Poll: Three Quarters of Americans Oppose White Privilege Training

Woke progressivism is the new governing ideology of the Democratic Party. They’ve moved on from progressive liberalism to pushing the “successor ideology.”

There is one small problem though. It turns out that a super majority of Americans are strongly opposed to this anti-white world that is being created by progressive activists and there is deep resistance to Wokeism even among Democrats and in the bluest parts of the country.

The Federalist:

“A poll released Monday indicates U.S. voters overwhelmingly oppose critical race theory-related curricula in K-12 schools.

The survey, performed by the firm Competitive Edge Research and released by the educational research and advocacy group Parents Defending Education, notably found that 74 percent of respondents are “somewhat or strongly opposed” to white privilege training and to schools communicating minorities are inherently oppressed. A minute 6 percent were in favor of white privilege training. …

More than 800 active voters were asked more than 50 questions in April about social justice issues in the classroom and basic information about themselves. Just under 70 percent of respondents opposed teaching systemic racism and 80 percent oppose classrooms promoting “political activism.” …

It is also notable that 75 percent of respondents opposed communicating to students that biological sex does not exist. Eighteen percent of respondents supported such ideology.

The poll bills itself as “the first national poll to ask detailed questions of American voters about efforts to impose Critical Race Theory and ‘social justice’ curriculum on K-12 schools found overwhelming opposition to it and strong support for a de-politicized curriculum.”

White privilege is extremely divisive among Democrats.

The idea that “trans women” are women divides Democrats.

We will get to it later this afternoon but a third of Joe Biden voters are White working class voters. There is still plenty of room left to drop with this demographic. Trump pulled his punches.

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  1. “The core tenets of social justice ideology are massively unpopular.”

    Yes, but the same was true of forcet integration, secularizing institutions, shipping out our manufacturing out, gay marriage, warrantless government spying, endless foreign wars for the benefit of a few, transgenderism, and they forcet it on us anyway.

    My only question is : will we now stand up, in a forceful and resolute way, or will we continue to make excuses for ourselves, as we slink gutlessly away?

      • @John & Powell…

        I sure do hope y’all are wrong, but, fear that y’all are both right.

        I tell you what : I’ll hedge my bets and put some on good men, like y’all, who will stand, and some money on plenty of others slinking away!

          • @Fr. John+

            While I hope I do not have to make that choice, I have long ago accepted that it might occur, and, if it does, I choose God and my people.

            One thing is for sure – after knowing Chryst I cannot imagine, for the life of me, how anyone could go back to Satan…

  2. It’s cool these skanks brand themselves with really ugly and stupid tattoos. When the checkpoints go up they are going to find themselves on the wrong side of that border.

    • Watching video from the 1980’s, I was struck by all the young, healthy (not obese) young White women without tattoo-marred skin.
      We called tattoos (on women) “tramp stamps” back in the day.

  3. The Critical Race Theory-Wokeism Police State of the Democratic Party never would have happened if the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and the massive increase in the scale of post-1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS massively empowered the Democratic Party. The Native White Working Class Vote against Critical Race-Theory-Wokeism was Demographically completely nullified by the Deomocratic Party Voting Bloc on Nov 3 1965.

    The passage of th 1965 Immigration Reform Act was a direct consequence of the passage of the 1964 Civil rights Act for blacks-which was a direct consequence of the post-1945 Cold War. There is complimentary story to all of this:THE SEX DRUGS ROCK AND ROLL CUlTURE which destroyed the White Baby Boomers during their teenage years….The CIA was beind this-there is a reason why the CIA hires creatures such as John Brennan.

    The lack of an ultra conservative social-cultural moral code for the White Boomers was a death sentence. White Boomer Women would have been bettter off wearing the hajib and convertig to Islam.

    White Conservatives in 2021:White Conservative Sean Hannity interviewing Caitlynn Jenner….it was funny when John Cleese used to interview Graham Chapman who would be wearing a dress and making loud squealy noises….The Hannity-Jenner interview was not funny-it was meant to be taken very seriously…..

    • @Patrick…

      I agree that, as of 2021, we are witnessing the vines that were planted long ago.

      That said, I go back further than you, because, by my reading, The 1965 Immigration Act never would have happened, or, at least, not to The South, if your great great grandfathers had not been so determined to destroy the 10th Amendment.

      All of this, every single bit of this, hinges around The 10th amendment, and it’s gradual erosion at the behest of Northeastern States.

      • If it was just a matter of North versus South, it would be a joke. Blaming the North for everything is just in-fighting, and Whites are so fractionalized, to begin with.

        It’s like the people who just blame California for everything, when most big and mid-size cities, everywhere, are hell-holes.

        • Completely agree. Patrick of Greenport’s “great great grandfathers” are irrelevant to the point and beyond interpretation by Ivan.

          • @Old Enough to Be Your Mother…

            It is pertinent that our Patrick’s great-great-great grandfathers fought The South, and that his state continues to.

            Case in point?

            Every time a Southern state adopts a measure to restrain unlimited immigration, even the most timid thing, it is overturned by courts packt with Yankee judges.

            With Amy Coney Barrett, The South has it’s first judicial voice in decades.

            Moreover, Connecticut has continually supported the wrong policies for this nation – from secularization, leftist senators, lefitst judicial appointments, forcet integration, abortion, open borders, to homosexuality and transgenderism.

        • @Pilot…

          Nobody is blaming The North for everything, for, at this point, many have blame in how this country has fallen.

          Yet, to solely blame The Immigration Act of 1965 (and act of the Jewish-New England Alliance) is reductionism.

          The nation began to unravel when The Northeast decided it had to be boss over everything.

          Centralized control has been a bane, and that is why my ancestors in grey fought against it, because they wanted to preserve the genius of this nation’s founding – sovereign states.

          This nation has been unraveling for about 160 years. No particular event is the central event.

    • “passage of th 1965 Immigration Reform Act was a direct consequence of the passage of the 1964 Civil rights Act for blacks”

      Yes , LBJ left America a wonderful legacy.
      (Who was he sleeping, Matilda who?)

  4. “strongly opposed to this anti-white world that is being created by progressive activists”

    How about, Just Everything Wrong, it has a simple abbreviation.

  5. Everything we have seen over the decades shows Whites have very little rights and are constantly being attacked and demonized by the media and govt. If that is White privilege, I’ll take victim hood status like the jews and blacks have.

  6. The only White Privilege™ I see is coming from spoiled, immature white girls who like to march in televised demonstrations with their hip, militant Negro friends from the ghetto. Black women should beat the tar out of them, since their liberal, permissive parents obviously did not.

  7. The Confederate flags and monuments polled well too (and not just in the South) but they still came down. Democracy is not really about what people want. It is about what Leftist elites want.

  8. Of course (((Cultural Marxism))) is unpopular; it always has been. But as long as no organized at least implicitly pro-White force to fight it is allowed to form by the kikes’ fed whores, it will triumph yet again.

  9. Many thanks to Arrian for the tip on Mathilde Krim, terrorist for Zion and one of LBJ’s many sluts. She and her husband, Arthur Krim, a major fundraiser, were pivotal figures in America’s slide into subservience to our Very Special Ally. The Krims were with LBJ during the lead up to and fighting of the Six Day War. The couple had their own bedroom in the White House and built a house on Lake Lyndon B Johnson so they could be close to LBJ when he was at the Texas White House. This article by Philip Weiss adds some important pieces to the puzzle of how our leaders became such a traitorous pack of bitches. https://mondoweiss.net/2018/01/secret-life-mathilde/

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