Rising: Corporate Comedy’s Sad Descent Into Extreme Cringe

This is painful to watch.

I don’t watch any of these award shows like the Oscars or the Golden Globes. I don’t really watch “mainstream” news and culture except to study these people like a cultural anthropologist would investigate an alien culture, take notes and write reportbacks for my own audience.

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  1. The Colbert Report was OK but never lol funny. I don’t know anyone who watches those late night “comedy” shows anymore. They certainly don’t generate any “buzz”. The networks must surely be running them at a loss. But apparently the giant corporations that own those networks can afford to write off those losses as the cost of promoting their shitty “woke” agenda.

  2. American comedy, especially white people comedy when it isn’t being political, has turned into a competition to see who can be the snarkiest and who can attempt to turn the most mundane, unfunny, non-offensive things into something funny. Humor has ALWAYS revolved around being irreverent. The only thing these people are allowed to make fun of, that isn’t inanimate, is white, Christian, heterosexual men. They have cornered themselves into a one trick pony act that makes them all sound the same and has gone stale. The only person they can make fun of now without consequence is themselves. Which makes it feel pathetic and cringe.

  3. I thought they were caterrig to heavy pot smokers who never sobered up long enough to have any sense of reality.

    • ” caterrig to heavy pot smokers ”

      They are.

      These so called “comedians” remind me of the snarky smartass in high school with the insulting snide remarks, just before someone knocked out his front teeth.

      I still insist, their ratings and audience numbers are falsely inflated.

  4. Remember when Jon Stewart used to have Pat Buchanan on the Daily Show and they got along great bashing Bush and the Iraq War? That helped me keep my sanity in the Dubya regime era.

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