Drag Queen Thinks “Trans” Kids Is a Bridge Too Far

Joe Biden is more radical on this issue.

The degenerate novelty chasing has gotten so bad in progressive circles that some drag queens are speaking out against the cultural appropriation. Don’t cross dress your children because it is fashionable! Don’t bring your children to drag bars or tell them they are “trans.”

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  1. “Have Joe Biden and the Democrats gone too far?”

    It depends on whom you ask.

    Now, if you were to ask Southerners of 1960, a lynch party would have been the immediate answer.

    If that is not our answer today, we have to ask – were our grandfathers that wrong on these issues, or are we?

    • From your mouth to God’s ears. It’s never too late, to do the RIGHT thing.

      “such… are deserving of Death.” Rom. 1:32

  2. Joe Biden sexually assaulted a young woman that worked in his office. She was just trying to have a career and thought it was an opportunity to work for an important Senator.

    Biden assumed she was just “ass” and then grabbed her, shoved her up against the wall, and sexually assaulted her. When she resisted, he said, “come on man I thought you liked me!”

    And he’s always sniffing and touching on kids like a creep.

    Plus how do you think his son Hunter Biden turned out so messed up? Drugged up, sexual pervert, probably multiple STDs.

    Would you let Joe Biden anywhere near your kids? Hell no.

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