better than you, perfection, which one can never reach. Yet one still strives diligently- reaching a higher state both for yourself and society collectively. Having purpose. Inspiring and being inspired. Caring about others even if that means going against the grain and telling harsh truths. Go cry some more. I think there’s been enough babysitting of white people with types like you. Tough love as they say. You’re right. I do hate the average white person (as much as I hate the PMC crowd. And minorities themselves. Each in their own respective way. What can I say? I’m an equal opportunity abuser). Was this supposed to be an own. You just worship freedom and your own butthole and your burgers, your SUVs, etc. You’re miserable because you’re free. You have no purpose. You’re simply a racist Libertarian. And to you Man is to be nothing more that fat lard that consumes (and yells at Liberals).

        I’m so glad you think I’m ruining it all- seething how you’ll destroy me. And while it’s funny that I live in your head rent-free due to our last encounter, I simply have better things to do then get into another scrap with a loser you.

        • The most amusing part of all this is that you actually think you have any chance of getting those “People who understand institutional control” on your side, i.e., College Educated White Professionals. Riddle me this before you run off for a sweaty workout at the gym with Jack Donovan:

          What in the actual hell makes you think those people will ever be converted to White Nationalism?

          I dare you to go up to a PMC and tell him or her that we need a White Ethnostate with a +95% White population. You will have no support and no sympathy, and they will probably report you to the FBI as a “domestic terrorist.” Perhaps you don’t even believe in a White Ethnostate, or a homogenous White population, or repealing the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act and repatriating all the non-whites granted citizenship through that illegitimate act. Perhaps you’re naive enough to think that PMCs can be convinced to manage our diverse future in a way where Whites benefit the most and are harmed the least. If that be the case, then have fun wasting away your life on rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

          I’m a reactionary because the only way to save society and conserve the White Race is to push for policies and ideals that are supposedly “impossible,” such as repealing the 65 Immigration Act and uniting the White Race – all of us, not just the goddamned PMCs/Aristocrats – under the banner of White Solidarity. I acknowledge this may be futile. There’s no other way.

          Not only do I have less than zero interest in managing the decline by appealing to College Educated Whites, I also find the whole approach repulsive and undesirable because the interests and values of College Educated Whites are directly opposite of my own. With the major exception of sexuality, which had me convinced that I was a Social Liberal, I am in fact a Social Conservative. I don’t want College Educated White Professionals running the show and pushing their garbage values – like transgenderism and anti-racism – down my throat. I’d rather hand over power to Jews and non-whites at that point, since raw Enemies are always preferable to Traitors. By wishing to Lord it over and oppress members of their own race, College Educated White Professionals are traitors to their race.

          So then, while you accuse me of idly standing by and doing nothing to stop the Left, you yourself are no better. You don’t actually have a solution to stopping the Left other than autistically whining on the internet about how “we cant return to X because X led to Y which led to Z,” thus implying that we need to retvrn to a point before the slippery slope began (Evola once said this was 800 BC, as I recall). And yet, you don’t even have the balls to explicitly push for Fascism, or Monarchy, or Aristocracy, or whatever. You wish to take society as it exists in the current year and, like a good little Progressive Reformer, tinker at the margins of society and make sure that the “right people” (College Educated White Professionals) are in charge.

          At least my reactionary vision, if it came to frution, would ensure that the White Race doesn’t mix itself out of existence. Your vision of PMC-led reform would still result in the White Race going extinct in 300 years as we get swamped by a tidal wave of Mud. You have no plan, nor apparently any real desire, for separating our race from non-whites. You have no plan for changing the culture and moving the overton window in a direction that would make the goals and dreams of White Nationalism possible. You just want to dunk on conservatives all day on twitter because we are your real cultural nemesis.

          You have no one to blame but yourself for White Nationalism being on the fringed and getting deplatformed. You and Spencer bought this nightmare on yourselves, and I for one am thrilled that you are stuck swimming here in the internet ghettos with the rest of us. Its what you richly deserve. You’re unworthy of the power you crave.

  5. The Golden Globe…The Emmys…The Oscars….and the Grammy’s for the past few years have been a Democratic Party open declration of WAR against Conservative Christian Man Vladimir Putin and Christian Russia….These Hollywood Awards shows are an open Homosexual Pederast declaration of WAR against Normalcy…with the full approval of “Conservative” Sean Hannity. Why do you think Sean Hannity enthusiastically interviewed Caitlynn Jenner….

  6. Someone more cynical than myself might suggest that NBC is using wokeness as a convenient excuse to ditch an event with low ratings and getting lower by the year.

  7. This is what happens when too many jews, blacks, gays and good goys dominate things…it gets ruined. You could not pay me to watch one of those disgusting awards shows. Many years back as a kid I enjoyed them. But of course it all got ruined with disgraceful weirdos promoting Democrats at every turn and now blacks. A ticket to disaster and as mentioned, it’s obviously being cancelled because nobody cares about the stupid shows anymore. Thus, the never ending fall back excuse, ” Muh blaxx are mad”. Yt do something to appease them again.

    We may be hitting peak woke loser ville. We now have many cities losing people who do not trust their Democrat politicians to protect them since all they do is suck up to blacks. In the real world that means more crime and less police. Folks are now truly voting with their feet. Even California lost a congressional seat. New York continues its slide as does Jersey. People with big bucks are truly pondering if it’s worth it anymore.

    Democrats have gone so far left and anti White they forget White people are the golden goose.A limited or no more goose means no more country. That is exactly the path the Democrats are on and the fact is in the House of Representatives, non Jewish Whites are a minority of Democrats. It’s a black, jewish, hispanic, Asian party now and most are socialist.

    But without whitey, the nation becomes just another wrecking ball country like many south of the border. A stupid awards show that has to shutdown for a year because people don’t watch, is just another symptom of left wing lunacy. It has to ruin everything because internally they are miserable brats too cowardly or brainwashed to live in reality.

  8. It is interesting to see
    Hebrewood going the way of Vaudeville. They controlled the entertainment industry for at least a century. And as recently as 2019 they still looked almost invincible. I’m guessing the real reason that NBC is dropping the Golden Globe Awards is simply because nobody watches it anymore.

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