Vox: Biden Can’t Fight Climate Change Without Tackling Our Meat Obsession

This is a difficult concept for most Americans to grasp.

There are highly educated people in this country who identify with the progressive movement who are extremely offended that there is so much meat in your grocery store and even worse that you are able to purchase it. We’ve got to do something to stop you from eating so much meat.


“President Joe Biden has a planto tackle climate change. His major infrastructure program, the American Jobs Plan, is mostly a blueprint for doing just that.It’s exhaustive — the summary alone clocks in at 12,000 words — and that’s encouraging. But in all those words, something crucial is missing.

Nowhere does “meat” get a mention. Likewise, “animal agriculture” appears exactly zero times.

If Biden is serious about staving off climate disaster, our meat system is not something he can afford to ignore. At least 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from animal agriculture. That’s largely because ruminant animals like cows emit a lot of methane, and producing feed requires using energy and clearing forests that would otherwise be trapping carbon.

The US plays an outsized role in all of this. …

And there’s a likely political reason why. Meat-eating has become ensnared in the country’s culture wars. A false tabloid-fueled rumor that Biden was looking to ban burgers recently caused an apoplectic reaction among Republicans. Imagine the backlash if Biden were to actually advocate for cutting subsidies to the meat industry, requiring factory farms to report and reduce emissions, or phasing out factory farms altogether …

But she is skeptical that relying on carrots rather than sticks can help the US fix its food system at the speed demanded by the climate emergency — which speaks to the broader idea that the fight against climate change will need to be a multi-front battle. Politically unpopular or not, she argued, the Biden administration needs to regulate the meat industry — by compelling it to report and reduce emissions, for starters — rather than counting on it to make voluntary changes as new technology or new contracts become available. …”

Cows are farting.

It is destroying Mother Earth.

Do you remember what the lying fact checkers said?

They’re all like “pants on fire” or “four pinocchios” whenever you notice that these people have a huge problem with meat eating. They are deeply frustrated at not being able to explicitly go there.

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  1. The climate change cow farts reasoning is total BS. The real reason in case you haven’t caught on yet slow poke is (((they))) hate are guts and want to starve us to death.

    • Taxes , taxes .taxes
      They just want an excuse to increase taxes, gasoline, meat, lumber….everything.

      Like Germany, with green taxes, gasoline is 6.85$/gal (1.5€/Ltr)

      • They got your money, they got your country……. they want you dead, nailed to a cross just like they did to your God. But they don’t have the balls to do the deed. That is what the Irish are for.

        • Brownnose. If you are White, HE is your God, too.

          And you better start bending the knee, now. Phil. 2:10

  2. “Cows are farting.”

    Yes, flatulence contains methane and its reduction would be a good idea.

    My suggestion,
    Butt plugs and super glue for all libtards.

  3. What’s scary about the global warming/ climate change is how many people actually believe in it.

  4. VOX is just another part of the jew-run junk media. So what if there’s a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere? Why would that be a bad thing? VOX doesn’t care to tell us. Would it cause global warming? If so then why don’t environmental activists still use the phrase “global warming”? It would seem that junk science is a by-product of junk media.

  5. Reducing meat consumption for plebs has been a goal of American oligarchs like the Rockefellers since before anyone cared about climate. It is just used as an excuse to execute policies they’ve wanted since the early 20th century. Destroying the middle class, forcing plebs to subsist on peasant gruel, open borders, etc. They put some of these goals on hold during the cold war, but since the end of communism all of it started up again. If they were actually worried about atmospheric emissions, the proposed policies would be focused on other things, rather than on fulfilling this longstanding globalist wish list.

  6. Real French nationalists always had a strong and unapologetic dislike of jews. Whatever Macron is advocating obviously has nothing to do with that. These European “leaders” want the countries they come from to have the same amount of sovereignty that our so-called states here in America do.

  7. May 11, went through a huge snowstorm, 300 miles, in Wyoming today. I believe in climate change. Everything moves in cycles. The earth is cooling.

    I am sitting at a rest area now in Nebraska looking at a hundred black cows. I went over and asked one of them across the fence why she farts so much. I think she said, “we don’t fart, cows don’t do that.”

    So there you have it. They just walk around and eat grass all day. Just like my wife, they really don’t fart.

    • “300 miles, in Wyoming today” My condolences, that’s one bleak drive.

      “Everything moves in cycles.”…….Milankovitch precessional cycle.

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