The Realignment: Senator Josh Hawley

I agree with breaking up the Big Tech monopolies.

Can a lone U.S. senator break up the Big Tech monopolies though? Wouldn’t this necessarily require reaching a consensus on the issue in the Republican Party and conservatives getting over their romanticization of free-market ideology? Hawley has been pushing this issue for years. Yes, it is great that he is doing it, but it went nowhere even when Republicans controlled the Senate. Instead, the Senate passed Mike Lee’s visa bill to REWARD Big Tech with more cheap labor from India.

In theory, Amazon, Apple, Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are separate companies. This hasn’t stopped Big Tech from acting as a progressive cabal to censor populist and nationalist speech though on behalf of Joe Biden, the Democratic Party and interest groups like the ADL. You could also say that CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS and MSNBC are competitors, but does that stop them from being ideologically captured, pushing the same narrative and acting as a progressive cabal that controls television?

Hawley says in this interview that Theodore Roosevelt ultimately became a statist who wanted to regulate these natural monopolies as public utilities. Isn’t that the real solution though? Isn’t that why progressives are blocked from deplatforming their political enemies from, say, telephone service?

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  1. “Progressivism Can’t Endure As The Party of the PMC”

    I do, too. I also agree with breaking up the United States, which is involved in all sorts of devilry, and very little that is good, both at home and abroad.

    Ultimately, that is the arc – the breakups of big tech and the nation, because the way we have gone simply cannot be sustained.

    How we get to these destinies, and when, are totally different matters.

    My sense of it is that Senator Hawley would like to ride this issue into The White House, or some form of high leadership of a new Confederacy.

    It’s a good strategy, because, at the heart of The American Experiment, either Confederate or Federal, is Free Speech, and, that, as everyone on The Right well knows, is increasingly endangered – not just at the national level, but even at home, where many in Wednesday night bible classes at Baptist Church now often do not express their real convictions, for fear that their fellow congregant, of 50, 60, and sometimes 70 years, thinking bad of them.

    And, with President Biden working on turning this nation into a Stasi-like snitch country, things are looking even worse.

    Say what you will about certain aspects of them, Senators Halwey, Johnson, Cruz, Manchin, and Rand Paul, Governors Stitt, DeSantis, Noem, and Abbott, congressfolks, former and current, like Gabbard, Kucinich, Brooks, King, Ron Paul, Gaetz, Meadows, and Jordan, and, yes, President Trump, are fighting The Good Fight, or, at least, some aspect of that.

  2. He’s the Republican that is a big supporter of Israel, right?

    So what do the Israelis have him on video doing? With a face like that, I shudder just thinking about it. Poor kids.

    • @Banned…

      “He’s the Republican that is a big supporter of Israel, right?”

      That description fits hundreds of GOP politicians.

  3. Ivan is right. Pretty much all of us want to break up Big Tech into a million pieces. But we should also break up the USA – an abomination that is probably the biggest enemy on this planet of our race and traditional values. I hope to God that when we do get space colonization that the USA is no longer around. If it is you know it will fight to ensure that any colonial city on Mars is part Black, part Hispanic, part Asian, part tranny, etc. This sickness does not need to spread. It needs to be broken up.

    • @Big Tech…

      Thank you, Sir, for the confirmation and for chiming in on what needs be done.

      The United States of America, has simply become so large, it is unwieldy.

      Worse yet, it tries to take a cookie-cutter approach to every group in it’s empire and force all of us to live the same.

      While I appreciate the desire to be fair, we simply are not the same, and no wishful thinking will ever make it so.

  4. The GOP talks about the tyranny of big tech but do nothing to stop it. The Republicans had the presidency, house and senate from 2016 to 18 and did nothing but sit on their hands.

    • @John…

      I agree.

      Candidate Trump had it all figured out and laid out, and then, as President Trump, went up to bat and, before he even took a swing, walkt over to the other guy’s dugout and made a deal.

      It was just one of many things that hurt my feelings about President Trump.

      I just could not figure out how the guy could see how badly this nation is failing, come up with good ideas on how to fix it, and then do only little parts of it.

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