Jimmy Dore: Fauci Squirms Over Lab Leak Questions

We’ve known from the beginning that COVID either escaped from a lab or has a natural origin.

Isn’t it striking how uninterested the “journalists” are in tracking down the origin of COVID which is one of the biggest stories of the early 21st century? Why haven’t they found this bat that was supposedly the host species and proven that was how the virus jumped naturally into humans? Isn’t that what normally happens? It has been over a year now. We know the path by which SARS 1 and MERS emerged from their host species and jumped to humans, but what is the explanation for the unique features of COVID?

What is this about lab workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology getting sick in Fall 2019? You would think that would be an important story. Why isn’t that a “bombshell”?

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      • Anyone with a modicum of sense, would know that tampering with the structure of a virus is very dangerous.

        Even a tard, who’d watched ‘ The Andromeda Strain ‘ , would be cautious.

    • Trump picked a fight with China, China answered.Trump fucked around and found out. Democrats were also in on it. Either from the start, or they joined in when they saw that wrecking the economy and shutting down all communicatons and movement was to their adavantage.

      • I think the US warmachine needed a center left politician in office to pull off a war policy. Trump was never really positioned to declare war or wage wars. Biden is more likely and able. As the Neocons say Biden is “intellectually equipped” to commit ground troops and other assets.

  1. It was all planned and orchestrated by that criminal Fauci. He has ties and money invested in Wuhan labs. He was involved in bringing dead viruses back to life by mixing them with animal viruses. SARS has a 15% mortality rate while “covid” is less than 1%. No face diapers, shutting down the economy,etc when Obama was in office. They scammed you with the scamdemic and Blumph bought into the lie, hook ,line and sinker. It was all about the money from the beginning. Rand Paul talks about Fauci’s involvement in all of this.


  2. If this Covid Affair had happened 50 years ago, The United States’ Government would have attempted to burn down The Chinese government for this, all the while roasting Dr. Fauci on national hearings with criminal charges.

    But, then again, this would not have happened 50 years ago, because people like Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci would not have been in charge, the sum result being that no one would have been so stupid, and or so machiavellian, as to outsource this viral research to the Chine Government – of all entities.

    Things are upside down – about as far as they can get, and they need to get knockt back upside as soon as possible.

    • Fauci has been in charge of HIV research for around 45 years. While he’s supposed to be straight he has a queer vibe. Wouldn’t be surprised to find he has enjoyed a widespread plague event. Would not be surprised to find out that he was researching Corona viruses, knew all along a vaccine was ready to go and used the outbreak as an excuse to curry favour with the Warmachine by delaying approval of the vaccines that were ready in the early summer.

    • “You would think that would be an important story. Why isn’t that a “bombshell”?”

      Can you say, “kosher collusion” ?
      Can you say, ” kosher controlled media and government infiltration” ?
      Who would prosecute Fauci, Merrick (((Garland))) ?
      Do you know what ‘Achdut’ is ?

  3. How did the Wuhan virus come to America?

    Did the Wuhan virus kayak to America? Swim? Hot air ballon? Is the Wuhan virus an advanced intelligence?

  4. That greasy, smirking little guinea is a proven liar: he lied about his advocating/funding the hugely dangerous gain-of-function research, and about his true belief of the importance of people wearing masks to prevent the spread. He’s shuckin’ ‘n’ jivin’ because he’s one of the bastards responsible for the deaths of millions.

    He should be rotting in prison, rather than being treated as the Great Oracle of Thienth by the fawning jewsmedia whores.

  5. “But, then again, this would not have happened 50 years ago, ”

    I dunno,
    50 yrs ago we had Henry Kissinger, who royally fkd this country over.
    There wasn’t any profound virtue 50 yrs ago.

  6. Faucci is a cocksucker and has been in Bill Gates pocketbook for quite sometime If I’m not mistaken he has money on the patent of the moderna vaccine and received money from the bill gates foundation for other projects

  7. Not keeping his story straight is a sign of deception. When we tell the truth, our story doesn’t waver.

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