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  1. Never has a man needed Mr D Vinyard’s descending boot more in his life.

  2. HW just come out and admit it – how much are they paying you to post these videos?

    I don’t care what the conspiracy theorists say, NOBODY watches John Oliver. A John Oliver fan is about as real as little green men from Mars.

      • “and Trevor Noah have an audience.”
        By highly contrived methods and numbers.

        jews are masters of the rigged game !

        • It worked for the Kardashians. Just get the media to keep talking about you nonstop. There’s enough sheep to buy into the popularity thing.

  3. John Oliver has a message for the Moshiach too—-“I love you, I need you, and I have got to have, XOXOXO.”

  4. Has anyone read “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History ”
    By Nicholas Wade ?

    Is it worth the time?

      • Yes, I read it several years ago. It was good, but not great, like Michael Levin’s “Why Race Matters.”

    • @Arrian

      I’ve read Troublesome Inheritance. It’s very interesting and digestible but it’s written for the lay person, If you’ve been into HBD for a while you might not find anything new in there but I’d still give it a go.

      I actually have two copies because it’s a really good book to loan to people who are ‘normies’ on race given Wade’s reputation and the measured and often cautious tone of the book.

  5. I’ve never understood these stories of White people wanting to touch their hair. One of the last things I want to touch is a nappy fro.

  6. Afro is out of style,black women straight the hair their men folk go after white women.

  7. Who better to enlighten us about the nature of black hair and its history than a Fellow White Person®?

  8. I wonder if John Oliver has ever found a couple of kinky little black hairs in his omelet at Waffle House.

    • If I wanted to know what their hair feels like, I could just pay some streetwalker $5 to let me stroke her pubes. It’d be cleaner too.

  9. Funny like a cancer diagnosis… Oliver is somewhat funnier then previous host Jon Stewart I’m surprised he doesn’t use his real name last name liebowitz almost like hes ashamed of it weird.

    Trevor Noah is a monkey man who is sometimes accidentally funny cause of the goofy things he says. Colbert is just a giant piece of shit who gets more woke antiwhite everyday and not funny at all no surprise their he is irish coastal elite libtard demonRat

  10. Political comedy nowadays is like Bolshevik propaganda Its a Orwellian wrongthink/ doublethink too

  11. You mean POSSA can’t use gorilla glue as a hair tonic? (POSSAA-People of sub-Saharan African Ancestry- a far more accurate description of Blacks in America as not all Africans are Negroes. African-American empowered Afro-centric fantasies that something like Wakanda was actually reality!

    The guy reeks weakness and beta-male!

  12. Okay, I have to concur with the alumni who did not like football players with long dreadlocks dangling out from beneath their helmets. Not because I have issues with the football player leaving his hair loose when he is out of uniform.

    But I think anyone whose job involves being tackled and jumped on would put himself in jeopardy of a broken neck and his university in jeopardy of a lawsuit from his family.

    He needs to pin it up and then cover it with a very tight covering to keep them from falling out while he is wearing his helmet. I see nothing racist or unreasonable about that idea.

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